Kurt Vonnegut says:


“Tis better to have
love and lust

Than to let our
apparatus rust.”


Blanche Shoemaker Wagstaff says:

” Be no longer tender.

Cover me with frenzied kisses,
— even as I would drench my
body in the cruel torrents of
the rain.

Envelop me from throat to
ankle in delirium intolerable…. “

More Secrets of Flowers

You mighta seen yesterday’s
post about the “Secret
Language of Flowers” —
if you didn’t well,
here’s a link to it.

If you did, you’re probably
a lot like me, sayin’ :

” HEY- You cut it off
at the most interestin’
part —
SEX. ” 

I’m on your side –
I really am.

It’s just that I had made
a New Years resolution
to try and balance my
posts out a bit so I wouldn’t
come off like some kinda
over-sexed under-sexed
extra-horny middle-aged

But everything considered,
it hasn’t really worked
all that good I don’t think –
so I don’t know why I bother.

Still, it gives me a
perfect excuse, so
that’s my story and
I’m stickin’ with it.

And I might mention
at this point that all
the pics of flowers
in this post are in
order of mention.

So, #1 is cornflower,
#2 is bluebell, etc, etc.

Anyhoo —
to the matter at hand .
Or wherever.

If that hand thing
happens to be your
idea of a good time,
you might want to
wear a cornflower (1) 

Or just stay home, I dunno.
A hand’s a hand, man.

Did you know that if
you wear a harebell
(bluebell (#2) to a club,
you are telling people
you have ‘submissive’

Well, there you are.

And since one side of
the coin isn’t much good
without the other,
we’ll tell you that a person
wearing a cherry blossom (3)
indicates an inclination
toward ‘dominance’.

And one who likes to
inflict pain might be
wearing a marigold (4).

And one who likes to
receive it might be
wearing stinging nettle. (5)

Sounds like the beginning
of quite a fascinating
party to me.

It’s all hidden inside
the secret language of flowers …

A person who likes to enjoy
affection from several folks
at once might, for instance,
wear a morning glory (6)
like the one shown.

Bright colors are a key usually
to spotting flowers being used
this way —

And as you can see-
being color blind isn’t going
to be exactly helpful here….

but if you learn your blossoms
well enough,
— you’ll get by, I bet.

Especially if,
(I’m hesitant to mention it),
you happen to be into wearing
or folks who wear diapers,
since there’s a flower for you too –
and no color perception needed.

Yes, Baby’s Breath (7) is
actually used for this.

Seems almost logical, huh?
I guess.

And please remember,
you can’t just jump in
and assume that just
because somebody likes
a certain kind of flower,
that there’s an instant
social contract or such –

— man, this ain’t supposed
to be valid in the produce
section of the supermarket.

It’s just for a frame
of reference
in the right circumstances…..

So, don’t blame me if you end
up on the wrong end of a big
stick or other weapon of
individual destruction
wielded by a totally
not-interested party
(Burdock #8)
or a pissed off virgin
(Orange Flower #9).

(of course, they could
just be fakin’ it —
#10 FLAX )

Bird of Paradise (#11) indicates
someone of a more or less
Greek disposition.

And Lily of the Valley (#12)
suggests one likes to watch/or
likes to be watched.

Confused , yet ?

Well, I am.

!!! HOY !!!