Look Deep Inside

I guess the
old saying
that fore-warned
is fore-armed
(if that’s what it was?)
is somewhat applicable
on this post….

Today’s post
to break all
our previous records
for mediocrity,
and reality-based-
questionable humor.

Why some folks keep
ickreading this blog
if they got so many
complaints about it,
well, I got no idea.

I mean,
I complain about it, too,

But I have to read it –
– cause I write it.

Oh well. 1

Let me start ya off with a quiz —

Don’t worry —
…the score won’t
go on your
permanent record.

What does this
look like to you?

At first glance,
you probably noticed
that this is an X-Ray
of somebody’s lower abdomen.

“what is that obstruction?”
….. you might be asking.

I’ll give you a hint.

His first name is Buzz.

Now, just in case
you think I’m besmirching
the good name of that guy
who was the
second man on the moon….buzzl

(Talk about going
where no man
has gone before…. )


………….. it’s this guy.

Buzz Lightyear.

Actually a toy —

Or should I say, an action figure.

And how.

No wonder he’s wearing a helmet.

Yes, my friends,

while the story of just how Buzz Lightyear ended up making that long, treacherous journey up into some individual’s bowels is lost to the morass of medical memory– shoved

(….. and the whole patient confidentiality thing…. )

…….. you can still revel in the marvels of at least 100 different things,
that have been somehow been shoved and stuck up into somebody in this book:

“Stuck Up! 100 Objects Inserted And Ingested In Places They Shouldn’t Be”

by a couple medical doctors,
Rich Dreben, Murdoc Knight, and Marty Sindhian.

In the aforementioned book,
you will be regaled by tails of ….


a1aTales of:
light bulbs,
perfume bottles,
soda cans,
coat hangers,
Barbie dolls,
jars of peanut butter
( crunchy style, of course ) ,
and other assorted every day ephemera
which ended up getting stuck ,
…… well, up there.

Pictures, too —
plenty of em.c

Here’s one featuring
a candy cane.

BAD Santa.

( I did warn that kid to stop complaining about the crap
he got on Christmas. )

The list of vegetable matter
in particular is impressive…



……… at least it’s nice to
know some folks are still
concerned about their nutrition.

And precautions, too —
….. the plantain had a
condom on it.aouch

Don’t want a lotta little plantains running around…

Or catch one of them plantain diseases we’ve been hearing so much about.

( I think I’m getting
carn-fuzed, here. )

There were also some interesting sharp objects on the list…

Like Ice Picks,
A Jewelers Saw,
….. ya know, stuff like that.

Oh, and a bottle of
Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup.cassettetape

Mmmmm….. mapley.

So, anyhoo…

Y’all run right out
and buy that book.

I don’t want anybody thinking
I’m the only bastion of bad taste,
ya know.


— so, that’s where my old
“Peter Frampton Live” cassette went !!!!






The Dangers Of Being Dense


I made a special trip,
while I was in the Florida Keys
a couple of summers ago,

….to find a special gravestone
in the Key West Cemetery,
that I had heard about.

Here’s a picture of it.

The epitaph reads:

” I Told You I Was Sick “.

It’s funny, isn’t it….
how one sentence can seem
to sum up someone’s personality–bukowski

so concisely,
…….. and probably
so accurately, too.

Post-Beat poet Charles Bukowski
chose an interesting phrase
for his epitaph,
….. which also does
seem strangely appropriate —

Don’t Try

Once you understandcrumb
what he meant, however,
it’s not strange at all.

Before his death,
he explained:

“Somebody asked me:
What do you do?
How do you write, create?
You don’t, I told them.
You don’t try.

That’s very important:donttry
not to try, either for Cadillacs,
creation or immortality.

You wait, and if nothing happens,
you wait some more.

It’s like a bug high on the wall.
You wait for it to come to you.

When it gets close enough
you reach out, slap out and kill it.

Or if you like its looks,
you make a pet out of it.”

That makes perfect sense to me.

But then, bear
I like to read Bukowski’s work
— it’s raw, real and unmitigated.

As for my own epitaph,
I’d like to think that the people
who know me well will chose
the simplest and most appropriate one:

Don’t poke the bear.

(Just don’t.)

Of course,
some people don’t want
to think about stuff
like epitaphs and death…

And I know lots of folks1
who seem to think
that they’re immortal.

They’re never gonna cash that last check.

Not the lady whose grave marker
appears at the top of our post today, though….

…. she was expecting Mister Death
to show up about 30 years before he actually did.

She was a very well known hypochondriac in Key West…

… her marker is testament
that not everybody thinks they’re indestructible.

And of those of us whoa1
fully recognize our own mortality,

I wonder how many of us realize
just how much chance there is
that we will cash it in a very unusual way.

It happens more than you might think.

I was just reading a news report
about a guy in England who sucked himself to death.

Well, actually, his vacuum cleaner did all the sucking.

He just helped the process by sealing himself
naked inside a plastic bag, and taping the hose endrocket
to a small hole into which he also was
attempting to place one of his bodily protuberances.

Somehow or other,
this brilliantly conceived plan went awry….

The air was all sucked out before
he even realized just how stupid a person he really was,

….. and he passed out before
he could extricate his said
stupid self from his plastic prison.

Cold , cold ethyl.


…. as much as you might figure
this is as weird a way of meetingbear1
yer maker as it comes, you would be wrong.

It gets much….
much weirder, my friend,
trust me

Ok, we’ll skip the whole
Hollywood actor tied up in the closet
with his winkie in one hand
and a noose around his neck thing….

Or the Floyd Collins – Crystal Cave saga —-

If you wanna read about them,
click on the links to my posts on them…

And although admittedly, the death of Steve Irwin
by stingray while filming a TV show calledrocky
“Oceans Deadliest Animals” was certainly weirdly ironic….

I’m talking about stuff even weirder.

Like the deaths of the Collyer Brothers, in 1947….

Langley Collyer and his blind brother Homer
lived in New York City..

Langley and Homer hoarded everything–
books, old newspapers, useless junk–
—– you name it,
as long as it was completely worthless,
they kept it in their Fifth Avenue home.

And of course, with all these valuables around,
well, Langley was worried about
thieves bustin’ in and taking all the treasure.

So, he rigged up a little ambush traptrap
for them made out of stacks of books,
suitcases, and heavy bric a brac.

Unfortunately for Langley,
this rig also had a hair trigger…..
and he accidentally activated it–

–bringing the whole mess
down upon himself—
while he was bringing his
wheelchair-bound brother Homer his lunch.

Homer’s lunch never arrived.
No dinner, either.
Or breakfast the next day……… and so on.

I guess you can kinda glean the rest.

After several weeks,sharkie
(once the locals started noticing
a peculiar smell emanating from the house),
the police attempted to make entry,
but were blocked by the piled up junk —

Eventually, they got in,
and found poor old Homer, starved to death.

But it took more than 2 weeks
for them to find Langley’s body, under all the clutter—
—- over 100 tons of it was removed from the house.

The house had been allowed to rot from the inside…
walls were split, and the roof leaked like a sieve.

After the bodies were removed, it was condemned and torn down by the city.

There’s actually a little park
where the Collyers house used to stand-
— named Collyer Park.collyer

Oh well….
It’s nice to be remembered, huh?

But you know, Langley’s not the only guy
ever to end up as the booby in his own booby trap.

Gazillions of people have hoisted themselves
upon their own petards, as it were….

A famous Japanese kabuki actor
named Bando Mitsugoro used
to claim he was indestructable…

… and one fine day he went into his favorite restaurant
and demanded that the chef prepare
four helpings of pufferfish liver for him.

Anybody who knows anything
about Japanese food knows about Fugu
— it’s a sashimi made out of pufferfish flesh —
eating it is extremely dangerous,kabuki
because it must be prepared carefully
to avoid the lethal blowfish toxin –
which is stored within the liver.

Well, bigshot Bando wasn’t having any of the flesh –
he went straight for the LIVER…

I mean… he was a STAR for crying out loud.

He weren’t skeered of no little poison fish.

Three days later…,

……………… they buried poor ole Bando’s paralyzed,
pain wrecked body in his Kabuki makeup.

39 year old Garry Hoy, a senior partner in a big time Toronto law practice,
was quite proud of his office on the 24th floor of the Dominion Center.

And when he gave some 1993 law students the grand tour,
man, he did it up right.

He showed ’em the law library, the steno pool,
the high tech computer system.

Oh, and don’t forget the spectacular view
though the tempered unbreakable
plate glass windows in his office.shell

You say you don’t believe
in unbreakable plate glass windows
Neither did one of the students.

Oh… a heathen, ay?

Garry decided to prove just how unbreakable
HIS office windows were…..

He hurled himself against them with all his weight.


No crack, no squeak, no shatter…
—  no noise at all.

HA! A fluke, you say?

Garry decided to prove it was no fluke.

He hurled himself against them
with all his weight a second time.

The glass still didn’t break.

Garry was right — the glass was unbreakable.

What was NOT unbreakable was the window frame….

It gave with a loud twwwaack, andfliffus
it went ——
of glass,
of course,

I’m told that Garry performed
a perfect Baby Fliffus on his way to the street.

Ever the show off, that Garry.


And most of my male readers
should get a rise outta this last one.

You know, we all talk about it,kick
but how many guys really have the cajones for it?

28 year old Russian Sergei Tuganov did.

And he put his money where his……
….well, put it this way …..
ummm.… no…….

OK… lets just say that he bet
a coupla young ladies $4300
that he could copulate with them for twelve hours straight.

He did it, too.
……… with the aid of a whole bottle
of little blue pills with the words “Viagra” written on it.

While he was still celebrating his long, hard won victory,
( he hadn’t even gotten dressed yet )
he clutched his chest and fell over dead with a heart attack….

……..still hard as a rock,
and now stiff as a board

riseThe press reports neglected to mention
whether a domed coffin was needed,

…. but he was said to be still smiling at his viewing.

No kidding, bud.

Now, I’m not really sure
what the moral of the story here really is.

After all….

There are worse ways
of going, I guess…

It’s better than being buried
under a bunch of worthless crap,

or being turned into stone
because you ate a tasteless piece
of 1200 dollar sushi,

or being a lawyer who learns
humility the hard way….

If I have a choice,wild
gimme a high speed train,
and don’t let me know it’s coming.

I just pray
I ain’t the one
driving the damn thing, too.


And remember:

D O N ‘ T Poke the B E A R .

( Just Don’t )





In the News: Dead End Dating

hemanWe interrupt our regularly scheduled
Valentine love fest
for this little news item.

Sometimes I really don’t understand
my fellow man….

I was just reading about this asshole
who cancelled his ‘legalize-rape’ convention
when he suddenly discovered
he was getting some bad press
and might not be able to
‘protect the privacy’ of convention-goers.a2

(He calls his loosely assembled group
of like-minded morons the “Return of Kings”. )

come on, seriously —


Just how the fuck
does a philosophy like THAT get promulgated?

Did he grow up with ‘Attila the Hun’
as his main role-model?screw

Or is it just another
‘any publicity is good publicity/money-making opportunity’ ?

How the hell should I know, man.

I know one thing —

This world’s
got way too many assholes,
and not enough Charmin.

a3He’s also supposed to
be an expert ‘pick up’ artist,
and gives advice on the subject.

I wonder what kinda lines he uses —

” Hey, baby —
wanna come over and get raped ???? “

I wonder what his Mama
or his sisters thinks of all this.

(You can bet there ain’t no wife —
— but you know,
you can’t pick your family)

Boggles the mind,
this world does.a1

Don’t give me that shit about ‘chauvinism’ —

That’s NOT any form of ‘chauvinism’,
or ‘pro-masculine’,
or ‘androcentric’ philosophy
that I ever heard of.

a2Cause let’s face it —

I’m proud to be a man,
and I’m as androcentric
a guy as they come,

and nobody can ever tell me that
ANYONE is entitled
to impose themselves upon another
without their consent.

or any other way.a1

I love women,
and can’t imagine
why anyone wouldn’t.

This guy’s whole concept screams
‘desperate, hateful, woman-hating dickhead’.

And worse yet —
the idiot calls himself a ‘blogger’.


Just what we need —
somebody else to make bloggers
look like a bunch of weirdoes, bores, and cranks.

I already got
both the ‘weirdo’
and ‘bore’ part covered,
so thanks,
but no thanks. )a3

I’ll tell you one thing, though —

The next time
somebody calls me a ‘misogynist’ –
I’m giving them that guy’s address.


Ghosts of Christmas News Past

my friends……

It’s that time again….

… time to leave the pleasant confines of our protected blog-ality,

and travel to
that bastion of weirdos and weird-ness

the real world .

Oh sure,
I know…

But ya gotta get outta bed sometime, anyway…

… it’s Christmas,
for crying out loud.

aaaThose damn rugrats of yours
are gonna tear up the house
screaming for their presents,

….. or starting eating those poisonous poinsettia thingees otherwise.


We have some weird crime news from Christmases past for you today…………

but before we get on with the festivities…..

Today’s Disclaimer:
The person, persons, and alien freakazoids mentioned in this post are, as always, presumed innocent until proven that “it’s a fair cop” in a court o law.a2

Any inference that these charming folks actually participated in the listed activities comes directly from the police reports or actual news items on the wire.

I couldn’t make up shit this weird.

If you happen to know any of these nutcases–

…….. and I mean that in the nicest possible way–

Please remember that we’re not laughing at them.
We’re making fun of them .

Thank you.

And remember this:

They might let you in,
but they’ll never let you win

Just sayin’.


Sheboygan County, Wisconsin:

A woman who was standing out front of her house singing Christmas carols,b

…. while her husband was inside bleeding was charged December 8th, 2011 with biting his tongue off.

Yes, this is her actual mug shot.

Manic, aren’t we?

Karen Lueders, 57, threw a cup of coffee at officers after they asked her to stop singing, and tell them what happened….

They found her husband Willard Lueders in the bathroom holding a towel to what remained of his tongue — she had bit it off while they were kissing.

Hubby also said she grabbed his genitals,
but he wasn’t complaining about that.

I’m just wondering what Christmas Carol it was she was singing…..

Bleedin Around the Christmas Tree
Whose Tongue is This
Away in the Hospital
Police Navidad “
I saw Mommy assaulting Santa Claus
Do You Hear What I Hear? (the sirens song)”
………….. or was it “Silent Night” ????

Look at her mugshot again…
…….and tell me SHE don’t look as crazy as a waltzing Palmetto bug.

Also that week, in that same Wisconsin county —
( is it something in the cheese? )
cone Dustin Sippel was giving new meaning to the term ‘chamber pot’ —

…. he was arrested for firing a weapon while sitting on the toilet in his apartment.

The bullet went down through the floor,
and into his downstairs neighbor’s bathroom- missing the occupant,

but certainly making him…
….. ummm…. nervous.

Police found Sippel walking around the neighborhood, still armed.

When questioned, Sippel admitted he had been on the pot —
…………… in more than one way…..

he had been smoking marijuana while he was playing with his gun on the toilet.

See what I mean about being too weird to make up?

And who knew Wisconsin was such a strange place?

d Macy’s Department Store in San Francisco fired their popular Santa of 20 years-

….. for telling an adult couple that he was jolly because he knew where all the bad girls and boys lived.

John Toomey, 68, had been telling that same joke to adults only since 1980 with no complaints, but apparently THESE people were….. well, extra sensitive.

Nice. John says he’s got social security to fall back on, but it’ll make the Holidays a little more difficult.

I just wanna know what kinda adults sit on Santa’s minimum wage lap, and then go outta their way to get his minimum wage ass fired.

Sorry, I don’t have the names of those joyless dumb f*cks….
………… but I’m sure Santa knows.

eAt a TJ Maxx store in Oklahoma, two women were arrested December 01 for felony shoplifting.

Guess where they hid their booty.

Awwwww…… you’ve been peeking.

Yes, there, among other places.

They each had hidden several pairs of boots, jeans, gloves and other stuff — — concealed under rolls of body fat.

Aileen Brown and Schmeco Thomas ( Schmeco?????? ) are charged with swiping … ( and sweating all over ) about 2600 bucks worth of stuff……..

That musta been a real joy,
having to search those two.santa

Can you imagine getting a Christmas present from one of them ?

Melissa Williams, of Fairplain, West Virginia was arrested the previous month after a disturbance at the local motel …..

She was found in a room with two men who complained that she had threatened their lives with a knife if they didn’t give her a little Holiday cheer …..

you know……


…. well……
maybe I’ll leave it to the police report to explain.

She is reported to told them:
f “Somebody is going to eat my p-(meeeeoooowww)-y,
…. or I’m going to cut your f-(meow)-g throats.”

One of the complainants claims
to have originally acquiesced to her
seemingly somewhat reasonable demands,

………………. but was repelled by her ” horrible vaginal odor

She got 90 days in the County lockup,
( probably just in time for her annual Christmas shower ) .

the humanity.

jokerAt Christmastime, 2008,
a wife in Adelaide, Australia was arrested for burning her husband to death….

Rajini Narayan,
was claiming that the death of her husband was an accident,

that she was only trying to burn his penis off for infidelity,

and that the gas-can was heavy,
and got kinda out to control.

That gasoline stuff can be sooooooo unpredictable.

I guess these are all good candidates…..

…………. but I gotta go with this one for Honorary Christmas Weirdo.

William Russell was arrested after he allegedly entered a Greenwood, Indiana apartment —-
g —- occupied by two sleeping individuals and stole $52.

Police said that after Russell took the money,
he started playing with the man’s toes,
according to Greenwood police Detective Matt Fillenwarth.

He “woke up and felt someone rubbing his leg and fondling his toes”, and finally “…. he realized it was not his girlfriend,” police said.

The victim chased the man to his truck, got the license number, and it was tracked back to Russell.

He is known locally as the “Toe Sucker”,
…. as he has been previously arrested a number of times for this kinda thing.

Uh huh.

I bet his mother is proud !!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Christmas, Y’all !!!!!!


Coq A Doodle Dingue

roostersauceA friend of mine is visiting the beautiful city of Paris as I write this…

And I thought she might be gratified to know,

that Franck the rooster has finally been cleared of any responsibility in the great Cocks Over The Eiffel Tower Caper.

But, as for the guy who tied Franck to his own… errrr…. appendage —

Well, things haven’t gone all that swimmingly for him, apparently.


I guess I’d better tell you the whole story from the beginning.

There’s this “performance artist” named Steven Cohen who decided to show everybody his ‘art’ on the Paris Trocadero,

….overlooking the Tour D’Eiffel, in September, 2013.

You know what ‘performance art’ is, right?frenchbulldog

It’s not really performance, it’s not really art
……. basically, it’s a guy acting out doing some crazy shit,
and calling it haute culture.

I got nothing against avant-garde.

But, this kinda stuff is more like enfant garbage.

on the day of the performance,
‘artist’ Cohen put on
his corset,
long sleeve red gloves,
five inch fuck-me heels,
a feathered Las Vegas style head-dress—

— and, wearing nothing else ,
and headed out to the Plaza.

When he got there,cohen
he tied a rooster,
who for some reason is named “Franck”, to a leash,
tied the other end to himself (down there),
and started to do the Hula.

Maybe it was the Tango.

The Fan Dance?

I dunno exactly,
( I don’t dance, after all )

—- but the group of nuns present didn’t seem to think the free performance was worth the price of admission,

—-so they called the gendarmes, who promptly arrested both Cohen and Franck.

Poor Franck….
………….. only three years old and already a jail bird.

Cohen says he needed to tie the cock to his diminutive dingus because it was ‘the symbol of France”,

…… and that the French authorities only arrested him because they were being homophobic, xenophobic and anti-Semitic.

Naaaaaah.spot the loony

It’s ’cause
he’s a looney .

And I have to wonder—

Just what the rooster thought of being leashed to a near-naked maniac doing some kinda cock-eyed chicken-dance.

I understand people express gotta themselves,
…………. man, do I get that.

That’s why I think every town should set aside a kinda ‘anything-goes’ Vox Populi podium—

—— somewhere no where near public playgrounds, schools, or tourism sites,

alldirectionsBut some place where even a non-compos-mentis-kook with a need to express a cockamamie fetish like Cohen’s can have his public little crow.

People who choose to be exposed to it, know right where to go to watch,

( hell, I’d go when I was bored —
it’d be more entertaining than TV, anyway )

….. while most of the rest of us can go about our lives in the vain hope that our world isn’t just some kinda cosmic freak show set up to amuse little alien bastards whizzing by in Flying Frisbees and people in togas tuning in from Mount Olympus.

Oh, and guys with poultry tied to their pudds .

I know….
Never happen.


You’ll be happy to know that the charges on Franck the Rooster were dropped faster than Cohen’s pants,

but as for Cohen himself, well….

He was found guilty of “sexual exhibitionism”,
and was ordered to keep his ‘art’, ( and himself) ,
away from the world’s most famous Tower.

When his lawyer was asked about it,
she remarked that it:
… was rather a measured sentence “.

I think there’s a Freudian slip in there, somewhere.

…………………………. What a weird fucking world this is.



Faith With Fangs


Y’all probably know that I’ve got a more than natural fascination in cults, and this one is a doozy.

But, far be it from me to make any sssssssssssssssnarky or venomous cracks,

….. and I refuse to make an asp of myself over something like this.

Three months after a Kentucky Pastor’s father died from a rattlesnake bite during a religious service, son Cody Coots got bit himself.

The two, who appeared on a TV documentary called “Snake Salvation”, were the snakeleaders of a controversial church, “Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus’ Name” in Middlesboro, KY,

…….practicing an unusual form of Christian worship which stresses the chapter of Mark in the New Testament which states (in part) :

The one who believes and is baptized will be saved; but the one who does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will accompany those who believe: by using my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes in their hands, and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

aSnake handling in modern Christian churches dates back to early 1900’s Appalachia, and a Pentacostal minister named George Went Hensley.

Hensley taught that Christians should avoid all ‘distractions’ from their faith, including:
and lust —
(that probably means no Las Vegas dominatrix’s, either- just sayin’)

—and focus instead on proving their faith using various methodologies, including:
drinking poison,
chanting in unknown tongues,
……. and, of course, handling deadly snakes.

And absolutely no drunken pizza parties allowed.

this wasn’t high falootin’ Divinity School dogmatics at work, here….

hisbookBut he gathered followers quickly, and the cult grew throughout the 1940’s and 1950’s especially.

He even helped write a book about snake handling, with pittch-yers and ever’thin’.

Despite the fact that Hensley himself died of snakebite in the mid-50’s, his followers continue to spread the ‘good news’ of the sect throughout the Appalachian States and even up into Canada…

— and today, there are thought to be about 500 practicing snake handling churches, with about 18000 members total.

It is illegal in most states of the United States, so services are usually held in secret, or in believer’s homes.

This is not the first time a father and son have both been bitten in connection with “Holiness” churches…

regardsPastor Mack Wolford of Matoaka, West Virginia died in May, 2012– age 44, after ingesting poison and being bit by a yellow timber rattlesnake he was handling.

He must have been a bit better at it than his daddy, who died at age 39, almost 30 years ago, the same way.

Interestingly enough, there was an early Christian Gnostic sect– the Orphites– that practiced a form of communion in which members kissed a snake ( thought to represent Christ ) on the mouth, and were extant between approximately 200 and 550 A.D.

Christianity isn’t the only organized religion with it’s share of ophiophiles, however — every one I can think of has at least one snake cult, like the ‘Zmijai’ in Bosnia, ‘Kundalini’ and snake-handling Gurus in India, Zoroastrians following the ‘Mar Nameh’ in Iran….

quezThe ancients tied all kinds of importance to snakes and serpents, as you probably know.

On the temples of ‘Angkor Wat’, the Indian burial mounds of the American Midwest, the ‘Snake Temple’ in Malaysia, ‘Mannarsala’ in Kerala, India, ‘El Castillo’ at Chichen Itza ……

In the Eddas, the Vedas, the Torah, the Bible …..

The staff, or ‘Rod of Moses’ was in the shape of a serpent, and the ‘Nehushtan’ held a prominent place in the Second Temple.

On just about every continent, from Europe, Africa and Asia, to Polynesia, Australia and the Americas …

Romans, Assyrians, Druids, Greeks, Jews, Persians, Vikings, Zulus– even the American Indians and the Maya.

It is a very important symbol to almost every major culture that has ever practiced rituals.

But back to the present, in one of life’s reminders of just how coincidental coincidences can appear at times….

(and as weirdly inappropriate or otherwise)

A porn star named Billy Glide, a veteran of over 700 films, also died last year of a snake bite.

And, no,

……………….. it wasn’t a trouser snake, either.



If you didn’t enjoy this post for some reason, I’m real sorry to hear that.

Maybe you should try a different one… this one, for instance.

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And you never know, you might get lucky and like that one.

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