Blanche Oelrichs says:

Blanche OelrichsListen!
I want your mouth whispering over my heart:
“This complete moment
Is moulding us eternally together!”
I want our limbs, twisted, luminous,
Crushing the physical into spiritual invocation,
Commingling! Ascending!
Nor afterward any slamming down of the lid
Upon emerging spirit.
Since I desire that consummation become a beginning,
A beginning, stammering our souls with tenderness,
Inflating us with moods palpitating—
Disconcerting—mysterious—as dreams—
Moods confessional—adventurous,
Flickering our fancy with spectre forms
Since I admonish consummation to become a beginning,
And so mortal love, the legitimate mediator
Between God and Man.


On the Sentimental Side


I’m in a peculiar mood this evening…….

I figured I’d lay off the gym today,
and give the aching tendon in my left elbow a chance to rest …

(yeah, one day off’ll do it, sure….)

It’s pouring down rain outside…. has been for two days. YUK.

I had a funny dream about Absinthe, three women and a leaky roof.

I got out of bed to find no three women, (damn it),

the roof was indeed leaking,

but — a bottle of ancient JPernot Absinthe from France was still safely tucked away in my medicine cabinet.

( Had to look hard to find my sugar spoon….. but ice water was readily available. )


One outta five ain’t bad on such a rainy day, I guess.

Sitting here with the Green Fairy in my glass, the world looks a little less rainy, and painy.

( Maybe she’ll even make those missing parts of my dream appear, who knows? )


But, I tend to wax mooshy on days like this.

I’m not what you would call a romantic guy by any stretch of the imagination…

I dunno. It just seems appropriate today somehow.

So here I sit, and sip.

My original intent was to write a post about Absinthe…

Or maybe the beautiful Belle Epoque posters that advertised it.

I love the stuff,

I love the impressionist art movement that went along with it…..

……. and particularly, I appreciate the beauty of Absinthe poster art.

It’s not just that I’m a Francophile.

It’s the whole joy of life thing, so colorfully and vividly expressed ……….

Absinthe expresses the vital essence of life’s polarity……

the very bitter,

and the very sweet…..

and this is expressed visually in the art.

Together, they usually cheer me up on days like this.

Usually, anyway.

Ah well, quel dommage.

I have a good collection of the poster art,
…. and I just need to get into gear to scan more of them. love

And I will.

I promise.

But not today.

Today, I’m waxing mooshy.

I remember my favorite work by Browning…..

How do I love thee….
let me count the ways….
I love thee to the depth
and breadth and height
My soul can reach,
when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being,
and ideal Grace…..

Then, Byron:

If I should meet thee
after long years
How should I greet thee-
with silence and tears…

Or Mitchell Parish:

When the deep purple
falls over the sleepy garden walls,
and the stars begin to flicker in the sky,
Thru the mist of a memory
you wander back to me
breathing my name with a sigh

Or this, Saint-Valentin:

Le coeur qui crie l’amour,
pour cette femme tout les jours,
celle qui a notre coeur,
et notre bonheur …

Une femme parfaite ŕ nos yeux,
nos yeux tant amoureux,
on était ŕ la recherche d’amour,
et enfin elle est lŕ chaque jour …

Une saint-valentin dans ses bras,
oů on glisse des mots tout bas,
pour dire son amour,
qui pour elle durera toujours …

Elle qui a notre coeur,
qui sčche nos pleurs,
et en cette belle saint-valentin,
cet amour ne fait qu’un …

Certains attendent des bébés,
et d’autres seulement ŕ s’aimer,
certains vont se mariés,
et d’autres l’amour fęté ..

And so,

…… I decided to blow the dust off of one of my own:

she wanted
someone to listen
but not respond.
“Rocks are good listeners…
They do not respond.
Get a rock!”
I told her,
“Get a rock!”
so, she did
and hit me with it.

I told ya I wasn’t a romantic!!!!


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!!!!! Cheers !!!!!