Static Stats

” How long can you keep it up? “

I don’t know
how many
of my fellow
follow their ‘Stats’ page….

I try not to,
because it
usually makes
me crazy,
trying to figure
out what any
of it means,
as regards to
whether or not
our readers
like certain
kinds of posts.

When, at times,
I struggle
for a topic,
I will look
at the stats page
—  hoping for
any sign
of inspiration,
like a 50 cent
in the darkness —
and usually only
come away
completely carnfuzzled.

Of course, it’s not like
there’s an amazing
variety of genres
here on the
Muscleheaded Blog
from which to
choose from,
in the first place —

–you basically got
pin-ups, humor,
a bit of history,
vintage stuff, and
thinly veiled
sexual references –

(spread as thin as mayo
on a dietetic sandwich)

— you’d think it’d be
easy enough to figure
out which ice cream
flavor is the one that
should be on
the window
as ‘today’s special’.

(And I hope for
fucks sake
it ain’t vanilla..)

But I guess it
goes to show
what diverse interests
drive those statistics–

Or how maybe
just how limited
my imagination
really is.

My blogging friend
Ann St Vincent
once in a while
will blog about
some of the weird
search phrases being
used by readers
before they land
on her site —

– and after considering
how off-beat mine have
been lately, I’m reasoning
that a bit of diversification
may just be called for.

Let’s see —
I guess we could do
funny, thinly veiled
historical pin-ups .

who said
I couldn’t
think outta
the box, ay ???

today we’ve got a
featured vintage
postcard artist post
for you.

The artist was
a Brit, named
William Stocker Shaw. 

He did his best work
(mainly for postcards)
between 1900 and 1920.

I’m sure you’ve seen
a bit of his work here
on the Muscleheaded
Blog already,
but today,
we’ve got some of
his best postcards.

A few of these
artworks have the
caption on the
addressee side
of the card,
which is why
they are separately

I hope you enjoy them,
and would be interested
in hearing what unusual
things you’ve seen in your
stats page !

!! HOY !!


” This’ll teach her to be stingy with tips. “