G.K. Chesterton says:


“St. Thomas Aquinas loved books and lived on books…

When asked what he
thanked God for the most,
he answered simply:

‘I have understood every page I have ever read’.”  


The Tea Leaves Tell

tealeavestellI’m always fascinated
by the methods people
use to try to forecast
the future.

Hell, the weather guy
on TV can’t even tell
me when I’m about |
to get caught in a typhoon
before taking a short joy ride
on my motorcycle
for a couple of hours….

— which,
or not —


….. leads me to express
just a teeny-tiny-eeny-weeny
little amount of confidence in others who claim to be able
to tell me what’s gonna happen
in the next century.

Call me cynic,
call me skeptical —
just don’t call me late for mealtimes.

Still, you gotta admit,

— some of the strategies
used are interesting.

Tea leaves,teal
for instance.

It’s a fairly straight
forward process —

You brew a cup of tea
drink it up,

…. and then look in gypsy
the bottom of the cup
for any patterns that
can be seen in the residue.

There are several kinds
of ‘patterns’ that be might ‘seen’,

( any kind of shape could be suggestive )

and systems of interpretation…..

( and this all has to do
with who’s interpreting
the tea leaves)

—- like:
snake (truth or falsehood)
or bird (life events)
or mountain (changeability),
or heart (love and/or sex)

And these patterns
and systems
determine what the
tea leaves presage
for the future.

If you don’t want to
have to learntea and
all of that
dogmatic dreck–

— you can just buy
yourself a special cup
with all that complicated
dogmatic dreck
printed right on the
cup and the saucer.

Who said prognostication
couldn’t be made simple
enough for anybody,
right ?

Just prep, pour,
and presto.

In one little cuppa,
the secrets of the world–

and your future
revealed right thereread
in front of you.

Or you could just go
wash out the cup,

and hope to draw
a better one.

that’s the best part
of all this —a1

if you don’t like the results
you see in your first cup,

just trade it right back in,

— like that 1985 Yugo
you had for about 2 days
that time…..


even the tea leaves
shoulda told you
THAT car was ayugo
piece of junk
before you bought it.

you didn’t listen.

It’s really kinda hard to get
$10,000 upside-down
in a $3,000 dollar car…

How did you do that,
anyway ????



If you don’t like tea,
but you still want
to take a whack at
being a psychic,
——– well, you’re in luck.

You can use coffee grounds,
— or even wine sediment.

I had a crazy great-auntstore1905
who used to do it
with orange juice pulp.

She was said to be
pretty good at it, too.

But, she got run
over by a stolen bus.

She didn’t see THAT coming.