Saturday in a Giffie

smokinIt’s been a wild week
around here,
but it’s also been
a great week for the mail bag.

You guys have been finding
some seriously weird
and funny vintage stuff !!!!

I love animated gif’s !!!

Let’s see —

Where to begin…
where to begin.

I know.100

Tracy sent me a picture
from her latest vacation….

maybe that’s not
the right one.


It certainly looks
like it’s somebody’s trip.down

Animation like that
really draws you in.

Pulls you in.

You know what I mean.

I could look at stuff
like that all night….

Except maybe I got to finish
this post and all.hi

I love weird
and fun
gif’s of all kinds,

it’s amazing what curves
can do to a man.

Or like this
next one–

It’s magic.


How could you go wrong
with Buster Keaton, right?

A Tumblr friend was kind enoughmagic
to forward it with a note
not to reveal her name,

…. lest she be besieged with ….

I dunno exactly.

I don’t blame her
for not wanting to be tied in
with THIS mess of a blog.

Matthew sent me this next one.

I think it’s very cool.

It’s called a Phenakistoscope .PHENA 312501

It was a way of simulating motion
invented back in the 1830’s or so.

This one looks pretty old, too–

Comets and planets and suns,
oh my.

Old stuff like this
really makes
you appreciate
how our smart
our forefathers
really were…

They may not have
had digital technology,

— but they could sure
entertain themselves, right ?

I wonder if they made any dirty ones.anticipation

Maybe not–
— who knows.

Ah well….

One thing hasn’t changed —

We’ve always got
our imaginations
to fall back on, don’t we?