Bag Bag Bag, The Bag Is The Word

Don’t ask me
what that title
is supposed to
mean, man,
’cause I got
no idea ;

but I can tell you
how it was chosen.


I’ve got the Ramones’
version of “Surfin Bird
rattlin’ around in
the back of my
poor, empty head –

– it has been all
damned morning.

And it’s Friday,
hence the mailbag

But like the
original song,
done back in
1963 by a
group called the
Trashmen” –

— the obviously
deep philosophical
meaning still kinda
eludes me,

Maybe that’s to be
expected from a
surf-rock classic
written by a bunch
of guys from the city
of Minneapolis
( the surfing capital
of the Great Lakes? ).

And of course,
I do get the
abstruse significance
of the “Papa-Oom-

I mean,
who doesn’t ?

But it sure sounds
like they stole that
part from the
don’t it ?

There were actually
several R&B songs
in the early 1960’s
that used similar
word play, and 
there was an awful
lot of that kinda
‘borrowing’ in the
music biz ……

So, when you’re
listening to
“Surfin’ Bird”,
you’re actually
listening to an
amalgam of
different musical

Maybe not art,
but FUN,

Ah well…..

– the bird
really still
is the word,
ya know.

But surfin’
dogs are much,
much cooler.

!! HOY !!