Crushing and Tearing

asoulaCall me utopian
and quixotic
if you will….

But as it seems
this society
has gone kinda
ape-shit hostile…

I think
it’s time
for a little
Ars Amorata.


I have always
believed that,
no matter asoul
how difficult
the challenges that
we would be faced
with in society,
or in life in general,
that a healthy dose of
love and respect
could solve them.

I still believe it.

As Don Quixote once said:
” I will tear up trees
with my bare teeth – 

I shall crush mountains athrill
with my fists – 

I shall go crazy for love !! ” 

Ok, maybe my dentist would
have something to say about
that first one,

but ……
in my own insipid way,
I figure that I’m
helping the cause
by posting more
of these old
romantic postcards.

Sure, they’reajax
100 years out of date.

Maybe some simple
samples of antique
dilection will remind
us of just what we’re
missing out on when
we choose to
fuss and fight,
instead of expressing
and compassion.

Hey– the differences
between us aren’t nearly
as many as our similarities,
ya know.

moreI mean,
in terms of music,
you can choose
your approach:

” Bow Down Bitches ” 
” Love Is The Answer ”


I have no respect
for anybody who thinks
they always have to
have the upper hand,
even in terms of speech.

Cause if
everybody’s a bitch –
what are you?

Uh huh.

Or maybe I’m just
barking up the
wrong damn tree.

vintage schmaltzy
romantic postcards
mightn’t exactly be
the most effective
bully-pulpit for
this purpose, I guess.

But I’m still
posting ’em,

!!! HOY !!!!








Hermann Hesse says:

hesseA wild longing for
strong emotions and sensations seethes in me,

a rage against this toneless, flat, normal and sterile life.

I have a mad impulse to smash something,
a warehouse, perhaps, or a cathedral, or myself,

to commit outrages,
to pull off the wigs
off a few revered idols…”  

Sunday Morning Music

and Welcome !

Our theme today
is Love.

I’m sorry,
but to me,
love is everything –

without it,
life is just
eating, working
and sleeping.

The ancient Greeks
thought that
there were 8 types of love:

“Eros” or Erotic Love,
“Philia” or Affectionate Love,
“Storge” or Familiar Love,
“Ludus” or Playful Love,
“Mania” or Obsessive Love,
“Pragma” or Enduring Love,
“Philautia” or Self Love,
and “Agape” or Selfless Love.

— Whatever your favorite flavor,
I hope you’re awash in it !

Here’s some music to go with it.


George Harrison —
” Love Comes To Everyone ”


Talking Heads —
” Love Comes To Town ”


Carl Carlton —
” Everlasting Love ”


Celine Dion —
” Love Doesn’t Ask Why ”


Fleetwood Mac —
” Big Love ”


Lou Rawls —
” You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine”


Haircut 100 —
” Love Plus One ”


Stevie Wonder —
” I Just Called To Say Hello ”


Blondie —
” I’m Gonna Love You Too ”


Evelyn King —
“Love Come Down ”


Lydia Pense and Cold Blood–
” I Just Want To Make Love To You”


Frank Sinatra —
” Love Is Here To Stay ”


John Lennon —
” Real Love ”


Elvis Presley —
” Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”


” The Look Of Love ”


Bee Gees —
” How Deep Is Your Love ”


Santana (w Michelle Branch) —
” The Game Of Love ”


Love Unlimited —
” Love’s Theme ”