Dolly Parton says:


“If your actions create
a legacy that inspires
others to dream more,
learn more, do more
and become more,
then, you are an
excellent leader.”


A Musing

a1I’m dragging my feet tonight, I will so admit it.

( leg day, again )

Still, the blog must go on,

so I just started writing,

in the hopes that some stroke of genius will suddenly over-take me,

and I’ll end up with that ‘ all the great works of literature ‘ thing,

you know–
the one that an infinite number monkeys are supposedly capable of producing..

(hey —
I know what you’re thinking —
that we already HAVE monkeys working on this thing….. )

My mailbox is empty —
even after the weekend,
so no inspiration’s to be found there.

Oh, rats.visit

What I really need is for some beautiful Muse to appear right now outta nowhere,

…. and give me something really fun to write home about.

Yeah —
she’ll do —>

A Muse
Boy, I could use one of them right about now…

….. especially if she’s a redhead wearing a see-through-toga.

If that don’t make a man rise to the occasion,
well, I dunno what would.

Maybe I’ll spare y’all some of the more salacious details,
— when I do get back to writing, of course.


Muses are an interesting concept —

They were believed to have the ability to inspire one with a proficiency in a specific art or science,

—- since they themselves personified an individual discipline.

muchaThe Muses were a favorite subject of Alphonse Mucha,

and other artists of the ‘Art Nouveau’ movement,

—– so, don’t be surprised if there’s some of that on this post.

The idea of a muse is very old —

It goes back to the ancient Greeks,

who described them as the daughters of Zeus:
(the chief deity in the Greek pantheon),

and Mnemosyne
( she was the embodiment of ‘memory’).

They thought that there were nine muses altogether —

Clio was the goddess of history, inspiring visions of heroic deeds and legendary adventure — her emblem was the scroll.

Urania represented astronomy– her role was to arouse awareness of man’s place in the celestial environment, and encourage the study of the heavens. She was often represented symbolically by a globe and compasses.

aThalia was the muse of humor and natural verse–
she was thought to bring mirth and joy —
and her symbol was a comedic mask.

( She’d definitely be one of the sisters I’d invite to any wild weekend soiree I ever got to have out on the veranda at Mt. Olympus — )

…. along with Erato, the goddess of erotic writing,

(whose symbol was a stringed instrument similar to a zither) …..

And, Euterpe — the ‘giver of delight’ ,

who happened to be able to play two flutes at one time– her emblem.

There’s some dirty reference I can make, there, I’m pretty sure,

…. although the double-flute thing would be totally wasted on me…..

muse1But, in the end,

any good party has to have some music, ya know.

And where there’s music,
— there’s dance —

That’s why we’d invite their sister Terpsichore,

who always brought along her emblem, a lyre.

Despite the fact that the Greeks didn’t wear a lot to begin with,

they still appreciated a good striptease, and I’m thin…..


Sorry, I drifted off there, for a sec.

The great writer of such works as the Iliad and the Odyssey, Homer, was thought to have been influenced by the muse of epic poetry, Calliope– and who is usually represented by a writing tablet in pottery from the era.

museMelpomene kindled the love of pathos and tragedy in literature and plays,

(her emblem was a tragic mask)

And, Polyhymnia, whose symbol was the veil, would encourage those interested in sacred poetry and prayer.

Taken together,

dancethe 9 Muses represented all the forms of arts, literature, and science of every day Greek life.

The Romans,
who considered themselves the ‘efficiency experts’ of the ancient world,

( and like all efficiency experts–
—took all the fun and joy outta the whole thing… )

boiled the number of Muses down to three:

(muse of practice )

Mneme (memory )

and Aoide (song) .

Man, those Roman guys could ruin a co-ed communal bath.


you probably already realized that the word ‘museum’ is derived from the Muses,

— as is ‘amuse’

and most importantly of all, MUSIC.

So the next time you’re bored,

you might want to call upon one of the muses to inspire you

You never know where one of those wild sisters could take you.




I hope you enjoyed this post —

…if you did ,
please let me know in comments or drop me an email.

HOY !!!