Rumblings In The Office

Fur is flying around
at work again…..

Several friends of mine are
embroiled in drama and static from upper management.

All due to
Office Romances ?

Ooooo weee…simple

does that ever
ring of trouble.

I have never
been romantically involved
with anybody at the office –

– a little mutual flirtation is
as far as I’ve ever been
willing to go-

(dangerous enough!)

— because man,
it really is a bad idea.

Now that I’m middle aged
(ahem) it’s not really as
difficult a thing to avoid,job
because there’s so many
other things that end up
preoccupying me when I’m
there, and as crazy as it
may sound, (even to me)
sex ain’t one of

(I’ve got plenty of time for
THAT preoccupation the
other 16 hours of the day)

Not even Sherry thumbing
each candy in my jelly bean
jar while leaning provocatively
over my desk doesn’t give
me the distractions anymore.

The sound of her sucking on
one just reminds me of my
productive time being sucked
out into the great beyond.

Oh sure, when
I was younger, it
was harder to ignore a
pretty face at work,
a cute swing of the hips,
a wink, a nod, a touch,
a quiet comment,
and that special smile that
you could feel all the way
down to your toes.

In the end, it meant the
same kinda potential
trouble it would mean
today —every

but when you’re a
young man, you feel
a bit more immune to
consequences as it were.

Or maybe the hormones
are jamming the frequency
of the natural, inherent
Danger, Will Robinson
alarms —

I’ve said it before,
and I’ll say it again…

We men are just
fools for their stockings.

But at work, there’s a
special set of reasons
for staying well away from
the water cooler clinch —

(sure, we got
bottles of water,
now, but that’s
not the point)

– which include stupid stuff
like gossip and overzealous
company rules –

– and more life changing
stuff like the potentials
for litigation, alimony,
palimony, child support,
fines, ruined reputations,
and unemployment.

That’s trouble,
my friend –

and these days, there’s a
large group of people who
make a living by doing
nothing but taking other
people’s words out of
context or putting them
in compromising positions
simply for the cash.

Of course, I’m not just
talking about sex-

a joke, a word, a name,
a symbol, a favorite song –

– all kinds of things
can be used to
make you look the fool
and the other look like
a victim.

All I can tell you
is to keep your
head down
and keep your
own counsel.

Cause even that
story about your
dinner date last
night can end up
causing you endless
amounts of aggro.

what a world –
what a world.

Ah well,
just don’t forget –

we’re all in
this together, pal.


!!! HOY !!!