Aubrey Beardsley and His Art

b4The Muscleheaded Blog
today proudly presents
a series of vintage works
by Aubrey Beardsley.

Most of these images
were very kindly
provided to us
by my friend G .

From a Wagnerian style piece,
a booklet called:
La Storia di Venere e Tannhauser
(o Sotto il Monte)”b1
[The story of Venus and Tannhauser
(or Under the Hill]  ”

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Aubrey Beardsley
was a very well known English illustrator,
working in the late 1800’s.

His best known work
was done in black ink,

and his style was part of what
was called the b3
“Aesthetic Art Movement” —
(along with Whistler,
and Dante Rossetti )

But he is considered to have
been one of the pioneers
of what would develop into
the Art Nouveau movement,

and in the forms of
modern poster art.

He had been strongly
influenced by Toulouse-Latrec,
while on a visit to Paris in 1892,b5

…. and one can see this in much
of his art after that time.

During his short life,
his choice of subject matter
was often seen as over the top,
or downright taboo:

even grotesque.

he would be the first one
to take ownership of that —

he was once quoted
as saying:b6

” If I am not grotesque
I am nothing . “

there are many strong elements of
and decadence–

His work graced an interesting
variety assortment of volumes,


mythological themes,
historical works,
and contemporary literature.

Two of his most famous
illustrated works were:

Thomas Malory’s “Le Morte D’Arthur“,

and Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata”.

Beardsley died very young,
of Tuberculosis,
at age 25…..

Still, he was,
in that very short period of time,
able to produce dozens
of stunning works of art like these.

I hope you enjoy them !!!

HOY !!!!