Saturday Car Post

In the next couple
of weeks, we’ll have
some Saturday posts
featuring interesting
vintage automotive
inventions —

and with
most of them,
we’ll just let you be
the judge of how
viable these would
have been.

But, there’s one
blatant offender
that I keep hearing
about and wondering
about —
and that we’ll just
have to get out of
the way, first.

It was rumored to be
the greatest invention
in the car world since
the assembly line –

If it were true, it would
single-handedly put the
Big Oil companies outta
business, or at least
knock em around a bit.

It was called the
“Octa-Gane” water
injection carburetor –
and talk was getting
around that it would
enable a car to run on
tap water.

“Burn Water In Your Car”
was the grabber in the
ads of the time.

An ad for it in ‘Popular
Science’ claimed you
could burn alcohol, too.

It described the product
as the only all bronze
‘fog type’ exhaust operated
pressure injector and
also promised a full
explaination on how to
‘burn’ a gallon of water
with every 10 gallons
of gasoline –

another ad claimed you’d
get 150 miles per gallon
(of gas) once you
purchased the thing
and the assorted other
optional accessories.

So, of course, eventually,
a famous car magazine
of the time decided
to put the claims
to the test –

instead of improving the
subject vehicle’s mileage,
it worsened it by about 20%,
while cutting into the
car’s horsepower badly.

The thing was
a disappointment —
to say the least,
and at $29.95
in 1949 money,
it was an expensive
one at that…..

And in this case, a
careful reading of the
advertisement would have
told a prospective buyer
the same thing…..

it was all sizzle,
and no steak.


It’s All Junk In The Trunk

b3I’ll let you in on
a little secret if
you’re at all interested…..

Despite appearances,
and no matter how
wonderfully prepared,
and executed
that this post looks —
(yeah, right)

I was frankly pretty bumfuzzled
about what to blog about today.a3

Originally, I was going to post
about more bad album covers,
having discovered a cache of them
at a local church’s annual
charity garage sale —

But I realized that some
of the other stuff I found
was just as trippy, dippy,
or downright weird,

so I figured it might be
a good time to have one
of those aimless posts
that go absolutely
nowheresville, man.a5

And I totally get you
about the whole
‘Oh, so what’s new’ thing,
I really do.

It’s funny that I still feel like
I gotta explain something
that has become such
a recurring theme…..

Still, it seems to me
that this stuff,
while it is admittedly kinda
a mish-mosh of mélange,
might hold some passing interestz3
to the more kitsch-minded
readers among us.

Knock on wood.

That record carrier’s actually
got a lid and bottom made out of it.

I was actually pretty surprised
more people didn’t glom onto
some of this cool stuff….

Everybody who was there
seemed to be looking for
expensive antiques only
as junk.

But it was mostly just junk
disguised as junk.b1

Which suited me just fine.
Cause, dammit,
I like junk.

It’s sorta in my blood.

Junk is kinda the ‘mongrel’
of the personal possessions genre.

Like the Müscleheaded Blog
is the mongrel of blogging.

Arrf, aarf.musta

Of course,
getting the stuff home
gave a whole new meaning
to the expression
“Junk In The Trunk” —

Especially considering
I was on my motorcycle.

when that beautiful
Junk Muse comes a callin’,
I’m right there with
my shield and sword.

Talk about a mixed metaphor.