Pin Ups and A Little Girls’ Memories

viHi Y’all.

This morning, my old
( and when I say old,
I mean ‘long-time’,
not ‘old’ like Driving
Miss Daisy, ya know….. )
friend Carolyn was
nice enough to send
me a previously unpublished
piece that she wrote
about her childhood memories
of her mechanic father —

— and the vintage calendar
pin-ups that he had apetty
hanging in his garage.

And, I thought it
would be perfect
for sharing with
all our friends
here on the
Muscleheaded Blog.

It brought more than
one sentimental tear
to this old man’s eye,
I can tell you.
And when I say ‘old’billmedcalf
in this case, well,
you know….

Here it is,
with a huge mucho gracias
to her for it:


When I was a little girl,
I loved helping my dad 
work on cars in the driveway.

He taught me about
changing the oil,
replacing the wiper blades, a1
checking the battery,
checking the tires.

I really loved going to
the garage with him.I loved the smell of 
the gas and the oil,
all of the different tools, 

all of the different vehicles.

The mechanics
and talking,

while repairinggeorgepetty
and maintaining.

But, my very favorite
part was sitting
on the bench
in the office,
drinking rootbeer
from a bottle,

keeping company with
The Pin Up Girls.

I gave them names. harryekman
I told their stories.


Meri was December:
red velvet skirt,

crisp white blouse,
long bare legs,
big smile,
mistletoe sprouting from
her brunette pony-tail,
riding on the back of Santa’s bike,
helping him deliver all the presents
before the sun rose and
Mrs. Claus wondered why rake

he was so late coming home.


Julie was July:
bare feet, curly blonde hair,

short blue shorts,
barely-there striped yellow top,
more than a hint of cleavage,
stretched out in the
green grass relaxing,
remembering the cool
of spring, but not fazed,
in the least,
by the summer heat.april


Wendy was March:
walking her dog on

a busy city street,
on a blustery day,
not a care in the world,
dress billowing around her hips
revealing her stocking-covered legs
and black satin garter belt,
her grin revealing that she liked
putting on a show for the world.


Autumn was October: zenochbolles
surrounded by pumpkins,
hay stalks, and black cats,
silhouetted by the golden
harvest moon, her red hair
shinier than the stars,
her witch costume like
none I’d ever seen before,
she was a good witch,
not a mean one…
okay, well, maybe good,
with a little naughty thrown in.


Every year,
twelve different girls,
twelve different stories.goergepetty

Staring at the calendar,
dreaming of the day
I would have the looks
of a Pin Up Girl,
the attitude of a Pin Up Girl,
AND be the owner of the garage.



:: =============== ::

VIVE Les Pin Ups —
and my friend C !!!!!!!!

!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!



Generally Mind Farked

1920exhibitsupplyPictures can speak a thousand words.


I can’t say that I really know
what the hell is going on
in a lot of the ones
my friends send me ….

Sometimes they
send ’em to see
just how mind-fucked
they can get me…

( you know who you are )

Other times,afraid

….. it’s just a weird
or funny image
that doesn’t have
to mean anything at all.

One thing’s for sure–

The mail bag
is always interesting.

It has kinda
like a Forrest Gump
‘box of chocolates’ vibe.

Cause you really don’t know
what’s gonna turn up–squeak

in there,


Hey, man,
if you scared,
say you’re scared.

I got one friend who sends
me nothing but
dogs wearing sombreros —

It was kinda an inside joke,
related to a post
that I did 8-9 years ago
on my old Xanga site,

But now,

— dogs in sombrerosjar
have become one of the
hallmarks of the Muscleheaded Blog.

That’s how it works —

This Blog is very reader-driven.

(People read it,
and they’re slowly driven crazy.)


For some reason,
I’ve also been getting a lot
of “Leap Year” submissions–

I guess we’re getting for 2020 already?minister

— that’s gonna be a Leap Year.

There’s several
of those on today’s post.

I always enjoy them —

and, of course,

any other submissions
that refer back to one of my older posts,

….. like the one on Mutoscope or Exhibit Cards.

The top pic on today’s post was that kind of card:

— made by the Exhibit Supply Company in 1920.

“French Postcard Style” pin upsmexican
have always popular around here,

and so are the more art-style
ones like this next one:

…… especially created by artists
that I haven’t featured as yet.

sombreros aren’t a pre-requisite,
thank you)

This beautiful piece was done by Jesus Helguera.

You never know what will
show up in the mailbag,

Hey —
that’s one of the things
that make this blog ‘special’.

— ya know… ,

….. like on the side of
those little yellow buses.


If you want to join that
elite group of knuckleheads
who are dropping pics
and submissions in my email-

I’ll tell you right up front
how much I appreciate ya.ambush

Just send them to:

Let me know
if you want a link back and credit,

…. like most of my friends,

you wanna stay anonymous.

( Hey,

I don’t judge.

— I just want the pics. )

These we have for you
today have all been1888
signed, sealed, and delivered–

— and ready for today’s post.

The one on the right has the caption
” The Leap Year Girls 1888 “.

As you can see,
some of the stuff we get
are very old, indeed !

Thanks again, guys!tempting

As I might have previously mentioned–

I got a good deal of mail
about my Leap Year post….

And here’s a 1950’s ad for Donuts mentioning it.

There are a surprisingly
huge variety of themes related to this subject.

Now, let’s see–

If this lady’s feminine charms
weren’t already sufficient motivation for the guy,

…… would taste tempting donuts really do the job ?donutqueen

And if they did work, when nothing else did,
—— would he really be worth having?

I got no idea, man.

I do love a good donut once in a while, though.

Another Leap Year post-card,
with the legend:
“I’m Going To POP it”,
was sent in by my old friend Tracie,
with a note:

“Am I reading this card right,
or do I just have a dirty mind?”1908popit

since you asked,
and since you’ve been a
long time reader of this blog ,

—- probably both , Tracie ….
probably both.

And I applaud you for it.

Keep up the good work.

It’s a great card, by the way —
from around 1908.

Double-entendres were surprisinglylittlestranger
common in those
vintage Leap Year cards.

Here’s an interesting cigarette
card from around the turn of the century London.

This feller’s name was Master E. Garrett.

He was the star of a hit play by the name
of “The Little Stranger” —

It was the story of an adult passing himself off as a baby–

…. and the various
… err… adventures one would get
into under such circumstances.

I had to do a little digging
to find anything on this at all–

I think the buddy who sent it to medream
thought it would have me totally banjaxed.

In my research, I actually found
another one of this guy,
…. dressed up as a little baby girl, with the caption:

“I’m going to have a whiskey and soda”.

Knock yourself out, kid.


Being a veteran of the US Navy,bo
vintage Navy humor postcards
always get me excited.

… you know what I mean.

This one is from World War II…

….. and it’s got a little something for everybody.

This ad is from that same marineolddognewtricksperiod……


Hoo boy….
if a Navy guy has B.O.,
his shipmates will sure
to let him know about it.

I promise ya.

And they’re both pretty funny, yes,

And they both convey the loneliness
and desire that builds up
on a serviceman,
when he’s off serving his country.

I bet the lady who originally
got that card in the mail
understood, though.


Enoch Bolles is making quite
a comeback in popularity these days…

It used to be,
10 or 12 years ago,

nobody wanted any classic pin ups that weren’t done by Gil Elvgren or George Petty,

……. but now everybody seems to be into Bolles’ work.

Including me, of course.

But, I’ve always been a fan.

enochbollesHe has a wonderful sense of humor,
joie de vive,
and good taste
that comes across on his canvasses.

What’s that about a hat ?

A Hat?


What hat ?




Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day
in the United States. sailor



my fellow veterans,terdriben



our currently serving men and women

in the Armed Forces :


in the Navy,usmc
Non Sibi Sed Patriae ! ”

in the Army,
This We’ll Defend


in the Air Force,
” Fly, Fight, Win


in the Marine Corps,air
Semper Fidelis


and in the Coast Guard,
So Others May Live

I say,

HOY !!!

Thank you for your service.