The Friday Animated Mailbag

Friday !!!!!

It’s just so
damned good
that we’ve got
to say it three

– four-
– Friday !!!!

As Ed Sullivan
used to say:
” We’ve got a really
big shewwww for ya
today…. ”

that reference
seems even more
appropriate when
you consider that
Sullivan’s show was
a variety show —
jugglers, puppets,
singers, poets,
operas, animal acts,
dancers —
you never knew
who (or what )
would be on that
show next.

So, I’ve dug
and posted a
variety of
animated stuff
to our Friday
Mailbag Post ….

A couple of the
GIF’s may be a
bit memory-intensive,
so give it a chance to
load completely.

I’d give
a bit
of a hint
the theme,
but I think I
already did

done that.


I hope no
are tuned in, man.

OOOOooo —

!!! HOY !!!


Damn You, I’m Sorry

I know
and all.

That doesn’t
mean that
I don’t make
mistakes, man.ben

Ok, so’s
not that often
that I’d want
to admit
to anything,
or some
such crazy talk.


you have
to wonder
how other
people a
little less perfect
handle things likebody
apologies when it
comes down to a
requiring one…..

… like
one is,

you know…

…. wrong.boogier





Most of the time,
(I’m told, anyway)nuts
that folks find
apologies are
easiest and
most effective
when they’re
made in writing.

Oh sure,
it’s prima facie

But you’re already
pretty surel
they know
you were the one
who did it, or you
wouldn’t be writing
the damn thing
in the first place………..

learn the
proper technique–

and you’ll probably
have some success in
convincing those
you have offended
that you really didn’t
mean to do what
you did —

despite the fact
that you did it
with full
and aforethought,
without any
coercion or
and possessed
of sane mind
and body.

Never mind
the whole
‘you meant to
do it’ stuff…

Just suck it up,
and erase that
whole ” P.S. ”
paragraph mf
why you were
justified in doing it
while you still can.

Hey, it’s for
your own
good, buddy.

!!! HOY !!!!



Baby Talk

I have to admit,

I can find
other people’s kids
a bit annoying
at times ….

( i’m not talking
about little babies –
even though some
of the illustrations
on today’s post might
lead you to think
but nope.)

.. and maybe the
irritation I feel
about certain
kiddie winkies
is pretty normal for
someone who used
to travel as much
as I did.

The ones I have in mind
seem to try to get under
your skin whether they
know you or not .

.. and since they’re
somebody else’s problem,
you hesitate to administer
what would otherwise be
patently called for..

— the hearty whack on the
ass and a loud ‘stop doing

Basically, you have to
resort to call them a
‘little ratbag’ under
your breath and leave
it pretty much at that..

Although sometimes
I think the father
(when available/identified)
should be liable to pay the
consequences of the child’s
lack of discipline.

A good
‘how’s your father’,
or similar.

sweet justice.

Not that I was an angel
when I was a kid –

No, far from that,
but my parents
had the situation
well and truly
handled when
I acted up
in public.

you ain’t jest
whistlin’ Dixie.

Faster than
a speeding bullet –
my father’s hand
would descend and
give me the painful
instant karma I was so
obviously begging for.

If you don’t learn it
when you’re a kid,
you’re not gonna wanna
learn it later, and
discipline is something
we all should understand,
for the whole society’s

But sometimes,
I guess, kids are ok.

And today, we have
postcards featuring
( a few ) adorable kids
(if it’s possible to put
those two words together
and not form some kinda
oxymoronic improbability) .

Oh wait…
my kids were adorable,
so it is possible.

I was not adorable.

So, thank heaven
there must be
nothing to that whole
genetics thing.


well, that’s probably
not gonna help me any.

!! HOY !!


Help! Santa Got Me

I’ve got nothing
against Santa, man.

When you really
get down and think
about it…..

the whole buzz
on the street about him
having a ‘thing’ for
reindeer —

and his rather peculiar way
of breaking into people’s
houses in the middle of the
night —

not to mention that thing
you saw Mama doing to
Santa under the mistletoe
that night —

doesn’t over-ride the
most important aspect
of the holiday —

— getting lots of

I heard the reindeer like it,
and it’s worth a glass of milk
and a crummy cookie or two,
ain’t it ?

But truthfully, if there’s
one holiday job that there
ain’t enough money in the
world to pay me to do –

It’s the job of
department store Santa.

Sure, I know
what you’ve heard–
that they’re really all
Santa’s helpers
from the North Pole.

But, that’s
just bullshit.

Yes, not only are
those guys imposters —

but they’re actually
miserably paid temporary
workers in ill fitting costumes…

— who probably don’t even
get enough health insurance
to protect them from
catching heaven-knows-what
from those disease-carrying
screeching rugrats that strange
people keep shoving onto
their laps for a lousy
photo opp.

(I wonder if the real Santa
knows about all this….. )

I’m not that crazy about
kids, anyway…..

I love my own,
but other people’s
— I can definitely do without.

And having to go to work
day after day, knowing
that one or more of those
little bastards will be
sitting on my lap while
they scream bloody murder
in my ear, piss their (and
thus, mine) pants and try
to pull off the cotton wool
glued to my face ?

Fuck that.

It’s amazing you don’t hear
of more about guys doing
that job going ape-shit
postal at the Outlet or
the Fashion Square,
ya know ?

Man, you talk about
sainthood —
those guys deserve it.

Even if they are
and all.

!!! HOY !!!