Mail Bag Friday

We have a distinctly
nautical selection
from our mailbag
today –

– and how it happened is
pretty simple to explain,

I went a bit over-board
on gathering vintage cards
for last week’s previous
post ‘Knaughtalingus‘…
or whatever I ended up
calling it.


That definitely
the name of it,
although it does
sound promising
for the subject of
a future post….

(I just gotta get
the angle right)

You really got no
idea how much
of a Spanish Inquisition
it is around here when it
comes to naming posts.

( Nobody expects the
Spanish Inquisition )

One would think it was
going to be submitted
to the literary review,
the way we carry on
around here, just to
pick a damn name for
a post that 20 people
are going to see.

( Hi Mom ! )

Them 20 people,
it turns out, are quite
wonderful, by the way.

I’m not kissing up,
or anything,
it’s simply the truth.

( Nor am I currying favor,
though I like curry flavor.)

I mean it.

And you 3 or 4
that comment,
well, you give me
a blogasm just
thinking about ya.

( Don’t ask me to
explain the process )


But as I was sayin,
I had so many terrific
cards that I wanted
to share, that,

( Hey, just call me
Crazy Eddie –
I’m overstocked,
what can I say? )

Oh sure, I coulda
made that post longer,
but I was paddling as
hard as I could to avoid
getting washed ashore
on a tide of resurgent
sentimentality and
bad metaphors as it was.

( not totally unlike:
‘her eyes were
like impish drools‘ )

Let’s see…
1, 2… 3 ?

That’s gotta be some
kinda record, right ?

At least I avoided
any cheese-ball similies.

( Or maybe not. )

as usual,
I’m counting on
the boundless
tolerance and patience
of our Muscleheaded
readers to hang on in
there despite the
dreadful droning
on and on of
your friendly but rather
verbose master-of-
bloggonies on this
Friday, the high holy
day of Mailbag.

All Hail The Mailbag.

May it ever bulge with
cool vintage postcards.

!!! HOY !!!


The Friday Mailbag Post

Hi —

I’m so glad that
you’ve joined us
for another one
of those posts for
folks who love
surprises —

— when we reach our
hand way, way down
into the mailbag and
pull up heaven knows

it can’t be
can it ?

Actually, when we
say ‘bad’ around here,
we mean ‘good’….

and vice versa,
which kinda does
confuse things a bit,
I guess, now that I
think about it……

but worry not,
my dear reader,
for we sort it all
out in the end.

Remember –
‘linguistics’ is only
a couple letters away
from being ‘linguine’.

Whatever that means.

In the meantime,
we have several obscure
postcards that will delight
and astound you.

Or maybe just make
ya go ‘WTF?’,
I dunno.

It does make you
wonder, though —

— just why do we find
strange vintage stuff
so appealing ?

Does it touch a small part
inside of us that reminds
us of some-long-lost-

Is it a learning experience ?

Scratching a sensory itch?

A way of connecting with
our ancestors?

Or are we just happy
to find out our great
grandparents were
just as loopy as we are ?


I thought so.


I’d like to thank our
friends and readers
for keeping the mail
bag well stocked with
goodies —

and I do
mean goodies.

If you’d like to submit
something ,
simply send a
sized image

Hey, with these
newfangled technologies
you don’t even have
to stand in line at the
post office to buy a
stamp – just click

Easy, peezy, man.

In the meantime,

I hope you enjoy this
week’s installment !

HOY !!!!


The Stain On The Sofa

We’re feeling a bit
philosophical here at
the Muscleheaded Blog
today, which is kinda
strange when you think
about it, since we can
barely spell ‘philosophical’
usually …..

but hey-

— stranger things
have happened.


For example,
you can choose
to look at this as
just another day,
or you can recognize
that Fridays are
really Mother
Nature’s way of
reminding you
that things could
always be worse.

N-Double-How, man.

I was just watching
a weird Irish
puppet/interview show
on my ginchey new
TV gizmo –

– the show was called:
Bronx Bunny ” —
and it put me in a very
weird mind-set.

Obviously, I am
the crassest horn-dog
on the planet,
because I have been
thoroughly supplanted
by a semi-stuffed
panda bear
named Teddy T.

All I can tell you is,
you watch it, I’m not
responsible for any of the
content therein, nor the
therapy you’re likely to
need after said viewing.

And yes,
Teddy ….

Marina Sirtis was incredibly
hot on that space show.

‘N-How in triplicate.

Lost, yet?

Oh, sure ya are…

.. we all are, really,
when you get right
down to it.

You can let out a big
ole sigh anytime you
get tired of this
stream o’ consciousness
thing that we’re
engaging in today,
and we’ll get on
with the well-vaunted
and well-loved
mail-bag segment
for this week.



Oh, sorry.


Thought that was just
Teddy-T doing his
heavy breathing
exercises again.

Mailbag here we come.

Today’s mailbag
I like to call
‘Popular Postcard


Watch out for that stain
on the back of the sofa.

!! HOY !!

Musing With The Mail Bag

the mailbag is back —
with another weekly
batch of mixed
minutia and …
ya know…
stuff like that.

Fridays seem a perfect day
for this kinda thing, for
some reason.

And the good thing a1
for me is that I don’t
have to work too hard
on coming up with
a complicated or tasteful
theme ….

(like that would ever
happen, anyway)  .

All I gotta do for content
is to reach down into that
mailbag and wait until
something bites me.

I mean,
grabs me.

What this melted Mallo
Cup is doing in here,
who knows, but you get
the general idea, right?

I think we may be seeing
an unconscious pattern
developing as far as what
I’m pulling out for this
week’s episode, though.

It could be a total
coincidence, ya say?

Sure, man.

And of course,
I am completely
innocent of any malice
aforethought if it turns
out that way, though.

It’s simply my nature
to prefer things that
display my interests in life..

And my friends who keep 
the mailbag full of cool stuff
seem to like the same kinda
things too.

Call it kismet
if you want.

That’s the kind of draw
that I’d call a ’21’

If I could only figure out
how to double down on it.

!!! HOY !!!


Nobody Can Stop It

There’s no defense
against it.

Your mama
can’t stop it.

Your daddy
can’t stop it.

The polic….


No, I’m not gonna
take off my pants….

— that’s not it at all.

Randy can do that if
he wants….

— as long as
I’m not around.

I don’t need that image
in my head,
thanks anyway.

Nope –

What you can’t hope
to stop is the weekly opening
of the Muscleheaded Blog
notorious and enigmatic

Trust me,
your trepidations
are completely unfounded,
my friend.

to my knowledge,
nobody has ever died
from anything that everImage result for flapper humor postcard
crawled or was drawn out
of there……
… yet.

And we really can’t afford
to lose any more readers,

what we tried to bring you
today was stuff with a
‘flapper’ theme —
a kinda 1920’s,
1930’s kinda thing.

! YAY ! 

Ok, so I appreciate
the enthusiasm and all..

But don’t rush out and
get your hair bobbed
for the occasion,
or anything drastic…… 

Cause if there’s one thing
ole Muscleheaded loves
more than flappers,
it’s long, luxurious hair.

Sure, I know,
the 60’s. 

My advice is for you to
just set back in that
comfy chair and
go with it, man.

Everything’ll come up fine.

!!! HOY !!!


Getting The Mail

you get the joke.

you don’t.

That’s one of
the interesting
thing about vintage
humor postcards-

The reference may be
something that has
survived to the present
day ,

– or –

the punchline may be
completely clouded in
the mists of relatively
recent past history.

It’s amazing how
quickly stuff
can disappear
that way.

I lost a kite
that way once.

I guess I shouldn’t have
used that cheap string.

You gotta know when to
spend that extra coupla
pennies, ya know.


Weird punchline postcards
today on the Muscleheaded
Blog –

“Strange Mailbag Edition”. 

Brought to you by
the usual
of conglomerations
and all that.

some of these I do get. 

But that’s basically cause
I’m getting to be a period
piece myself, apparently.

And of course,
been there,
done that.

!!! HOY !!!

Musing Over The Mailbag

Once in a while,
I get told that I
think too hard
about simple

Is it possible ?

I dunno –
it seems like
we’re surrounded
by so many folks
who don’t think
at all about
anything ..

So I ask you –

Can there still be such
a thing as ‘overthinking’?


Sure, I guess
it’s possible….

Let me mull it over a
couple years and
I’ll get back to you
on it.

Hmmmm —
where’s my
graph paper ? 



It’s early on Friday
morning, which means
it’s time we give our
dear readers a
heapin’ helpin’
of whatever goodies
lie deep within
our mailbag’s
murky depths.

If you could visualize
a sea-bag full of gym
socks and old skivvies
that’s been sitting in
the dusty, damp attic
since the 1980’s,
you’ll get some
idea of just what
happens when
we go too deep.

Almost exactly the same
as when I start thinking too
hard about something.

Why those two allusions
seem so related is another
thing I’m gonna have to
think about, I guess.

Brain food ?

Not quite.

And neither, I think,
will today’s post be.

!!! HOY !!!!