Marianne Moore says:

moore” Life is energy,
and energy is creativity.
And even when
individuals pass on,
the energy is retained
in the work of art,
locked in it and
awaiting release
if only someone
will take the time
and the care to unlock it. “


On My Last Day

On my last day
I will see you
for the
first time
Live my life
in an instant
No regrets
or longing
I have done what
I chose to do

Can I express
to you now
What was
Can you know
me now
When I was
so unknowable


Dust me off
Lay out my suit
Make me smile
with plasticine
Take me away
Lift the veil
Its old home
week, I hope


Can I
empathize now
What was
Can you love
me now
When I was so


On my last day
I will know you
for the first time
Love my love
in an instant
No hesitation
or pause
It can only
be this way.


!! HOY !!