Deadlier Than The Male


Welcome to
another edition
of the Muscleheaded Blog.

A minor content warning–

— this blog is for
grown-ups only —
no kiddy winkies,1925
(or blue noses)

‘Nuff Said.

In 1911,
the English writer
Rudyard Kipling
penned these words:

” When the Himalayan
peasant meets
the he-bearfight
in his pride,

 He shouts to scare
the monster,
who will often
turn aside.

 But the she-bear thus
accosted rends the
peasant tooth and nail.

 For the female of the species
is more deadly than the male. ” 

Well, as anybody
in the know
will tell you,
he was absolutely right.

And he wasn’t just talking
about Missus Bigfoot, either.

It’s one of the qualities
that has alwaysbaitingsuit
appealed to me
about women in general….

We men are supposed
to be rough, tough,
lean and mean.

But when it comes
to the feminine persuasion,
we go all soft in the head.

hard in other places,
but that’s another
post altogether. )

And it’s very much like
playing with matches,
keeping cobras as pets,
or messing with firearms —falcon

If you get sloppy with them,
or forget how dangerous
they really are,
you will pay.

And how.

They’ve got a way
of cutting a man
down to size
with one harsh look,
word, gesture,
or worse —
one cold shoulder.

And the ‘silent treatment’
should have been banned
by the Geneva Convention,

Now, I know some
of my lovely female readers
might be feeling slightly
defensive right now,
(all 3 of them)
but I assure them
that I’m not being
at all critical or negative.

I like em the way they are…..
and so do most men, I think.

Now, it’d probably make
a pretty interesting story
about how I got on this
line of thought fortv
today’s blog,

— but suffice to say that,
despite my somewhat
middling middle age,
my extremely busy schedule,
and some rather important
problems that should be occupying my mind instead –

I can’t get them quickie
out of my head
for more than 10 seconds
right now,

—or at least long enough
to post about something else,
whichever would come first.

So, of course,
I’m going to be
pandering to the
charm and allure
of my more illicit,
stimulating interests
because —

that’s just the
kinda guy I am.

I wanted to post some stuff
from the 1950’s and 1960’s
that reflected both
provocative sexuality,
and subtle sensuality–

not to mention the
loveliness of femininity
in general….

and I do believe
I found
(for the most part)
just the right content
to do that.

If I did it right,
there will be no need
to caption the pics,
or for a running
to explain them….

Each of them
just rubs me
in a place I like.

And I hope
they rub you
somewhere you like

If so, there’s alwaysfurtherin
the possibility of writing
me a nice, long comment
on about great I am
and how good my taste is.

You can even,
— if you wish —
describe the place
and under what
the aforesaid rubbing

Or, you can simply
enjoy yourself,
and give me the
karmic credit.

Hey, however
you’re feelin’ it.

!!!! HOY !!!!!!


Jessica Sorensen says:


“Do I have your permission to rock away and give you the ride of your life?”

Why does it feel like he’s secretly talking dirty to me?

“Yeah, go ahead, rock it nice and hard,”
I say without thinking,
then bite down on my lip
as the dirty section of my brain
catches up with me.

Honestly, I didn’t even
know that side existed.

Slightly On The Inside

A good joke can have
a lotta components to
it, I guess.

I’ve always found
that visual humor
is by far the best,
for me, anyway,
because it gives me
as much time
as I need to get
the joke.

Speed may kill,
but being slow
can be murder
when it comes
to reacting to
a punchline.

Or ,
put another way,
as Stephen Fry
likes to say:

” He who laughs last,
thinks slowest. “

For instance –
let this one sink in:

I’m sure we’ve all
wondered at one time
or another how much
deeper the ocean
would be without


try to explain the
50-50-90 rule:

” Anytime you have a
50-50 chance of getting
something right, there’s
a 90% probability you’ll
get it wrong. “.

I dunno –
those percentages
may not add up
all that great….

And I hate math.

Try this:

They’ve come up with a
new politically correct
term for dead folks —

graphically challenged”. 

Too cerebral?

On the other hand,
you have different fingers.

Now, if somebody
just threw one of
those at you
without any warning,
you might be caught
gasping for air like
a pirarucu in the deep
end of the wave pool
while you muddled the
whole thing out.

But, visual humor gives
you precious time to
choose just how the
fuck funny you think
something is.

Or is not.

And I always enjoy
sharing these kinds
of things with
our readers,
– of course,
reading their
comments about it.

So, don’t be a buzz-kill,
man —

— drop me a line and
tell me what you like !

I may have started out
with nothing, but I still
have most of it.


!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!