The Daily Retro: The Stars


” The stars in the firmament
of my happiness are your eyes. “


Fridayz Mail Bag

Hello there
all you groovy
people …….

The mail is in,
and we’ve got
plenty of great
vintage stuff to
share with y’all

No matter what
you or I might
be going through
in our lives, it’s
always fun to step
back and see how
our predecessors
communicated —

– and postcards
were a great
way to do that.

And sometimes
your guess on
what they meant
is as good as mine.

But there other
times when
there’s nothing
all that
about what’s
going on,
at all.

The almost infinite
variety of these
things keeps them
interesting and fun.

We’re gonna
mix it up, like
we are wont to
do around here
on mailbag

–but you never
know, we might
sneak a theme
in there on ya,
you never can

if you bored
with the mailbag,
you can always
click on the links
I’ve snuck into the
text today —

— they’re all a small
part of what we
around here like
to call the worst of
the Muscleheaded

You could easily
waste the better
part of a weekend
that way —

or maybe you got
something better
to do, I dunno.

Either way,

!!! HOY !!!

Happy Halloween

Yes, friends —

— ’cause it’s time
for our annual
Halloween episode
of the
Muscleheaded Blog.

scary, huh ? 

so maybe
we’re not
doing scary
this year.

this year
we’ll go ‘cute’
or ‘ unusual ‘ —

but that doesn’t
mean that we
don’t wish you a
Happy Halloween.

Far from it.

It’s a wonderful
traditional holiday,
fun for kids and
adults, so what’s
not to like ?

candy doesn’t
hold all that much
charm for me these
days, but if you’re
into the whole trick
or treat thing, well,
more power to you.

May your sugar
wishes all come true.

If on the other
hand, you’re one
of those folks who
like to hold wild,
drunken parties
with delicious food
and highly decorated
rooms full of
half-naked, lewd,
totally out-of-hand
people and stuff ,


… I really
only have
one thing to
say to you.

Why the hell
wasn’t I invited ????

Hey, I got a
brand new bottle
of Wild Turkey
and a Richard
Nixon mask
all ready
to partaaaaaaaaaay. 

Oh, I see.

there’s always
next year, man.

In the meantime,
like I said, we’ve got
some cute and some
unusual vintage cards
for ya.

( You coulda used
something like this
as an invitation, ya
just sayin. )


Friday Mailbag

It’s weird….

Here we are
October already,
and I’ve barely
gotten a tan yet.

I guess
I’m gonna
have to break
out my old
trusty , dusty
sun lamp –

I’ll be as
pale as under-done
buttermilk biscuits
by December.

I’m actually a big
fan of autumn,
but I have to get
my head around it
and these damned
Christmas TV
aren’t helping.

I noticed the first
one way back in
the beginning of
September ……

Now, I know I
piss and moan
about it every year,
but doesn’t it seem
like a third of a year
to get ready for Xmas
is just a little
ridiculous ?

Oh, I know….
It’s just me.


Maybe if I didn’t
get coal in my
so carefully
hung by the
every year,
that might make
a difference,
I dunno.

And that
TV commercial
I mentioned
that ran
back in
September ….

It was for
a plastic

Yes, sir…
nothing’ll put ya
in the mood for
Christmas like the
piquant aroma of


The truth is that
I wouldn’t
mind celebrating
the holiday
if it got half
as sexy as the
cards on today’s

I figured
I’d surrender
to the whole
4 months
of Christmas thing
and bring you
these cards that
really do Christmas
Muscleheaded style.


!!! Enjoy !!!