Hermann Hesse says:

hesse“Sensuality isn’t worth a hair more than spirituality,
and it’s the same the other way around.

It’s all one, everything is equally good.

Whether you embrace a woman or make a poem, it’s the same.

So long as the main thing is there–
— the love, the burning, the emotion ..

it doesn’t matter whether you are a monk on Mount Athos or a man about town in Paris.”  


Marie Stopes says:

mariestopes” In love it is not only that the yearning of the bonds of affinity to be satisfied is met by the linking with another, but that out of this union there grows a new and unprecedented creation. “


Together, united by the love bonds which hold them, they are a new and wondrous thing surpassing, and different from, the arithmetical sum of them both when separate. “

Sai Marie Johnson says:

saimariejohnson” Sensuality is beautiful,
and dominance and submission in the right context
is a passionate art.

A muse which ignites the
flame of femininity,
enrapturing both partners in complete euphoria,
magnifying both the masculine and the feminine,
in one tantalizing unit. “