Harriet Beecher Stowe says:

stowe“If ever you have had a romantic, uncalculating friendship, – a boundless worship and belief in some hero of your soul, – if ever you have so loved, that all cold prudence, all selfish worldly considerations have gone down like drift-wood before a river flooded with new rain from heaven, so that you even forgot yourself, and were ready to cast your whole being into the chasm of existence, as an offering before the feet of another, and all for nothing, – if you awoke bitterly betrayed and deceived, still give thanks to God that you have had one glimpse of heaven. “


Blanche Oelrichs says:

Blanche OelrichsListen!
I want your mouth whispering over my heart:
“This complete moment
Is moulding us eternally together!”
I want our limbs, twisted, luminous,
Crushing the physical into spiritual invocation,
Commingling! Ascending!
Nor afterward any slamming down of the lid
Upon emerging spirit.
Since I desire that consummation become a beginning,
A beginning, stammering our souls with tenderness,
Inflating us with moods palpitating—
Disconcerting—mysterious—as dreams—
Moods confessional—adventurous,
Flickering our fancy with spectre forms
Since I admonish consummation to become a beginning,
And so mortal love, the legitimate mediator
Between God and Man.

A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations

sailorOne of the things I like most about strength training–

… is watching people’s perceptions of muscle limitations evaporate.

I remember a lesson I learned way back in Navy basic training…

… on about the second day,

our Company screwed up something or other,

and the Drill Instructor told us to get down “and give me 50” (meaning 50 pushups)…

Now, I don’t think I had ever done 20 pushups at one time in my life up to that point,

so 50 seemed like an impossibly high amount…

…. but, huffing and puffing and groaning and counting fast,

most of us, including me, managed to squeeze out the required number–

— without having a seizure or losing control over our bodily functions…..
(laugh if you want, but guys really DID lose control at times….)

but it HURT… and I didn’t like it much.

or rather – fortunately,
for us, the number required seemed to grow at every opportunity-
— until finally, on graduation,
we were doing an inordinate number of pushups at one time….

… and not only that, but we were no longer huffing and puffing
and groaning and counting fast –

It seemed like we coulda done pushups until Admiral Chester A. Nimitz himself came to NRTC Orlando, kissed each and every one of our asses, and begged us to stop.

We was:
deck swabbin’,
paint chippin’,
grinder runnin’,
firearm shootin’,
rope swingin’,
fire fightin’,
kiss the girls and make em sigh,
Donald Duck wearin’ machines.

As I got older though, I forgot the part about how easy self-imposed limits are broken,

and remembered only the pain and exhaustion of the early training –

it was easy to say that brains were more important than brawn…

Money, wealth and power more important than masculinity, health and strength.

It no longer seemed worth the pain just so I could run and jump like a madman.

And- I thought that way for a long time.

Emotional issues clouded my own priorities,

while the priorities of others and economic pressures made my decisions for me.

But I’m BACK…..

I been back for a good while, now.

And having lived thru it, I can tell you a few things from my experiences……..

Money doesn’t mean SHIT if you aren’t happy,
—-and happiness is impossible to find outside yourself.

Be true to yourselftake care of your bodythink for yourself

Be your own man.

LISTEN to everybody’s ideas, but make your own decisions.

Don’t take directions from dogmas or idiots (or worse –, dogmatic idiots…)

Watch what you eat, drink or take–

Think and BE positive –


let anybody tell you what you’re not capable of doing……..

……….. because if you want it bad enough – YOU CAN.

Now, GO DO IT.