The Friday Mailbag

Damn it,
it seems like
everytime I
decide just to
pull stuff out
of the Mailbag
at random,
I end up
getting sucked
into some
vortex of barely
topicality, usually
having some
marginal relationship
to sex.

I might start out
with completely
unrelated vintage cards
sitting in front of me,
but the temptation to
somehow make ’em all
connect the dots is
almost irresistable.

Pretty soon, I’ve
added these in, and
taken these out, and
suddenly it’s a post
about a particular
subject and not
pure higgly-piggly
at all.

What’s wrong with


Oh no.

I’m thinking
I fell into that
whole topical
trap, again —

I mean,
if one plans
to be completely
arbitrary, isn’t
that just going to
result in an erratic
post about being

Man, this shit’s
harder than it

Ah well….

Back to the
board, I guess.

!!! HOY !!!



The Confusion Of Fusion

donknottsMixing styles,
types, and genres
can make for some
interesting combinations……

You take some brass
and add an island beat,
you get Ska.

Pretty cool,

You take some lemongrass,
yogurt, and spiced beef,
you get a L.A. taco.

Pretty tasty, right?coffee

You take some normal
Sumatra coffee beans,
let something that looks
like a skunk-cat-racoon
( a civet ) digest ’em
for a couple days,
you get very expensive
designer coffee.

What does it taste like?

don’t ask ME –
I’m not drinking it. )

You combine a protoncolt
and a neutron,
and you get a deuteron.

( I think they mighta
named a book after that. )

Fusion is all about
putting one thing
that ain’t anything
at all like another
thing together.

Sometimes you get
a flash
of brilliance.

Sometimes you get
a flash,merman
followed by a
big old explosion.

Imagine Ernest Borgnine
marrying Ethel Merman.

(It happened.)

B O O M.

It lasted about
a day and a half.
(actually, a couple weeks)

Merman described it best:fatalwedding
” If you blinked,
you missed it …

I can’t help but wonder
what their wedding night
was really like.

I know, sick,
but I do that.

As I said, fusion can cause
some bizarre reactions.

Maybe I didn’t say that,
but I did just then, so….

Now if I can only remember
what my point was……

!!! HOY !!!