The Daily Retro: Isle Of Man


You’re Such A Manx

threelegsNever mind the whole
‘trying-to-be-oh-so-clever’ title ….

Today’s post is
just a few postcards
for your consideration
that deserve a bit
of a logical explanation

(as far as there is one) –

Stuff that has grabbed
my attention enough
for me to ask the
immortal question :
” WTF ????? ”

Like the first card. noo

It says “Kys Ta Shiu ?”

Although you probably
first looked at the fact
that the guy in the card
has three legs.

Which, actually,
is a vague clue
to the question
‘from whence it came’ —

The Isle of Man –
situated between
Britain and Ireland
in the Irish Sea. isleiof

Kys Ta Shiu means
‘How Are You?’
in the Manx language-

No, it doesn’t have
anything to do
with that cat.

The language, anyway.

Manx was an a2
offshoot of
a broader set of
Gaelic languages.

The three legs alludes
to the national
emblem of the island.

The beautiful fortress-like
Lighthouse in the
background of the card
is called the
Douglas Head Lighthouse….
and it was built in 1857.

And, getting back
to that tail-less cata1
in the card —

It is indeed a Manx Cat –
originally bred right there
on the Isle of Man.

They hold a famous
Motorcycle race on the
island every year, a3
called the Tourist Trophy,
or just the T.T. …

which is basically why
I became so interested
in the first place….

It is very scenic —
and there’s no
speed limit out
in the country. a1

There’s some castles,
a couple cold water beaches,
including a nude one at Keristal,
and a cool, funky railway…

— but not a lot of other stuff
goes on there,
especially off-season,

But when youa1a
think about it…

A place that’s got a
third-leg for
an emblem
and has a pussy
named after it
has got to have
something going
for it, right ?

Right ?????

I’ll shut up.

!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!


( Art By David Uhl . )