Dreamin A Dreamy Dream

fontaine“You see things;
and you say,

But I dream things
that never were;
and I say,
‘Why not?’”

(George Bernard Shaw)

Ah …
to be such a
dreamer, right?

Once in a while
I’ll dream about
a concept,
a favorite word
or an idea —jayne
and I’ll say —
” … post about THAT ?? ”

But like the man says:
Why Not ?

I think I’ll just
sit back,
consult the muses,
and then
watch what happens.

It’s like throwing
a match into a
fireworks factory–

— you never know what
kinda sparks will result.

All kinds of fuses
might get lit, ya know.

Or it might just be that
the match simply fizzles
out on the floor,
basically because the
cleaning people didn’t
do a good enough job
of getting all theraja
mop water up.

You jest can’t get good
help these days, man.

Ever notice that the
pre-packaged egg whites
they sell in the little
milk carton thingees
won’t whip up
worth a damn?

Why iz that,
I wonder.

And you may be
why I even mention it.

But, you’ve probably been
around here long enough
to know that I’m making
one of my belabored
on todays’ theme.

You see, I had this
weird dream in which
I was making
(trying to make, anyway)
Angel Food Cake for my
high school sweet-heart ‘d’ —oracles

(Ok, so she wasn’t that sweet,
but she did bust up my
heart in about
a thousand pieces…
— still, I digress.)

and the prepackaged
damned egg whites
that I was using –

(a product that didn’t exist
when I was in high school, btw)

wouldn’t give me
the stiff peaks
I was looking for —
or any peaks at
all to speak of.reddevil

Yes, that’s another thing
that reminded of her,

digressing badly.

Getting back to
the original point
of this treatise
(as difficult as that might
be at this juncture)
I chose the concept
‘dream’ as our daily post victim/subject,
because I kinda
wondered aboutsteall
the whole meaning
of the thing.

Oh sure,
there’s plenty
of directions
and different spins
on the subject of dreams
in vintage publications—

but, I thought I’d dig
through the
virtual mountain of ’em
and find a theme that
would work for mekonje
and maybe even give
me an idea of what
that dream meant.

I know this ain’t
exactly a scientific
to it, but I’m not
exactly an Einstein myself.

And speaking of scientific
you can’t go
any farther askew
than with vintageraj
“Dream Books”.

These things claimed
to be sources of
ancient wisdom
and able to provide
love advice,
dream interpretations,
lucky numbers,
all kinds of

And some of them are
actually still in print today.georgia

So, let’s see if
you can look into
your crystal ball
and see where
we’re going
with this.

—you got it.

maybe I shouldn’t
have led off with
pictures, huh?


HOY !!!