Meet Lady Brett

If you’re a Ernest
Hemingway fan
like I am, you probably
remember the character
in ” The Sun Also Rises
named Lady Brett Ashley.

Or, maybe you saw the
movie based on the
book – in which the
character of Brett was
played so wonderfully
by North Carolina’s own
Miss Ava Gardner.

Now, you have always
probably considered
that book ‘fiction’,
and of course, it
technically is –

– but many people
who knew Hemingway
claimed that it was
taken almost verbatim
from his real-life
experiences at the
festival of 1925 in
Pamplona, Spain.

(see photo at bottom)

And more especially,
the nature of the
interplay between

conflicted anti-heroine
Lady Ashley Brett was
an almost biographical
description of a soon-to-be
divorced socialite named
Lady Duff Twysden —

— accurate even down
to the two lovers
she brought in tow
with her to Spain that
year – Harold Loeb
(represented in the book
as Robert Cohn ) and
Pat Guthrie ( as Mike
Campbell ).

Not only did
this situation
create a lot of
tension by itself,
but the real Lady Duff
seemed to love drinking,
partying and letting the
fur fly just as much as
the ‘fictional’ Lady Brett:  

– another
“Lost Generation” writer,
Donald Ogden Stewart,
who was also with Hem’s
group that traveled to
Pamplona that season
(and is represented as
Bill Gorton in the book )
described the drama :
We were all
in love with
her – it was
hard not to be.
She played her
cards so well

The attraction that
(the already married)
Hemingway himself felt
for the rather randy Lady
Duff was underplayed in
the novel, by writing the
protagonist Jake Barnes
as a wounded war veteran
who’s physically incapable
of consummating his
relationship with Lady Brett.

Yet- even aspects of the
dialog in the book were
said to have been derived
from real life –

And in the end,
after the book was
published, Stewart
claimed he was surprised
it was being called fiction
at all, as it seemed to him
as :
nothing but a report
on what happened …

Read it,
and let me
know what
you think !

!!! HOY !!!


Photo, 1925 Spain 
1: Hemingway
2: Harold Loeb
3: Lady Duff
4: Hadley (Hem’s wife)
5: David Stewart
6: Pat Guthrie




Hemingway says:


The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks,
…. the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice.

Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable;
they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed.