Forget Me Not

In my
minds eye,
I can see
empty street –

I can feel the
drizzling rain
streaming down
my cheeks

as we stand
gripping each
others hands
in the dim
yellow pallor
of the street light.

Or are
those tears?

Maybe that’s
why my eyes
are burning,
even now.

I know
why my
and soul

was the day.

this is the day.

Goodbye is
no word
for lovers,

Goodbye is
a word
that should
be expunged
from the language –

as being
too cruel,
too harsh,
too bitterly final.

What’s needed
is a word –

– a magic word –

that changes
the inevitability
of ever needing
such a word
like it now,
ever again.

Is that
too much
to ask?

Too much
to ask-

Of the silence,

Of the dark,

Of the alone.



You’re In The Navy (Army) Now

dishesIf you’ve never had
the priviledge to serve
your country in one
of the Armed Forces,

you might just have
missed out on some
unique art posters,

originally never meant
to even be seen by civilians.

The defense department
has always utilized
high quality and effective
graphics art posters —

— never more so,
but during wartime,
and especially in the 1940’s
(World War II) .

Many of the same
uniquely talented artists
that worked on WWII posters,

— had originally honed
their skills doing postersblabbed
for the arts division
of the W.P.A.
(The Work Projects Administration)
during and after the years
of the Great Depression
in the 1930’s.

Often, the posters
had to do with
service-related issues
(especially V.D.
and Malaria prevention)
and waste.

But they could also
deal with very diverse topics,
sometimes in a surprisingly
candid way.

And they were geared
to and for a serviceman’s
sensibilities  —

so, they frequently featureddummy
pin-up style illustrations.

My favorites , of course,
are the WW II era posters
oriented toward the Navy
and Naval Personnel,

mainly because these
posters can be
very service specific —

a Sailor at sea has very
different problems and
challenges than a Soldiersextant
in the field…..

sometimes a cartoon
will illustrate Navy life
better than a thousand words,

— and because they are
living proof
( to me, anyway ),
that the Navy
hasn’t really
all that much,
despite the passingnavychowhound
of some 6 decades.

For instance,
the whole dynamic
of the Navy Chowhound —

— it’s certainly true that
the Navy has the best food —

— and also very true
that we have some
of the biggest chowhounds

Stuffing your tray
with good Navy chow
is as old as a tradition,sailor
as the Navy itself —

— and as you can imagine,
wasting food can become
quite a problem,

especially in war-time.

I also like the
V.D. posters
from the period

( no, not a bad pun,
not even a little bit )phosgene

— partly
because of the art,
and partly because
I got a dirty mind.

You can see a whole bunch
of interesting ones
on my post
about the subject here.

(why in the world
would you even
be surprised that
I posted about it?)garlic

One of the things
that catches folks off guard
sometimes are the posters
about chemical
and biological
threats to personnel —

(like the above poster
about phosgene gas
or this one about
mustard gas)

— what we used to call ABC.

Increased dopey feeling?pr

— hey —
I’m dopey enough already.

I didn’t mention atomic
because hardly anyone knew
about nuclear weapons
in the early 1940’s,
unless they weretalked
stationed at a site
like Oak Ridge.

But, if you’re interested,
I did a post about
atomic safety posters, too —

Damn, this thing
is starting to sound
more like a commercial,
ain’t it ?

Well —
just remember —

Watch Out For Booby Traps.