Come Closer — Mistinguett

was the toast of Paris.

The darling of the
Folies Bergère Cabaret
at number 32 rue Richer —

The shining star
at the world famousfolies
Moulin Rouge nightclub
on the Boulevard de Clichy.

In 1919, her legs alone
were insured for
500,000 francs.

About her,
Jean Cocteau wrote that:

“Her voice, slightly off-key,
was that of the
Parisian street hawkers—
— the husky, trailing
voice of the Paris people.
She was of the animal racemoulin
owes nothing
to intellectualism.

She incarnated herself. “

An interviewer
once asked her
why she thought
she was so popular,
and she replied:

“It is a kind of magnetism.
I say ‘Come closer’
and draw them to me.”

She was Mistinguett. a12

It’s hard to understand,
perhaps, today,
just how important
an icon Miss Mistinguett
became to people of the
Belle Époque
(around the turn
of the last century) ……

Unless you look at the art
that promoted her image.

Then, you can seem2
it quite clearly.

and very, very French.

She started out
as the proverbial
singing flower girl
in a small French village–
selling bouquets in

Somehow, she met
the director of the revue
at the Casino de Paris,
who she went to work m
for as a stage hand.

Her vivacious personality
(and plenty of singing
and dancing lessons)
soon made her a star —

By the year 1915,
she was the highest
paid performer
in the world.

She appeared in
movies, mist

and hob-nobbed
with all the leading
figures of the day…

— whole stage shows were
choreographed just for her,

and she was a celebrity
in every sense of the word.

By the 1930’s,
most of the
world’s best illustrators
had drawn or painted
Mistinguett in one form
or another…..

— which explains
why there are so
many vintage
beautiful mistinposters
featuring her image.

You may have
even seen them
right here
on the Muscleheaded Blog
from time to time –

— without knowing
who she was.

And she was really
too unique
for us not to par
do our part
to keep her
memory alive.


— to see Mistinguett in
her prime in Paris.

It really must have
been something else.


!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!!!