Vintage Pin Up: Beach Whispers



What The Devil

I’ve been noticing
a variety of celebrities
getting some bad
press recently…

It seems to run
in cycles,

since the media
has built up these
I guess it feels
it has the perfect
right to tear
’em right back down
again –

– at any time
it suits their
purposes to do so.

And of course,
that’s anytime
— any time —
that there’s
to be made
on the deal.

I dunno why,

— but it
does kinda
bring to mind
the image of a
out of legend,
lore and

Talk about
bad press, man,
he’s been the
king of bad
press for centuries.

But apparently,
somebody still
likes him, cause
he’s making
all kinds
of comebacks
on TV shows,
books and commercials
( and politics ) .

And as tight assed
as the Edwardians
truly were, they seemed
to favor him on their
postcards as well.

A lot of time,
they wouldn’t
his name,
or his place
of residence..

— and if they did,
it would be encoded
or in a hushed tone.


Bad juju ?

ok, partly.

But also,
because the
Postal Service
could be a
real stickler
about stuff
like that.

Yep, it was (is)
against postal
regulations to seem
be promoting the
image of the guy
using the mails.

a postcard –

– which can be seen
by anybody –
women, children,
and wild eyed
bible thumpers,

I’ve always
the guy,
and his
dwelling place,
as an allegory –

— one cooked up
for the purpose of
keeping people on
the straight
and narrow —

(sorta like
a mythical

– but there are still
plenty of folks
who absolutely
believe that he’s
alive and living
right down
the street,
doing tattoos
for a living,
running the local
headshop, or even
writing blogs.

Some guys even
dress for it, 
and play up
this image,
particularly my
fellow bikers,
mainly because it
scares the squares.

I get it —

I like to do
a bit of
square scaring

As far as
devil imagery
is concerned, though,
I’m not really a fan…..

But I’ve got
plenty of
postcards in my
mail bag
that are just burning
to ‘get the hell
out of there’…

— if you’ll
pardon the
rather mixed metaphor —

And, since there’s
no torment in Hades
that’s worser
(sure, why not ‘worser’)
than the one that a
writers-blocked blogger
feels when he’s scratchin’
around for a topic……

here ya go.

And speaking
of ‘getting
the hell out of there’,
a big howdy to
our friends
down in Martin County, Florida.

Welcome back
to civilization,
– or what passes
for it, anyway.

!!! HOY !!!




One of the things
that postcards were
supposed to do was
remind someone of
something —

whether it be
of a person,
a place,
a time,
a thing,
or even an idea….


that’s it,kiddie

I know that it seems
that sometimes that
this blog relies way
too much
upon references,
and illustrationstryand
that may appear:
out of touch,
out of date,
and just plain out.

Yeah, I guess
that means
we’re dusty,
musty and
crusty, even.try

Our frame
of reference
is rather passé,
and old fashioned.

so right.suit

And I don’t mind
any, or all, of that.

While maybe
many of the cards
give me some pause
for reflection about
their relevancy…

— the truth is
that those veryprop
propensities toward the
arcane and archaic are
a big part of what this
whole blog is about.

A guy in his middle age
(like it or not, I am)
(or, hopefully learns)
to be able to
between the oldies,
the goldies and
the moldies.

Hopefully, we can
interpet them
all on the
Müscleheaded Blog
in a way that is still

— and if not that,fredstone
then at least,
we can have
some fun with them.

Remembering the
relics of the past
is part and parcel
with learning from
the past –

It’s important toforgetbeach
that living, breathing,
feeling human beings,
just like us,
produced and
enjoyed them-
they meant something
to them.

Yes, just as our relics
mean something to us,
and as we’d hope thatforge
they mean something
to someone in the future.

Perhaps it’s too much
to expect that they will
feel the same about them
as we do…..

…… but it’s enough
that we can share part
of those things thatbathing
we experience in our
short time here.

Let succeeding
make what they
will of it.

I am content.

!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!


The Friday Mail Bag

It’s true.

Very much
like a cheap motel
that you paid
12 bucks a night
for ’cause
you were desperate
for some sleep —
(or something else

You nevera1
really know
what’s gonna
turn up
around here on
the Müscleheaded Blog.

Might even be fun,
you never can tell.

clean sheets?

Ha —
think again, man.

Sheets are only
really clean if they’ve
been steamed after
washing —

And that only happens
in the high fallootin’
places, anyway.

Otherwise, you’re in
bed with everyone and
anyone who’s been in
there before you.


It seems like
I’ve heard
that allusion before,

Ahh well,
sharing is caring,

Over the years I’ve
been doing my blog,
I’ve collected some
very interesting images.

a2Some of which
I’ll never be able
to find a legitimate
use for.

Uh huh.

But one must remember,
when you’re hungry
and strapped
for creative provisions,
that the scraps
in the mental refrigerator
(or in this case,
— the detritusfancy
of a digital hard drive)
can make for quite
a palatable tasting menu
when handled correctly.

Ok —
so enough of the
flowery puffing —
onwards toward the
‘comme ci, comme ça’ .

Like virginity,ban
perfection is
overated , anyway.

(… as if I would know
anything about virginity)


speaking of
tasting menus,
that’s pretty much
what we have for today.

A little of this,
a little of that.

A blogging
banana split,
if you will.

Not cohesive,
and certainly
not tasteful, dineomat
but it’ll probably
fill you up
all the same
if you can keep
it all down.

Just chock full of:
bad writing,
mixed metaphors,
oddball humor,
questionable images
bettyand inside jokes.

and don’t forget
the sexy girls.

pretty typical
for the
Müscleheaded Blog,
you’re right.

That’s just the
way we roll, man.

PS: Thanks to my friend
J for the motel signs.




Yes, guys,
i’m in a high
warble and
more than a
bit beaded up
’cause bag season
has arrived again
here in the
beautiful South.

I’ve been saying
NO to SNOW” .

It just doesn’t
seem to be
working —

– I musta
gooned up –

since the weather
has definitely
been behind
the power curve,
most definitely.


Don’t let the
no-load lingo –

– the gigahertz
and the
nanoseconds –

bug-out your
brain housing,


peg out your
fun meter, man….

It’s just some
of my flat-hat
bitchin’ about
the goo using
aviation slang.

Aviation has always
been an interest of
mine, and I also
get the warm
fuzzies in my
heart for vintage
post cards that
deal with flying –

– maybe it’s just
the bird-brain in
me, I dunno.

Since the
Wright Brothers
tested their first
primitive aircraft
on the flat, hard sand
beach of Kitty Hawk,
North Carolina, a lot
of other folks have
liked them, too.

And a tricky part about
the Muscleheaded Blog
is to bring you aviation
cards that we haven’t
featured before –
– that’s much harder
than it sounds, simply
because we lose track,
we’ve posted so many
over the years.

But, I think we have
a good chance of
giving it a decent
go-round today,
and getting a hearty
‘Attta-Boy’ on it,
since I’ve been
holding these back
until I had enough
for a dedicated post
on the subject.

we’ll see,

Don’t be a
slam-clicker –
if you feel up
to giving me
a cross-check,

never mind
going up on
the governor-

if you see
just give
me a mayday
in the speed
of heat when
you get to
feelin’ any



!!! HOY !!!