The Friday Mailbag

Hiya —

Welcome to another
Friday and the
gateway to another
terrific weekend !


Well, look at it
this way —

– if your attitude
is set in a way
that you’ll be
having a
good time,
then you’ve got a
much better chance
of doing just that.


a little vice
may help,
but that’s
you and
your priest
or other

Like Yer Ole
Uncle Nuts
likes to say:

Never a steak
without salt ,
never coffee
without caffeine,
never a week
without a
bit o naughty.

to me —

I’d take the advice
if I was you.

!! HOY !!



Wild West Wedded

I have made a number
of acquaintances over
the years in my travels….

… and if I happen to
run into one or two
of them after having
lost touch, it’s not
really surprising…

I spent some time
out around the
Continental Divide,
and got to know a
few lasses that were
big into the whole
Stetson hat,
blue jeans,
big belt buckle

One in particular
was quite adept at
riding anything that

Horses, bulls,
tractors, cars,
dirt bikes,
and men.

Yes, she was
good at that….

and more power
to her, I say…


She also had a
wonderfully wild
and self-reliant
streak, and struck
me as the ideal
Western Girl
in every

I got a note
from her
a couple
weeks back,
(with an invite)
saying that she
was finally
settling down
and was marrying a

Well, I hope
that guy is
in for the long haul,
because it sounds
like she certainly is.

And she really
is a keeper.

You know,
love can make you
do things that 20
years ago you never
woulda expected..

And this, I think,
is a good example.

So, to kinda charm
the fortunes, as it
were, for her sake,
I figured today,
her wedding day,
would be a fortuitous
day to post these very
fun vintage “Wild West”
themed postcards.

Good luck, Chey.

!!! HOY !!!

More of these here.



Friday Mailbag: Love In The Old West

It doesn’t matter
where you are,

or what you do
for a living —

you could be a coal
miner in West Virginia,

a fiction writer living
in South East Asia ,

a waitress serving up
hash in Minnesota,

a photographer living
in Italy,

a Airbus pilot based
somewhere in New

a chef in the south
of France,

or even a
cowboy out
on the American
Western Plains …..

Love has got a
permanent grip
on your life.

Love’s got a
hold on you. 

And to
illustrate that
very point,
today’s mailbag
contains vintage
postcards that are
all about:
“Love In The
Old West”.

You know,
and stuff.

I don’t know
why they call ’em

( thanks for asking ),

but I imagine the
terminology’s not
supposed to be taken
all that literally.

It’d be sure to make
the cows nervous,

And nobody wants
to be riding the
range with a
bunch of nervous cows.

Stress ’em too much
and you end up with
thin milk and
tough beef,
I’m told.

Who told me that,
how they would know,
that’s something else

I think you’re just
gonna have to take
it all on faith,
is all.

!! HOY !!


Just One Look

Just one look…..

That’s all it
takes sometimes.

Just one look.

It might be a subtle,
hesitant smile.

A flirtatious blink
of the eyes.

A self-conscious bite
of the upper lip.

A salacious lick
of the lips.

A daring sneer.

A swipe of hair.

A short gasp of air.

Eyes widen.

Pulses race.

you know what
I’m talking about.


Words aren’t nearly as effective
a weapon of mass flirtation as
are facial expressions and body

Words are thought generated.

And as such, can be
easily manipulated.

That other stuff comes from
way down deep.

Faking those are a whole
different ballgame, man.

And while it’s important
to always keep your
monster on a leash,
life would be very,
very dull without
some episodic
such as these ….

… those little points
of contact that show us
each as the sensual beings
we are.

Besides, these aren’t
the kinds of flirtations
that are implicit invitations
to a Crisco party,

— or some kind of free
pass to grab a handful
of somebody else’s
personal space…..

it’s just a nod to
the people we are in
an alternative universe
that can appreciate up
close, empirical relations
with another human
being without losing
all perspective.

Another time …

Another place …

Another love.

!! HOY !!

Crushing and Tearing

asoulaCall me utopian
and quixotic
if you will….

But as it seems
this society
has gone kinda
ape-shit hostile…

I think
it’s time
for a little
Ars Amorata.


I have always
believed that,
no matter asoul
how difficult
the challenges that
we would be faced
with in society,
or in life in general,
that a healthy dose of
love and respect
could solve them.

I still believe it.

As Don Quixote once said:
” I will tear up trees
with my bare teeth – 

I shall crush mountains athrill
with my fists – 

I shall go crazy for love !! ” 

Ok, maybe my dentist would
have something to say about
that first one,

but ……
in my own insipid way,
I figure that I’m
helping the cause
by posting more
of these old
romantic postcards.

Sure, they’reajax
100 years out of date.

Maybe some simple
samples of antique
dilection will remind
us of just what we’re
missing out on when
we choose to
fuss and fight,
instead of expressing
and compassion.

Hey– the differences
between us aren’t nearly
as many as our similarities,
ya know.

moreI mean,
in terms of music,
you can choose
your approach:

” Bow Down Bitches ” 
” Love Is The Answer ”


I have no respect
for anybody who thinks
they always have to
have the upper hand,
even in terms of speech.

Cause if
everybody’s a bitch –
what are you?

Uh huh.

Or maybe I’m just
barking up the
wrong damn tree.

vintage schmaltzy
romantic postcards
mightn’t exactly be
the most effective
bully-pulpit for
this purpose, I guess.

But I’m still
posting ’em,

!!! HOY !!!!