Friday Mailbag

Back !

friends, there’s
one inescapable
feature of Fridays,

– other than that
urge to run
screaming down
the street nekkid
waving your arms
around like a
lunatic –

( an urge I get
more often than
just once a week,
I will admit )

– is the wonderful
Muscleheaded Blog
tradition of Ye Ole
Mailbag –

-wherein my friends
and readers send in
a lot of cool shit to
be shared with
everybody who
wants some.

And let’s
face it,
wants some.

I’ve been receiving
some groovy stuff
from a friend who’s
on the road up Nawth
somewhere, and it is
too good not to share –

– she’s got a
serious eye
for vintage-anything,
and that comes
through in these,
for sure-

— along, of course,
with her fabulous
sense of humor.

You might pick up
on a vague theme
here from the cards,
and maybe it’s simply
got to do with the
lady in question
being one hot

As if there was
any doubt.

!! HOY !!



You’re Such A Manx

threelegsNever mind
the whole
-so-clever’ title ….

Today’s post is
just a few postcards
for your consideration
that deserve a bit
of a logical explanation

(as far as there is one) –

Stuff that has grabbed
my attention enough
for me to ask the
immortal question :
” WTF ????? ”

Like the first card. noo

It says “Kys Ta Shiu ?”

Although you
probably first
looked at the fact
that the guy in
the card
has three legs.

Which, actually,
is a vague clue
to the question
‘from whence
it came’ —

The Isle of Man –
situated between
Britain and Ireland
in the Irish Sea. isleiof

Kys Ta Shiu means:
‘How Are You?’
in the Manx language-

No, it doesn’t
have anything
to do
with that cat.

The language, anyway.

Manx was an a2
offshoot of
a broader set of
Gaelic languages.

The three legs alludes
to the national
emblem of the island.

The beautiful
Lighthouse in the
background of the card
is called the
Douglas Head
and it was built in 1857.

And, getting back
to that tail-less cata1
in the card —

It is indeed a
Manx Cat –
originally bred
right there
on the Isle of Man.

They hold a famous
Motorcycle race on
the island every year, a3
called the Tourist Trophy,
or just the T.T. …

which is basically
why I became
so interested
in the first place….

It is very scenic —
and there’s no
speed limit out
in the country. a1

There’s some castles,
a couple cold
water beaches,
including a nude
one at Keristal,
and a cool, funky

— but not a lot
of other stuff
goes on there,a1a
especially off-season,

But when you
think about it…

A place that’s got a
third-leg for
an emblem
and has a pussy
named after it
has got to have
something going
for it, right ?

Right ?????

I’ll shut up.

!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!


( Art By David Uhl . )


Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler

1939With all the noise
and hub-bub of
Valentines Day
just the distant
echoing din of
past now,

you’d think
that there’d be
nothing else
interesting going1920
on for a while —

But of course,
that’s not
at all true.

I mean,
you’ve got
Mardi Gras
all this week–

(Today is
“Fat Tuesday” )

and that’s definitely
gotta count for

Especially considering
that it’s held in the
city that christyTrulia
( a popular real
estate website )
just declared :
The Most Sinful City
in the United States

(No, I’m NOT
surprised Charlotte
didn’t even make
the list, but thanks
for asking. )

So anyway…….

hoooooo —

Say what you
want about:
the crumbling infrastructure,
the depressing poverty,
the startling high crime rate,
the corrupt political structure,
the money-grubbing clubs,
the drunken obnoxious crowds,
the piquant smell of
Lake Pontchartrain —

(if anybody’s got
an excuse to party
—- it’s the folks
that live there, man)mardigras

But, seriously —

The food,
the entertainment,
and the fun
quotient available
in N’Orleans
especially during
Mardi Gras,
makes that dump
in the desert
they call
‘Las Vegas’rag
look like the
“A Small World”
ride at Disney
in Orlando.

In the late 1970’s,
as cliched as it might
sound , I actually
did the “Easy Rider”
thing myself
for Mardi Gras
one time…

I slept with my
1969 Harley
parked with about
20 others, in an
alley right off
Basin Street.

(Only broke
down one time
that whole trip–

– and I didn’t
get shot at
on my way home,
either )

I can tell you this  —

If you’re
out to
have a
good time —

You want to
go somewhere
that they take
the whole damn
good time thing
absolutely seriously…….

They certainly
do that in NOLA.

And you
can get
a decent
Po’Boy sandwich
and a beer at 6
in the morning
if you want it.

!!!! Laissez Les
Bon Temps Rouler


!!!!! HOY !!!!!!


Soft Soaping

No Soap.

Soap Opera.

Don’t Drop The Soap.

Soap On A Rope.

Soap Scum.

Soft Soap.

All Soaped Up.

Soap Party.

Soap Poisoning.

99.4 % Pure Soap.

Soap Dodger.

If there’s no suds,
there’s no soap.

Soap Bubbles.

Mark Twain
said that :

” Soap and
are not as
sudden as a
but they are
more deadly
in the
long run. “

Soap is one
of those
things that
every aspect
of our
daily lives in
some way,
and certainly
as part
of our daily

That doesn’t
mean that
we’re all
that squeaky
of course —

– as the writer
G.K. Chesterton

” Man does not
by soap
alone; and

hygiene, or
even health,

is not much
good unless

you can take
a healthy

view of it or,
better still,

feel a healthy

to it. “

Soap’s a
pretty simple
thing, really —
a little fat,
a little salt.

You kinda
take it for
granted, unless,
of course, someone
you know really
does take it for

— cause you’ll
quickly notice
the absence
of it’s use.

Still, soap
can make
for an
subject for
a blog post,
as we’re
to prove
today here
on the

… by
soap bubbles
of our own.

Let us
how we did.

!!! HOY !!!


Maurice Milliere


Our Friday Mailbag

All of this past
week, we’ve been
celebrating our
” Travel Week ”

( mainly because
we don’t do sharks
around here )
on the Muscleheaded Blog –

– and since it is
Friday, there’s
no reason why
we shouldn’t end it
with a bang –

( the ‘bang’ having
nothing at all to
do with person or
persons I used to
know at the old
Dolphin Motel
in Daytona Beach )

– so our mailbag
features vintage
travel postcards
of almost every
description –

( as long
as it’s sexy,
dirty, funny,
or at least
interesting ) –

– hey,
that’s fair,
ain’t it ??

The thing about
travel postcards is
that there’s about a
gazillion —
see, post cards
made for a
very inexpensive
momento that
everybody could

Before the 1940’s,
many folks never went
any further than 100
miles from home…..

Those that did
would invariably
pick up a couple
picture postcards
whenever they were
someplace interesting
to show their friends
and relatives what the
place was like.

Postcard quality varied,
of course, but generally,
the images were better
than a person could take
with their Brownie,

Who knows, maybe
some folks would
buy/send cards
from their travels
as a way of bragging
about where they’d
been, but I think
mainly it was about
keeping in touch,
as souvenirs, and for
sharing their experiences
with the people in their
personal circle.

And obviously,
although much
less intentionally,
with us here,
in the right now.

It’s kinda
doncha think?


!!! HOY !!!