Peek And Pay

Hiya, Gang !!!!!

Time for another
peek into our
dusty, crusty
mail bag —
to see what
our readers have
sent us that can
be brought together
into some kinda
cohesive post.

I’m reaching down bonoc
much deeper
than usual….

Sometimes you never know
what cool stuff you’ll find,
when you hit the bottom,
ya know.

Ain’t THAT
the truth, man.

As usual,
I’m going to pretend
that there is some kind of theme that ties all these old vintage postcards together.

In this case,

it’s a concept calledsnow
“Peek A Boo”.

Sure, some people’s version
might be called voyeurism,

but little babies are also still
quite fond of the game,
I understand.

you can’t hold me responsible
if we all get a little confused
about the idea, is all I’m saying.

We all sneak a
peek at things
we’re curious about or
think we want,
at times…..

It can be an
irresistible impulse.

It depends on the
circumstances, I guess.

It can be fun
and alluring.

It can be interesting
and educational.

It can also be
dangerous and taboo.

Sometimes, that
‘curiosity killed the cat’
thing can really mess
you up.

It certainly can much
be more complicated
than a creepy dude
gaping at a girl
half his age,

….. although sometimes
that’s EXACTLY what it is.

But, while a fella tactfully
watching a pretty girl
straighten her stockings
seems perfectly in line
with reasonable masculine
conduct —
( I wish I had a nickel )

And I get the distinct
impression that when
that 30-something
lady in my office who
wears very low cut blouses
leans down beside my desk
to pick up lint off the floor,
that she would be downright
disappointed if I didn’t,
at the very least, take a
micro-second’s worth
of a glance.

I think I’d be disappointed
in myself, too.

Can’t help that.

On the other hand,
if we’re talking about
the whole
‘Peeping Tom’
side of things,

I’ll admit
I find it a bit tom
-when uninvited- ,

and, it’s sometimes
hard for some folks
to know just what does constitute a proper


I guess you could
always just wait
for the pics to
show up on the
internet, I dunno.

These days, it won’t
take all that long.

There’s also the problem
of potential over-
stimulation, ya know….

One can easily
overdose on forbidden fruit.

And I can think of about a
gazillion things I’d rather
get arrested for, than
being a Peeping Tom.

I know even our
had some difficulty
defining where 
‘girl watching’ ends,

and where being a
‘horny ole pervert’ begins.

Although I guess
I would
have preferred
the title of
‘passionate middle aged
sex fiend’, personally.

!!!!! HOY !!!!!!




Pull Da String

muPull Da String !

One thing is for certain…….

I’m easily amused.

And even more
easily distracted.

I must be,

A good friend
of mine
( Hiya C )
has suggested
another post on puppets…….mule

Now, if you haven’t
been keeping track,

(shame on you)

I’ve posted a couple
of different thingsrabbit
about puppets over the years
that the Muscleheaded Blog
has been on WordPress……

( like this one,
— or this one )

And while I thoughthandshadow
that all those posts
were pretty

they really didn’t nearly cover
all the special nonsense,
niceties and nuances
that the weird world of puppetsduck
has to offer.

And frankly,
I’m betting
that neither
will this one.

It’s funny ….camel
— just how
blogging works,
ya know.

As a practical matter,
you’d think that all
you’d have to do
is start writing about a subject,runci
and it’d be pretty easy
to end up with a cohesive
and intelligible product.

And maybe it does work
that way for some people.

But for me, with my
sempiternally short
attention span,
(sure it’s a word –
— look it up)
it’s hard to stay on track —

there’s so many directionsexhibit
that this post could take —

— even on a
relatively mindless
subject such as puppets.

I mean,
what’s a puppet anyway,
but something
that you either
shove your finger/hand up into –

… umm…
steady on, now….

— or something you control
with strings, levers,
poles, etc.fantasia

Simple things…..

— hey, you could even
make a bunch of puppets
out of nothing but light
and a couple of digits.

Which brings me to
the original direction
that this post was
going to take …..

how to make
shadow puppets….

that is, earlebergey
before all the pin ups
featuring puppets
starting wrecking havoc
with my imagination.

I’m sorry,
I really am.

Sure —
I coulda
stuck strictly
to the subject at hand….

(yeah, puppet-pun humor)fionastephensopn

but, I have my integrity
as a dirty minded
Musclehead to consider.

You cannot possibly hope
to understand
just how convoluted
it got around here —

as I tried to
boil this post down
to something

that would makeelvgre
a bit of sense.

I’m not talking
Pulitzer Prize, now….

Well, if they insisted,
I guess I’d accept,

So anyhoo…

As the man said,
what you see
is what you get.


HOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!