Seeing The Sights


The many
wonders of
vintage travel

Train travel,
something that most
folks today wouldn’t
be able to tolerate
simply because it
seemed too damn
slow, was really
the way to
get around
in the 1920’s
through the 1940’s.

Oh sure,
there were airplanes —

And if you enjoyed
travelling in what
looked like a wooden
travel trailer with wings – 

— with a lack of heat,
comfort, food,
and overall safety,
you might even
consider taking one –

Although whether you
got there faster and in
one piece was kinda a
crap shoot …..

You could take a car –

And with that option
you got bad roads, 
lousy motels,
dirty rest-rooms,
speeding tickets,
wrong directions,
non existent
road amenities,
unreadable signage,
frequent break downs.

gas was cheap,

When you could find it.

No, the train was
the way to go.

You could get a sleeping
berth and have your meals
in the dining car…..

Baked French Toast
on the
Sante Fe Railroad’s
” Super Chief ” line.



— view the slow moving
scenery in an observation

— have a smoke (if that
was your thing, and
back then it was just about
everybody’s) in the smoking

— play cards or socialize
in the club car,

— even consume adult
beverages in the comfort
of the lounge car. 

New York to Los Angeles
in a little over 3 days.

that’s civilized travel.

The rocking of the cars
and the noise were part
of the charm — you got so
used to it, you’d think
you weren’t even moving
most of the time.


I like trains,
and I miss that mode
of getting around.

I miss the cavernous
stations and the excitement
endemic in those places…

.. folks going here and there
in no particular hurry, often
for the first time.

People would wear their best
clothes to get on a train —

I’ve seen people wearing
what looked very much
like pajamas on an airplane.


Somebody just turned the
dial back to ‘the present’.

Damn it.

!!! HOY !!!