Home Cooking

motherI always enjoy
giving my mother
on the phone
a hard time about
how good (or not)
of a cook she was
back when I was a kid.

( It’s her birthday month,
and so she’ll be ready
for a drive-by call
from me any day now. )

if I were
to admit it,
she did make
some pretty
good stuff –
along with the
occasional disaster.

But, seeing how
most modern families
seem to operate these
days, I must say that I
really do appreciate
her and how she
was always busy
trying to make her
family happy.

And every once
in a while, while I’m
razzing her on the
phone about such
stuff, I’ll also remind
her of how lucky I
know I was to have
had a mom who
really cared.

I just don’t do it
enough that it’ll
go to her head,
ya know.


It woulda been
hard to imagine,
considering how
difficult a kid I was,
to foresee a day
when my Mom
wouldn’t have
mentioned 272 of
my worst flaws and
gaffes to counter the
few that I could come
up with for her.

She must believe
that in the end,
that I turned
out ok,

— and she’ll
settle for that.

Cause I know
she hasn’t forgotten.

And no matter
how much I kid her,
I haven’t forgotten


🙂  ❤   🙂


A Trip To The Friday Mail Bag Warehouse

there !

Jump aboard…

Let’s head
on down that
lonesome road
a piece….

— we’ll turn
up the

… and see if we can
dig us up some
trouble at our
secluded and secret
Science Lab and
Vintage Postcard
Warehouse atop
Mount Charlotte.

Listen –
I’m busy steering….

so, just flash
the guard
at the gate
your ID …

….. or somethin.

I don’t know
what you showed
him, but he sure got
that gate open quick.

I couldn’t hear what
he was sayin because
of my helmet, but he
sure looked excited.


If you look to your
left, you’ll see the
pier space where
we developed our
famous concrete boat

And if you look hard
as we pass the lake
you might still be
able to see what
remains of those
things —

— if the water
is clear enough .

We’re thinking
a lighter material
might be called for,
next time —

— maybe

Our gantry for the
Rocket program
is to your right…….

— who knew that
combining Mentos
with Diet Pepsi
wouldn’t result in
enough propulsion
to lift a 200 ton

what a mess.

Oh well,
we’ve got enough
Mentos leftover for
Halloween, anyway.

here we are….

Prepare yourself to
behold the wondrous
mysteries that are the
Muscleheaded Warehouse .

Hand me
the keys, willya ?


… whatdaya mean you
don’t have the keys ?

Didn’t I
give ’em t…….


Reach around and
check the saddlebags —
there’s probably some
old post cards in there.

Oh good.

how about
we go cool
our jets with
a burger and a
large bag o fries
at the 5 Guy?

My treat.

!!! HOY !!!


Not Krakatoa, Karaktus

Keeping up appearances
was a very important
cultural imperative to
folks in the early 1900’s.

It may seem,
that any artist
would shudder
at the thought
of creating hundreds
of pieces without the
ability to take credit
for them…..

But, we can certainly
understand why an
artist back then might
be very careful …

The clearest
example that
I can point to,
is in the case of
“King of Saucy
Postcards ” Donald
McGill, whose very
funny double-entendre
postcards generated
an awful lot of drama
and aggravation for him,
up to and including
an obscenity prosecution
(more like persecution)
in his native country
of Britain.

So, many artists chose
to veil their identities
behind pseudonyms,
which have kept things
calm on the home front,
but makes identification
of their work very
difficult for today’s

Today, I offer a
prime illustration
( if you will…. )
of this principle —
the postcard creations
of one ” Karaktus “,
an artist doing work
for the Crown Publishing
Company in St. Albans,
England around the
turn of the century.

I have known several
individuals who insist
that Karaktus was a
well known illustrator
who also did cards
under his own name —
Fred Spurgin.

I’m a fan of his work,
and Karaktus’s, as well.

I just don’t see enough
similarities to say the
two people were one
and the same.

And nobody else has
been able to find out
just who Karaktus was.

( If you’d like to compare
the work of the two
yourself, see one of my
posts featuring Fred
Spurgin art here

It’s a mystery that
probably never
will be solved.

But, at least we can
enjoy his cards,
of course,
that being an artist
isn’t always as easy
as it seems.

!!! HOY !!!

Our Saturday Car Post

For the last year
or so, our posts
on Saturday have
been about
and motorcycles,
and truthfully,
been worried about
running out of
interesting stuff to
talk about in that

… but I did find some
cool things at the local
card and stamp show
which helped inspire
today’s post.

These postcards are all
from the time period
between 1900-1910 –

– and were published
by the Raphael Tuck
and Sons Company,
based in London,

This company produced
beautiful cards from 1871
to the late 1950’s, and was
a leading manufacturer in
the field.

The tragic part of the
Tuck and Sons story
is that during World
War II, their London
factory was burned
to the ground by
Nazi bombs, and the
product of over 70 years –
about 40,000 individual
and original pieces of art –
were lost to the flames.

What a waste.

Today’s series is called
” Motor Car For Sale “
and takes a whimsical
look at car ownership
in the early days of


The Mailbag Overfloweth


submitted by Jen

I dunno
I felt like
sounding so
all of a sudden…..

— maybe
I was
of the great flood,
or something.

It sure was nice
to come back
to so much mail,

I very much
all of my friends
and readers —

— and most
the ones sending
me cool stuff
for the mailbag.

And jeez –
what a mix !

we’ve got a
weird cocktail
of vintage stuff,
this week,
I’ll admit.

But, variety
really is1907
the spice of life,
doncha think?


— just so
nobody thinks
we’re playing
fast and loose
( not me )
with our
around here…..

William Cowper’ssunkiss
quote was:

“Variety’s the
very spice of life, 

that gives it all
it’s flavour.”

what can
I say?breath

That guy had a
way with words.

No wonder they
named some glands
after him.



and Outward.

or :

Off to see the wizard.

Whatever you want, man.

As long we’re
all having
fun as much
as possible,

—-  and Carpe Diem !

Thanks again
for the submissions,
y’all !!!!

!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!!!!


The Friday Mail Bag

Not that we make
any real cohesive
sense any other
time, but our
Friday Mail Bag
posts are a chance
to really let our
theme-blog pants
down a bit more……..

please don’t take
that last sentence

Nobody’s trying to
scare away our
remaining few
rest assured.

nonobstant to
the fact that I got
some nice silk
‘hearts’ pajama
pants last
Valentines Day
that I’ve been
looking for an
excuse to wear.

best not to
that’s my advice.

Today’s post
is brought to you
by the letter “N” –
for no other reason
than that I started
writing this thing
that way.

No secret codes
or anything
like that.

Just some
around with
some N’s, is all –
a write lacking
in any nexility.

it’s a nice letter,
so why not,
I ask you ?

so it’s not an “S”
but we can’t all be
s’s, you know.

It does have a very
comfortable spot
right in the middle
of the alphabet,
you gotta admit.

And you never have
to worry about things
going accidentally
plural like with an S.

Not that any of
this pro-N
has anything to
do with our
post of the day,
naught –
– nil –
– nerts to that –
– no .

Sorry if it seems
I’m making a noema
about this………

I nuncopate –

Perish the thought.

!!! HOY !!!