TV Cars of the 1960’s – Mannix


You probably already
figured out this post
is part two of our
TV Cars series that
we started a
couple weeks ago.


If you missed
Part One, well <— .

Today, we’re looking
at more ‘ action cars ‘ –
– you know, the cars
the tough guys like
‘Mannix’ drove.

Actually, Mannix
was on TV quite
a while, from 1967
to 1975 –

– and they used different
models for most seasons,
although overwhelmingly
Mopar for most of the
show’s run.

But, the first year
used a 1967 Oldsmobile
Toronado Convertible.

And no, GM didn’t
produce a 67 Toronado
drop-top –
– it was a one of a kind,
customized by George
Barris for the show.

Another Barris
customization job
was done for season
two and three :

1968/69 Dodge Dart
340 GTS rag-tops –
in a non-stock color,
British Racing Green.

The functional hood
scoop, rear spoiler,
mag wheels,
and a lot of other stuff
wasn’t stock, either .

But it was a hot
looking car, right ?

Season four and five’s car
was a 1970/1971 Plymouth
Cuda 340 in dark green.

(In season five, the 340
was alternated with
another Cuda with a
383 c.i.)

Season six was
still a Cuda –
the 1971’s updated
with ’73(?) trim –
since the car had
been discontinued by then.

Season seven:
1974 Dodge
Challenger 360
with added
mag wheels
and tires was used –

— and the car was mainly
stock (although it was
equipped with every
possible option including
the factory sunroof ).

The last year, 1975, brought
a change in the car brand
used by the TV production
company, so the show
rotated a 1974 blue
Chevy Camaro LT hardtop
with a 1975 Caprice


(That was the last year
for the rag-top Caprice.)

But, there are also
traces of a green
1974 Gran Torino
in several episodes
in season eight.

By far- the Toronado
and the Dart GTS
were the coolest, man.

!!! HOY !!!




louiswainOne of my old buddies
from the service called
me over the
holiday weekend,
and we had fun catching up.

It’s kinda humorous in a way —
–our lives seem
to have developed
as if in a parallel universe…..

He has two kids,
a boy and a girl —

and of course, bestwish
I have a son
and my daughter,
(as much as they’d probably
like to deny it…)

He just got a new pet.

We just got a new puppy-
Daisy Doggy.

He just got another cat.

proposeI always had him
figured for a dog guy.

And I told him that…..

He replied that
the breed of cat
that he has
is more like a doggie
than your average canine…..

It’s called a Maine Coon Cat.

Not being a cat person myself  —

( I have always preferred dogs —
even to many people,
but that’s somethingalong
else entirely…. )

I laughed
and told him
‘good luck with that’.

Then, I turned
on my TV 1903
and on one of
my favorite shows, “Chopped”,
there it was again —
— the Maine Coon Cat. 

it wasn’t
a secret ingredient, either.

Apparently —
Bobby Flay owns three,
and Ted Allen’s got two.

And they basically
said the same thing–
a cat that acts more like a dog.

So, what’s the story
on this up and coming
cat breed, anyhoo?

Far be it from me
to turn up my nose
to any kind of pussy,
and pardon me
if I get confused easily,

— but why not just have
a dog that acts like a dog?

!!!! HOY !!!! 


Clowns Aren’t Creepy, Are They ?

holdthebabyI’ve been razzing my daughter
about this bizarre fear she
seems to have about clowns.

Every year around Halloween,
she gets so excited
about the holiday—-

— parties, decorating,
baking, dressing up —
but before the festivities begin,
the first thing she does
is make sure no-one in her
acquaintance is planning
on dressing as a clown.

She ain’t havin’ that.

I don’t get it–

We never let a clown even
near her as a kid,
but it still trips her out. a

one of the things
I’ve never really understood
was the popular appeal
of clowns, in the first place.

Rodeo clowns excepted —
cause they actually DO something,
— other than honk horns
or squirt people with sticky fluids
(of one sort or another….  )

And I don’t mean
the clowns you run into
on a daily basis at the Wal-Mart,clowncollege
bumping the back of your shoes
with their shopping cart
full of Ring-Dings,
Ho-Ho’s, and Twinkies
while they chat noisily
on their clown-phones
with their fellow
clown-school grads …

the clowns you have to per
tolerate once a year,
at the family reunion picnic,
because one of your second cousins
once seems to have managed
sexual relations with a parrot …

the clowns you see
driving down the road
in their status-clown cars
shaped like toasters on wheels,piano
with their stereos blasting
out crappy-clown-music
at 200 decibels above a
supersonic aircraft.

even the clowns who are all
dressed up with nowhere to go ,
who end up decidingmcdo
to go into politics
or psychology.

Or the ones who are always
trying to sell you something —

Yep —
it’s always something :

Booze ,

Bad record albums,cereal

Used cars,

Breakfast cereal,

Crappy fast food…..

I’ll defer the whole question
of why I would want
to buy ANYTHINGalbum
from a guy who can’t dress
himself any better than that,
(or lets his mother do it)
for another,
more suitable occasion ……

I guess I just don’t get
the whole clown thing.

You know–

What’s it all about, man?

I mean,
am I supposed to think
these creatures are somehow
automatically FUNNY, or what?a1

Even as a kid,

I’d look at a guy in clown makeup,
and I wouldn’t think —

Oh Ho, Ho, He’s Funny “–


I’d think–a8
Hey —


It kinda pissed me off
that adults thought
we kids were so stupid
as to be entertained
simply by shoving us
in front of a TV,a7

— to watch some no talent bum
wearing ill-fitting thrift store clothes
and too much of mom’s mascara.

It’s plain insulting…

——- that’s what it is.

Just think about the clowns on TV
during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s …..

Let’s go back in time for a sec  —clarabell
and start with Clarabell
on Howdy Doody.

You might remember his theme from reruns :

” Who’s the funniest clown we know?
— Clarabell!
Who’s the clown on Howdy’s show?
— Clarabell!
His feet are big, his tummy’s stout,
But we could never do without,
Clara, Clara, Clarabell! “

Despite the blatant pro-clown
propaganda inherent in that song —a1

who would only communicate
using a stupid horn
( for ‘yes’ or ‘no’ )

— was only slightly more funny
than a ruptured phrenoesophageal membrane.

Not that the damn puppet
was any funnier, mind you.

Actually, that entire show was so lame,a1a
it’s just proves my point
about how stupid they
thought kids were back then.
( and still do )

They sure did sell a lot of Ovaltine, though.

Doody-ville, indeed.
But at least, Clarabell kept quiet .a3

if there’s one thing
that’s worse than a mute unfunny clown
—– it’s a sarcastic unfunny one.

Bozo was so obnoxious
that half the time the kids
on his show looked like
they were gonna pee their panties.

How the hell are you supposed
to throw the ping pong ball in the bucket
with a seven foot guy in a
fright wig glarin’ at you, anyway????

that ‘Ringmaster Ned’ guy
still gives me nightmares.

No, sir –
I did not put any Ping-Pong
balls in my pants pocket, sir,
—— but thanks for checking.

And that clown-magician Wizzo on the show….
— no, not creepy in the least, man.

My friend Lara thinks
Emmett Kelly was great.oj

And I certainly don’t wanna
piss THAT razor-girl off,
but ‘sad clowns’ are not
only an oxymoron,

but also a total fucking
waste of emotional energy.

If a clown ain’t funny,
and none of them really are,
their whole raison d’etre to me
is kinda out the window, ya know?

I must be missing something, man.

who am I to knock somebody’s
mode of self-expression and all —

clowns are not creepy at all.

Completely in my imagination,

I’m sure that underneath
that stupid looking costume,
those size 27 shoes,
the painted on smile,a2
the fluffy fuzz buttons,
the rubber nose,
and all that garish
purple, orange, and
bright red makeup lurks the heart of —

I’m not all that sure
about ANY of that, now.heybabty

Can you say John Wayne Gacy ?

Uh huh.

Cannibals chasing you around
a desert island would be bad enough —

But why would you
subject your kid to
making idle chit-chat
with a grown man in a weird getup
who calls himself Grabby the Clown?

Oh sure,
he loves kids.peaw

He probably thinks
they’re delicious.

Uh huh.


I know,
I’m over-reacting.

Not all clowns are cannibals.

Not to my knowledge, anyway.clownpor

And I’m sure
some of them are
perfectly normal,
when they’re not dressed up
as some mad escapee
from Barnum and Bailey’s.

They probably even have
normal sex lives,
for all I know.rappingthatis

It’s probably just a big misunderstanding —
— a spelling error —

Clowns never were good
at stuff like that, I guess.


I’m just over-reacting, right?

RIGHT ????

HOY !!!!

(Here’s a link to a Washington Post article about creepy clowns) 



As Seen On TV

aoops” As seen on TV ” .

How many times have you heard that expression?

I bet you can name about a gazillion products
that were advertised that way.

Some name brands had product lines
that were exclusively sold on TV–

….. like “Ronco”.

And who can forget the attractive spokespersons for those products–

asseenontv….. like that smarmy guy who wows folks with his cheap chamois towels —
( ” You know dem Joymans always make good stuffffff ” )

…. the mama’s boy with a speech impediment pitching canned clogs —
( It ith weally tewiffic at thealing thtuff )

…. or the toothy cueball who used to call himself a ‘chef’,
( probably because he bought a hat )
but now sells cheap trash of all kinds.

You might even own some of those products….

….. like the gizmo that microwaves eggsa
into something completely inedible…

….. the records featuring no name artists singing somebody else’s hits…..

….. the veg chopper that goes dull after 2 uses …..

….. the vacuum that you can throw a bowling ball with…..

….. the spray sealant that gets on everything
but what you’re trying to seal…

a….. the self stirring, self melting wisk …..

….. the hair thing that singes it into a curl…..

….. the glue that will set up so fast you don’t have time to put the pieces together ….

….. or anything that makes you pay twice
for shipping and handling the same crap.

Hell, they even stamp
“As seen on TV” right on stuff these days.

( How do they know what I’ve seen , anyway? )afat

A mall near my home in North Carolina,
The Concord Mills Mall,
–about 20 miles from me,
even has a store that sells all that stuff direct.

( Hooo boy…..
now, you don’t even have
to wait four to six weeks to be dissatisfied !! )

I do wonder how that whole
‘as seen on TV’ thing is supposed to translate into quality……

I know some folks say “as seen on TV’ stuff gets a bad rap.


I guess the logical thing would be to consult a TV celebrity —b
— they’re sure to know.

Let’s see…..
….. who to ask….
who to ask.


I got it.

A guy who routinely uses “As seen on TV” products…….

Wile E. Coyote.

A certified genius, and expert on all things technological.

Yes, he’s the guy to ask alright.

Unfortunately, c
he usually only communicates with signs.


Where does he get those signs, anyway???

Oh I know….

He gets em from the Acme Company–

…….. where he gets all the fine products he uses in pursuit of the Road Runner.

( where does he keep em , though ?? )


Like those rocket propelled roller skates… man, those are cool .

I’d really like to have a pair of those babies.

Just strap em on,d
— ZZZZZZZZZZoooooooooooooooooommmmm —
off ya go.


You know I’m no rocket scientist…

So, I really don’t understand the physics involved.

But I really thought those things shoulda worked.

Must have been user error.acme

That’s the explanation
I get anytime one of my electronic gizmos go haywire.

It couldn’t possibly be an issue of badly engineered products.

Cause ACME means quality.

Ah well…. even the Coyote makes a mistake every once in a while.

Ever notice though….

…………………. he does seem to prefer things that are rocket powered.

A coyote after my own heart.

Go fast, or go home.

Still, you can take that concept to extremes, I guess.

eThis beauty for instance…..

It is the Acme Company stock number 83-277 model “Fireball” rocket sled,

…… with the XLPD extra value package…….

It features:
deluxe trim,
anodized metal sure-grip handlebars,
chrome wheels,
halogen headlamp,
quick-light fuze,
and full instrumentation package.

Shown here with optional seatbelts.

Goes from zero to BOOM in three seconds flat.

Don’t like that one?

Well…. f

For those with a family, well, there’s the Acme XL-02-200/G Rocket Car.

Seats four comfortably……

……… assuming two people don’t mind being strapped to the hood.

Comes with 17 feet of straight track.

After that, you’re on yer own.

Ok… it’s not all that big on comfort or options….

And if the G-force doesn’t get ya …
( coyotes apparently have special immunity to G force )
the sticker price surely will.

But baby, will it burn up the track.

Assuming, of course, that you can stop before you run out of track.
If not, well, as I said, you’re on yer own.

those are just a few of the fine products offered by Acme Products, Inc-
( based in Fairfield, New Jersey) .

Some of the other ACME best sellers include:

gAcme ‘first quality’ Earthquake Pills.

Why wait for naturally occurring earthquakes, when you can create your own —

…….. with Acme’s stock number 13-13-c Earthquake Pills ???


it says so, it right on the label !!

And you know, they couldn’t say that if it wasn’t true.

Only $ 79.99 and shipped in a very carefully padded box.
Cause they tend to go off kinda unexpectedly sometimes.

How many times did you say to yourself …..
” Self — what I need is some conveniently placed huge rocks that I can use to smoosh my enemies.”

Well, your needs have now been met — h

With Acme’s stock number 55-018927 Instant Boulder Mix.

Just add water,

… and push over the nearest cliff, cavern, cragg, crevice or other high precipice-like place.

Not to be taken internally.

( yow…. Talk about gallstones. )

Now, y’all know I’m big on athletic supplements….
……. but they can be very expensive.

That’s why Acme offers a full line
of reasonably priced supp’s for the Coyote on the Go.

iLike this one—–

Acme’s stock number 1890

Hi Speed Tonic
with Speed-Up Vitamins R, P, and M.


This stuff will have you
wired up higher than
Courtney Love on free meth night.

The only side effect is —
you may end up looking like her, too.

Hoy !!!!!!


Foodie Fun

1It doesn’t matter what else is on TV–

I can’t help myself when it comes to cooking competitions.

Especially shows like:
“Iron Chef”,
“Master Chef”

and my favorite —
“Cutthroat Kitchen”.

I know,woofles
some of the cooks
on there aren’t all
that mostly,

and the ingredients
aren’t always the kinds
of things I would choose
to use, either —

There’s also a ring of
‘fine dining’ to ‘Chopped’
that I find a bit too far into
the ‘conspicuous consumption’

There’s one judge on there
that only has taste buds on
one part of his tongue —

All he ever says is
“NEEDS MORE SALT” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, all in all —YEP

it’s still better than
most of the other
crapola on TV.

And if Giada happens
to be wearing a
low-slung blouse,

so much the better.

I keep hearing from women
I know about how much of
a BeeyoTch that Giada probably is…..



naah —
seriously —
— no worries.

She’s just another
good looking woman
who won’t return my
phone calls, texts,
or fevered fan letters.

that list is getting awful long.

for some reason,
I could watch her all day.

giada1I do learn stuff, sure.

Did you know that
apricots, almonds
and Asiago cheese
go together as a dish
extremely well ?

Maybe there’s some
connection nobody
ever clued me into , before.

If so,

50 thousand bucks seems
like a lotta money to spend
for cooking school,

when all I got to know is
what letter of the alphabet
an ingredient starts with.

godzillaI guess it couldn’t be
all THAT simple, though.

Otherwise, you’d order
Pizza with Peas, Polenta,
Pickles, and Popsicles.

I wonder what that
would taste like.


But it doesn’t really matter —

I’m so busy watching
the damn cooking shows,
I don’t have time to cook
anything for my own dinner.

You do see people do eat
some weird combinations, though.

blindI knew a kid who would bring a salami, peanut butter and blue cheese sandwich on white bread to school every day.

Today, I guess people on those cooking shows would probably put that mess on whole wheat. 😛

Those cooks on ‘Chopped’ —

you talk about pressure…..

I don’t know how well
I could handle cooking
weird ingredients with
a time limit. :-O

But, having Alex Guarnaschelli give me that little cockeyed smirk of hers might make the whole thing worthwhile, I dunno.

pluckAnd I’d be happy to let Amanda Freitag taste anything of mine that she wanted.

Hell, I could even learn to love wearing a suit, if I had Geoffrey Zakarian’s tailor, man.

The ‘Celebrity Chef’ has
become something of a
cultural icon now —

And there’s no arguing that guys like:

Bobby Flay, Emeril, and Alton Brown,
are highly skilled and infinitely watchable.

copyright Food NetworkI loved Alton’s ‘live’ show,

and his old “Good Eats”
program was as good
as a food show ever gets.

And I was pleasantly surprised to see Valerie Bertinelli hosting a baking show recently….

—- even if it WAS
a kiddie competition. 😛

I mean,
does anybody–

REALLY wanna watch
smug little know-it-all
rug-rats cook ????food

Well, at least I had Valerie
to look at.

Yes, there’s a lot of dreck mixed in on those foodie channels, though, now that you mention it.

I’m not gonna diss anybody,

(cause you know
THAT’s not MY style,
….uh huh)

but I will say that a guy who obviously can’t cook a simple
hotdog correctly,

shouldn’t be calling himself
the Sandwich Emperor —

— especially if he’s from Chicago !!!!!

And, that Vanilla Freeze guy—stuffing

He’s no more a chef than I am a female dolphin with my flippers tucked up behind some schmuck named Malcolm’s.

(ahhhhhhh —
so you missed that post,
did ya? )

Sure, I know —

Show bizzz.



PS: I just finished binge-watching Anne Burrell’s show “Chefs Wanted” — man, it was great. I see there’s a new one like it without Burrell, with some personnel department hack- man, what is it about a winning formula that makes these TV guys wanna fuck it up so bad? Just wonderin.



And Now For Something Completely Different

somethingIf you recognized the title phrase —

And Now For Something Completely Different” —

you were probably also expecting our lead picture featuring John Cleese.

( If not —

you were probably hopelessly confused,

…. and for all I know, somewhat perversely aroused.)

And you’re probably also expecting that this post has something to do with the groundbreaking British comedy troupe Monty Python.

Especially, since, if you’ve read this blog for more than one week, you’ll know just how much I have stolennn….

( errr… that should read– ” have been inspired “) by them, as far as my sense of humor is concerned.

But, since you asked — NO– this post does not have something to do with Monty Python.

It has everything to do with em.

This, my friend, this post, despite the fact that compared to the enormous talent of Monty Python– whose nose we are not worthy to pick and whose very feces are an untrammelled delight …..

yes, we will ,

dare we say it…

This post will feature trivia questions about Monty Python’s Flying Circus skits.

And, of course, a very nice recipe for Blancmange.

You wife..
… she likes taking candid photographs with Blancmanges, does she?

Nudge nudge, wink, wink.

Wicked you are, wicked.


Let’s see just what kinda Monty Python fanatic you are with these ….

If you don’t know the answer, well, you can always cheat and look at it, it’s listed below the question in light yellow.

Let me know how you do.

( hey, wise guy- you know, cheaters never win. 😛 ‘
Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries)

Alright… let’s begin.

treesNumber one,

“The Larch”.

1:) A guy goes into a pet store…

puts a bird cage with a dead bird inside on the counter,

and demands his money back.

The shop owner tries to convince him that it’s just sleeping.

dead-parrotCustomer says: “He’s not pining, he’s passed on. This parrot is no more. He has ceased to be. He’s expired and gone to meet his maker. He’s a stiff, bereft of life, he rests in peace. If you hadn’t have nailed him to the perch he’d be pushing up the daisies. He’s rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. This is an ex-parrot!”

Now, here’s the first question — what kinda parrot was it ?

( It was a “Norwegian Blue” — and he was supposedly ‘ pining for the fjords’. )


2:) In the second season’s “Philosopher” song, name three of the philosophers mentioned.

Kant, Hume, Heidegger, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Wittgenstein, Schlegel,
Nietzsche, Socrates, Mill, Plato, Descartes, Hobbes, Socrates, Aristotle.

.carol cleveland

3:) Two hotties appeared with the cast on a semi-regular basis…
…….. who were they?

American educated Carol “Cleavage” Cleveland, and John Cleese’s soon to be former wife Connie Booth.


4:) ” Good riddance to him, the freeloading bastard, I hope he fries. And the reason I feel I should say this is he would never forgive me if I didn’t, if I threw away this glorious opportunity to shock you all on his behalf. Anything for him, but mindless good taste.” — were the words of a eulogy given by John Cleese about what late Monty Python member ?

Graham Chapman


lumberjack5:) That lunatic who ” wanted to be a lumberjack — leaping from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia ” — what did he do for a living ?

He was a really bad barber.


6:) If you are on the Amazon, and you are swimming, what should you shout ?

(Hint: they are larger than frogs. )

Look out, there are llamas!


7:) According to the Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook, what is the actual meaning of the given phrase for “Can You Direct Me to the Train Station” ?

Please fondle my bum.


8:) Coventry City last won the FA cup in what year?

Coventry City has never won the FA cup.

9:) The large group of individuals dining at the Green Midget Café in Bromley— who were they, and what were they eating?

Vikings eating spam.


10:) And finally, what food item brought Mister Death to Geoffrey and Angela’s cottage in Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life” ??

the Salmon Mousse

Well, that’s it.

How did you do?

Are you as big a Monty Python geek as me?

Yeah, I kinda figured that.

Oh well.
I’ll leave you with the famous, inspiring words of the Lady Presenter explaining the “Meaning of Life” —-

” Well, it’s nothing very special. Try to be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations. And, finally, here are some completely gratuitous pictures of penises to annoy the censors and to hopefully spark some sort of controversy, which it seems is the only way these days to get the jaded, video-sated public off their fucking arses and back in the sodding cinema. Family entertainment? Bollocks. What they want is filth: people doing things to each other with chainsaws during tupperware parties, babysitters being stabbed with knitting needles by gay presidential candidates, vigilante groups strangling chickens, armed bands of theatre critics exterminating mutant goats. Where’s the fun in pictures? Oh, well, there we are. Here’s the theme music. Goodnight. ”

Now bugger off.

…………….. oh, the wound.