Van Gogh says:

” For my part I know nothing
with any certainty, but the
sight of the stars makes
me dream. “


Lewis Carroll says:

“Would you tell me, please,
which way I ought to go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on
where you want to get to.”

“I don’t much care where –”

“Then it doesn’t matter
which way you go.”

How Smart You Iz

dunce1Several of my
friends have
been very busy
sending me
cool stuff
this week,

and although
it’s taking me
a little time
to catch up
with it all,

I promise I will
get with it, man.

An interesting piece
from my old friend
Katie that really
grabbed my

… was an
Eighth Grade
Advancement Test
for a school system
in Kentucky
from 1912–

Despite the obviously
( note the misspelled
word on the list :
‘endeavor’ )
— it’s a pretty impressive set
of required information
for turn of the century
eighth graders —-

I wonder just how many
of these questions
today’s eighth graders
would know the answers to.

Yeah I know,
I ended my sentence
in a preposition.

Mister Eduma-cated
SmartyPants  —

If you’re so erudite,
why don’t YOU
take this thing
and see how you do?

Now, obviously,
I already gave you
the answers to
the spelling part
of the test.

I’m assuming that
was given as the oralexamkatie5
part of the exam.


Or maybe you just had
to find the one word
on the list
that was messed up.

I shoulda thought of that.

But no fear.examkatie4
Plenty of test left.

I’m an idiot,
so I don’t expect
to do that well,
but let’s look
at an example
from the
Arithmetic part.


Let’s just assume
I know what
kalsomining is….

Or where I couldexamkatie2
have gone to school
with 33% more girls
than boys…..

(School dances must
have been very interesting)

these questions
are hard, man.

Let me know
if you do any better !!!!!!!

HOY !!!!