The DeTomaso Pantera

QX: I have a question
about the DeTomaso

I remember them
being sold by Lincoln-
Mercury dealers in the
mid 1970’s, but I’d swear
I just saw a new one go
by me on the highway
last week.

Are they still
making them?


If by ‘they’ you
mean Ford, then
the answer is that
dealers did indeed sell
DeTomaso’s in their showrooms from 1971
to 1975, Ford’s interests were mostly financial,
(although the Pantera
did utilize their powerful
351 c.i. Cleveland engine);
but they never actually manufactured them.

It could be, however,
that what you saw
was either an item
out of a collection
getting it’s annual
( oh man, is that tragic )
or something called
a ‘ gray-market import ‘ –
bringing in a car that
wasn’t built for North
America – but even so,
the car would date from
1992 or before, when the
Pantera was discontinued.

who knows–

‘Kit cars’ have been
known to exist
in the style.

DeTomaso was
an Italian car-maker
of some renown,
and offered several
other models in
addition to the
Pantera, although,
again not for the
American market.

I say ‘was’ because the
company’s workshops
and warehouse in Modena
were abandoned in 2014.

However, recently,
several auto trade magazines have reported that a Chinese
company has bought the
name and remaining stock
with the intent on
producing the car

!!! HOY !!!