Hilda Dolittle says:

dolittle“Let us not teach
what we have
learned badly

and not profited by”


Eleanor Roosevelt says:

“The purpose of life
is to live it,
to taste experience
to the utmost,
to reach out eagerly
and without fear for newer
and richer experience.”

Two Wheel Tale

I can’t understand
some people, man.

It seems like they’re all
about trying something
until you give em the
and then —
” Well, I’d Better Not…” 

You can interpet this
little blurb as having
something to do with
life, sex, or motorcycling..

— anything, really.

But in this case,
it’s motorcycling.

(There could be
something else,
in the background,

you never know
around here
just how deep
we’ll go down
into the proverbial
rabbit hole ….. )

For months now,
I’ve been hearing my
gym buddy Big D talking
about how he couldn’t wait
for nice weather so he could
learn to ride a motorcycle.

And a couple weeks back,
he had borrowed
my spare helmet and gloves,
and also rented a bike
to learn on.

He had a beauty
all picked out to buy
once he passed his class
and got his license. 

( I was actually kinda
jealous, because I haven’t
bought a new motorcycle
in half a decade or so.
I dearly love the sleds
that I already own,
but the Coolidge Effecta
works with choppers,
too, ya know. )

So anyhoo —
His class was last weekend,
and guess what.

He gave me back my
helmet and gloves and
told me he would not
be riding a motorcycle
in the near or
foreseeable future.

Apparently, he thought
turning a bike at speed
was a simple matter
of turning the handlebars.
And he kept trying that
until he ran into
the instructor.


I dunno if he
scared himself
or just the
but an agreement
was quickly undertaken
that Big D would
stick to vehicles
with four wheels.

So, I guess he can
still say he ‘tried’ it.

But, assuming there is no
technique or learning curve
involved in riding a motorcycle
is what I think got him in the end.

He’s got one of those fancy
‘drives itself when you’re
not paying attention’ kinda
cars …….

That just don’t translate
to motorcycles, man —

And I hope it never does.

!!!!! HOY !!!!!