Love 1907 Style

Hey gang!

I found a very
appealing and
fascinating set of
postcards from
1907 , featuring
off on their first
adventure together :

– their honeymoon.

These cards
were published
by the Julius Bien
& Co. Lithographic
firm, which was
in business between
1850-1915 in
New York City.

Bien himself
was originally
an immigrant
from Germany,
and a graphic artist,
a graduate of the
Kassel Academy.

His first claim
to real fame
in the United
States was
a series of lithographic
prints featuring
James Audobon’s
“Birds In America”.

Later in his career,
he expanded the
company and printed
a large variety of color
and b/w materials
including maps, posters,
handbills, trade cards,
music sheets, adverts,
and of course,

After his death in 1909,
the company was
acquired by Heywood,
Strasser & Voigt Litho
Company in 1915.

The postcards on this set
are really quite beautifully

Julius Bien Company in
the early 1900’s was at
the top of their game,
and this is clear in this
1907 series.

are seen in 8
scenes relating
to their marriage
ceremony and
honeymoon –

– with all the
wonder and
excitement they
must have been
apparent in
each one.

And note the
moon phases.

I have to say, this is
one of my favorite
postcards on this

!!! HOY !!!


Happy Valentines Day

February 14?

It can only
mean one
thing :

It’s Valentines
Day again.

!! YAY !!

I love the
whole V-D thing.

but, it’s hard to
come up with a
way of celebrating
it here on the
Muscleheaded Blog
that we haven’t
already done….

If you don’t believe me,
check out our previous
Valentines Day posts
like this, or this one,
and you’ll see what
I mean.

I thought for a
mo or two
that I’d milked that
particular cow dry,
but then, I thought
to commemorate
the day by looking
some very cool
vintage posters that
were used to advertiseneckers
Mutoscope Company
and Exhibit Supply
cards dealing with
romantic subjects
during the 1940’s.

These were usually
cartoons or gag cards
that were found in
arcade dispensing
machines –

— you just put a
penny in the slot,
and you got one,
or you could buy
them by the set.

And as you can see,
there were a large
variety of themes
to choose from…..

not as many of the
individual cards have
survived the years as
one would one like —
but the posters have
done much better.

It might seem a
bit strange to us
today, but these
things were very
popular with
Servicemen during
World War II –

– and there was a
brisk business for
them, especially
the more risque

But collecting em
was one thing for
a sailor or soldier
in the barracks or
his sea bag —

– and another having
them around the
house at home after
the war, which I guess
goes far to explain
their relative rarity

!!! HOY !!!

Straighten Up And Fly Right

Nobody wants
somebody else
to tell ’em what
to do all the

… man,
do I get that,
when you’re

it’s hard
when you
see people
that you
love going
a path of

” Hey, it’s just
kicks, man. “

If you don’t
speak out,
it’s almost you
like you
didn’t care
enough to
try —

And if you do,
you could just
end up making
the whole issue

You fear that
they could go
spinning off
out of orbit
and into
the waste lands
of darkest space

Or they could
dig into deeper
isolation inside

Caring words in and
of themselves don’t
carry across certain
kinds of barricades.

We all get
boxed in
once in
a while, and so
maybe it’s just a

You could think
and talk yourself
right into one of
those endless curves
they use to denote
infinity if you’re not
careful, and still not
be closer to the
solution .

In the end,
it all comes
I think,
to love.

Don’t try
to solve
a person’s
for them….

… just love em,
let them know
you do care,
that you do
and then
have faith
and hope
on their
darkest hour,
they’ll be able
to follow your
back to
to the light.


!!! HOY !!!