Blanche Wagstaff says:


“If I think of you,
I quiver from head to foot.

If I think of you
tears flood my eyes.

If I pass you my heart quickens
to suffocation
and the blood seems to leave my body.

If I look into your eyes
a sudden fire burns in my veins.

If I touch you
I am as one possessed with madness;
my arms tremble and
my limbs totter beneath me.

To love you is to suffer
the pangs of an intolerable agony.”

Kate Chopin says:

chopin” She felt like a chess player who,
by the clever handling of his pieces,
sees the game taking the course intended.

Her eyes were bright and tender
with a smile as they glanced up into his;
and her lips looked hungry
for the kiss which they invited. “

This Woman Is Dangerous

dangerousUsing one of those net-based services,
I was finally able to watch
the final episodes of “Mad Men”….

And I’m gonna miss that show.

Now, if you haven’t seen it,
it was set at a 1960’s advertising agency,

…..and featured very true-to-the-era furnishings,
cars, and styles.

redStartlingly accurate,

as I so vaguely remember it from being a kiddy-winky back then.

But of course, anybody who knows me,

…………. knows WHY that show held such a special appeal.

And for those who don’t —
— two words —
vintage lingerie.

Yep —dita
it was easy, huh?


…. you might just be thinking a picture
by itself doesn’t really prove anything,

since the model on the right is Dita Von Teese,

and that she would look good in anything short of a Mark III EVA NASA Spacesuit.

( And the only reason I say that is that I haven’t seen her in one yet …. )

While I totally agree with you about her,

myrnaI still maintain and restate my position:

Vintage style lingerie is 10 times sexier than anything currently in style.

(Yes, that’s Myrna Loy. )

The lingerie made today is shit.


maybe you don’t think lingerie should be
something men enjoy seeing women in ?

If you ask me, the idea that sexy lingerie
“objectifies women” is the kinda pablum
fed to college sophomores at liberal arts colleges
in an attempt to take all the fucking fun out of life,
one ounce of joy at a time.

1And of course,

I know that I’m never gonna convince
the people who insist on the whole:
“my naked body should be good enough for him
if he really loves me”
rhetoric, either.

What those people say about
how men don’t understand women
goes quadruple about those women and us men —

….. we’re visual creatures,

aand I don’t give a hot damn
whether you like that fact or you don’t —

it’s true.

Just what’s wrong with looking sexier in a nice piece of lingerie ?

Ain’t it exactly like wearing makeup
except that you’re doing it for a specific person

(or group of people) ?

(Oh wait–
— some of them won’t do that, either. )

Whatever, man.boot

I guess it comes down to caring —

— caring enough about your lover
to make him happy,

and caring enough about yourself to want to
look even more super-sexy than usual once in a while.

(More Often ?
More Better. )

From a man’s perspective,
a little additional stimulation
is always much appreciated,

vitajex……… and will pay dividends in terms
of the amount of attention and interest he will give you.

Just consider it kinda like Lace Viagra if you want —

It’s sure to get a rise outta a man.

I don’t give a hot damn
what your figure is like, either–

…..there’s some beautiful vintage stuff
that will make any woman
look like a million bucks.

Let’s face it —maewest1965

Mae West wasn’t exactly skinny,
for crying out loud…..

or even young, (in her 70’s)

when this picture was taken —

And just look at her.


She’d tell you right off —

— no excuses, sugar.


Don’t believe those femi-Nazi types
who want to convince youa1
that femininity ain’t important.

Unless you believe that masculinity ain’t either.

In which case,

would you please get the
hell off my site, and tout de suite.

As far as contemporary designs
for lingerie are concerned, though,
well ….

most of it sucks.

Vintage is much better.

Think about it this way for a minute….raphaelkirchner

Part of the interest men have in
seeing women in lingerie is,
because it works the imagination —

It’s the same reason that we love vintage pin-ups.

If nothing’s left to the imagination,

……well, why don’t we all just pack up
and move to the Loxahatchee Nudist Camp?

Cause, truthfully,
you won’t get a lot of wood there, either.

(It’s kinda frowned upon, anyway…
….. it scares the nude prudes. )

Nudity is great,
don’t get me wrong —

nature has created it’s finest work
in the female body.

Once you’ve seen it, and seen it, and seen it, well,

3………… as far as Uncle Woody is concerned,
it just ain’t all that erotic,
once a man’s gotten past his teens, anyway.

But, add a little lace,
or a little sheer —


current lingerie styles aren’t better
than nude, they’re
much less gooder.

Today’s stuff is cut all wrong for a woman’s figure —lace

…. as if they were designed by people
who really didn’t like women at all.

It’s cut too short, with no understanding
of where things are on real women.

I’m told they’re awfully uncomfortable
to wear for any length of time, too.

( I mean, how would I know,
….. aside from the panty hose
I’ll wear under a wet suit in cold water …

….. which, I hope doesn’t count,1

………… but I have to say is pretty
comfortable all in all, anyway. )

The idea should be to accentuate the positives —

Vintage lingerie was designed to be
long wearing, comfortable,
and flattering to the feminine figure.

Today’s lingerie is made to squeeze
60 bucks out of 20 cents of fabric,

………… using material I wouldn’t
make a dog-bed out of.

The tactile feel of the new stuff is awful —

It has an artificial, plastic-mixed-with-cardboard lombard
vibe that I couldn’t blame women for not wanting to wear.

I mean,
who cares if the stuff is fucking fireproof —

If you’re gonna play with fire,
you’re gonna need a whole different kit, anyway, man.

A grown man like me got no business
playing with young women,
— and mature women don’t look right
in those cheap, cheesy looking things —


They need something a bit more
sleek, silky, sophisticated —
….. something that says:

” yes, I’ve been places,
aabut I’ve only started travelling, baby

And if you take all the other considerations
out of the equation, it’s still comes down to this…….


In conclusion,

if you’re now tempted to fire off an email–
calling me a misogynist, sexist pig,

GetAttachment….. well, take heart, since I
already got one of those last month.

And since a gentleman never argues with a woman,
…. even one with such a foul mouth,
I will withhold any response.

Except to say that the word ‘misogynist’
is spelled with a ‘Y’ between the g and n…..

Ya know, like the ‘Y’ chromosome
you seem to resent so much.

And to ask —
———- why do you think
I chose this topic today?

As for the rest of my lovely readers,
Thank you for reading, and your kind comments.




Edna St Vincent Millay says:


” I drank at every vine.
The last was like the first.
I came upon no wine
So wonderful as thirst.

I gnawed at every root.
I ate of every plant.
I came upon no fruit
So wonderful as want.

Feed the grape and bean
To the vintner and monger:
I will lie down lean
With my thirst and my hunger.  ”