The Pissing Fountain

Belgium is one
of my favorite
destinations in Europe….

Brussels is home
to quite a good
number of restaurants
and bars, along with
friendly people and
plenty of sights
to visit.

And beer

several of the best
beers in the world
are brewed there.

Despite some similarities,
it’s quite different from
France in many ways,
as I’m sure Monsieur
Hercules Poirot would
be quick to tell you.

One of the more peculiar
landmarks one should see
in the city of Brussels is
commonly called the
“Pissing Fountain” –
but more correctly:
the Manneken Pis
statue …
(or ‘Little Piddler’ ).

It’s called that because
it looks like the bronze
kid depicted by the
statue is pissing on

and not only
is it famous, but
there’s been one
like it in Brussels
since 1618, although
it has been moved,
as well as re-cast,
several times over
it’s history.

Originally, it’s main
purpose was to provide
fresh water to local
residents, but by the
middle of the 1800’s,
it had evolved into
more of a local
landmark, and over
the years, has drawn
attention from not
only tourists, but a
number of thieves
as well.

It was first swiped,
in 1747, by a couple
of French Grenadiers
who had been posted
to the town –
– the residents were so
enraged about it, they
threatened to revolt.

The King of France
ordered it returned,
along with a gold
brocaded robe and a
sword for the statue.

Which kinda
to a tradition that
continues to this day –

– a couple times a week,
the statue is dressed up
in some kinda costume,
from a wardrobe that
contains over 1000
different ones.

And on the anniversary
of the founding of the
Free University of Brussels,
November 10, the statue is
connected to a keg of beer
for the benefit of visitors.

As one can imagine,
souvenir postcards
from the site are
very popular,
— and we have
several really cool
vintage ones today.

I hope you like em.


!!! HOY !!!