Walt Whitman says:

“Behold I do not give
lectures or a little charity,
when I give I give myself.” 


Just Think About Baseball II

A coupla years ago,
I did a post about
the relationships
between double
entendres and the
terminology and
slang of baseball…

and especially
how these had
been covered
so well and
deftly by some
vintage postcards
from the turn
the last century.

really does
have it’s own very
special jargon –

And I totally get
the unique
between love and
baseball lore —

– it makes perfect

Even simple terms
like slider, curve,
screw, and squeeze
suggest something
a little bit more than
hangin’ around a
dusty field with a
bunch of ‘players’.

A ball game played
using a phallic
shaped bat,
a soft, supple
glove ……..

… running through
all the bases in
order to score.


Or consider
the sage advice
they sometimes
give to
young men on
certain special
occasions –

not to get
‘ ahead in
the count ‘  –

– by ‘thinking
baseball’ .

Box scores,
and stuff.

If you’re a male
and you’ve never
had to use this
technique, well,
aren’t you just a
‘Chinese Home Run’?

Choke up or
choke out is
what I say.

Being able to go
extra innings
is always better
than a platinum
sombrero, man.


I thought I had
kinda exhausted
the field
(as it were)
with the illustrations
on that post —

but since then,
I find I had
thrown a feeble
55 footer
that was low
inside with it.

I’d been balking at
the idea of redo-ing
it, without a clear
way of pitching it,
until I found a whole
new line-up of cool
cards that I wasn’t
even aware had

I had scouted em
out at the recent
card-stamp expo,
made the big trade
to acquire ’em,
and then figured
that it would just
take a short
hop to make
that original post
part of a double
header .

So, if you want,
you can check
out the original
post first,


you can read
this one,
now officially
Part Two ,

(you’re about half
into it already )

and then
you can go
back to Part One.

After which,
I’d like you
to let me know
which ones are
your picks
for “all-stars”.

I’ve tried toImage result for baseball love vintage postcard
avoid duplicates,
but if you spot
let know
where I fouled
out on it.

I hope you find
these cards
a grand slam !

Batter up !


!!! HOY !!!


Sunday Morning Music

Hello and Welcome
to another Sunday
Morning Music Post
on the one and only
Muscleheaded Blog.

Today’s topic has
to do with love.

Love, passion, and
all the wonderful
and crazy things
that go along with it.

Some great music has
been made on the
subject, so let’s dive
right in, shall we ???


Paul McCartney —
My Love


John Legend —
” All Of Me


Patsy Cline —
” Crazy “


Paramore —
Still Into You


Carole King —
I Feel The Earth Move


Sade —
By Your Side


Elvis Costello —
” I Want You


The Isley Brothers —
This Old Heart Of Mine


Ellie Goulding —
Still Falling


Sting —
Shape Of My Heart


Luther Vandross —
” Any Love


Bread —
Make It With You


Frank Sinatra —
Let’s Fall In Love


Ray LaMontagne —
You Are The Best Thing


Seal —
” Kiss From A Rose


Herb Alpert —
This Guy’s In Love


The Platters —
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes


Santana w/Michelle Branch —
The Game Of Love


Edison Lighthouse —
” Love Grows


J Geils Band —
Give It To Me


The Five Stairsteps —
” Oohh Child “


Elvis —
Can’t Help Falling In Love


Luciana Souza —
God Only Knows


Van Morrison —
Crazy Love