Safe As A Registered Letter

beatall“Safe as a registered letter “.


I’m not sure, with the
miserable state of the
Postal Service these days,
that slogan would work
all that well today,
but that indeed was used for
one of the many brands of
“French Letters”, 3flappers
— otherwise known as condoms,
available in the 1930’s.

It gets pretty interesting when
you consider the history of the
noble rubber –

— it wasn’t that long ago
that one of the first things
a ‘ gentleman about town ‘
would do after an illicit liason
was to ‘do his laundry‘.

shirts were not involved. dry

Basically, it meant a man
needed to wash out his
condoms after every use.

Then he would hang them to dry, so they would be ready for re-use.

Yep —

aabefore Latex became
a common material
with which to make condoms,
they were often made out of common rubber —

and reused.

Hence the slang name
most often used in the United States for them.

Before that,
… well …
all kinds of stuff were used.3knights

condoms actually have
a very old tradition —

going back past even
the ancient Chinese,
and Egyptian cultures.

It’s thought by some scholars
that there’s a cave paintingakron
of an animal bladder condom
being used on the wall of the
Grotte des Combarelles —
—- from 15,000 years ago.

The early Chinese versions
were made of coated silk,
and covered only the head
(glans) —

— they were expensive, blondtex
of course,
and had to be custom made.

No ‘one size fits all’ here.

And these types of condoms,

along with linen ones
and ones made of horn,
were being used in
1500’s Europe, too —

they were actually tied
on with a piece of ribbon.carmen

Animal bladders,
which allowed for the
entire organ to be covered
and were easier to keep on,
became more widely distributed
by Dutch traders to the world,

and they were very popular,
especially in
France, England, and Japan.

But all these optionsmore
were very expensive —

and so,
their use was limited only
to those who could afford them.

It wasn’t until
Galvanized Rubber
was invented in the late 1830’s,
did condoms become available
to the every day working man —

They weren’t all that comfortable,
or reliable, for that matter —

but, they were appreciatedhercules
by most folks as a hedge
against pregnancy and
Venereal Disease.

As the popularity of the
‘rubbers’ caught on,

there also grew a
‘stiff’ resistance to them —

In the 1880’s,
the United States restricted
them from being sold in the mail.vd

Some U.S. states
banned them outright —

as did the Republic of Ireland.

So did Italy under Mussolini,
and Nazi Germany.

( It didn’t stop folks from
getting them, of course. )duke

Many churches were outraged
that such a product even existed,

and there are still sects
that do not permit their
adherents to use them.

The social antipathy
that condoms generated
also caused a new coded
slang to be developed —

A condom could be how
cryptically referred to as

Jimmy Hat
Love Gloveamo1
Cock Sock
Naughty Bag
Venus Shirta1
Safety Vest
Tool Bag
Willy Wrap
Dirty Laundry
Pecker Poncho
Shower Cap
Baby Baggie

.. etc.drx
…. etc.
……. et cetera.

Latex was invented
in the 1920’s–

and almost overnight,tijuana

made the condom cheaper,
more comfortable,
and, of course, disposable.

Most male condoms today
fall into three categories :
and ‘Skin’
(treated animal bladders, etc).

Of course,
you can always get a
“French Tickler”,

if you think you need
a little extra zing….

And a more
‘custom fit’

called “TheyFit”,

is available currently in
Western Europe
in a variety of sizes…

but the ‘One Size Fits All’
theme still dominates
the market.

There was actually a
‘Spray On’ condom
invented a couple
of years ago,depends

— but since the product
required minutes to
set up and cure,

it proved to be —

let’s say ‘impractical’.

shrinkage is a problem
in every industry,
I guess.







The Wonderful World of Phophylactics

contrYa know,
throughout history,
folks have tried to find ways around the old conundrum….

How to enjoy the joys of sexual congress without the worries of certain..

….. shall we say,
biological consequences.

Women haven’t had the ‘ pill ‘ that long,
( a couple of decades, is all )
and the pill doesn’t do anything to prevent the transmission of V.D.

maleAs for men ,
we’ve had condoms for many centuries,
in one form or another,

but both their dependability and availability has often been kinda hit or miss.

Sure, there’s plenty of simple ‘user error’ going on –

(Which of course,
doesn’t help the gene pool any… )

But condoms can also break,
and are subject to leaks and slippage.

There certainly have been other forms of prophylactics available for men,

chembut if you thought condoms were sketchy,
hoo boy.

For instance, in ancient Greece, men would take hemp seeds mixed with rue and honey or wine as a male contraceptive–

( It is said that the mixture actually worked a bit too well sometimes, and there were allegedly cases of permanent infertility…. )

Recent studies on this mixture showed (in mice, at least) that the little swimmies were reduced up to 80%.

chemPapaya seeds have long been used by African tribes as a contraceptive — and contemporary studies in monkeys have confirmed much of what was thought about it’s effectiveness.

And Hippocrates was a big fan of heating the testicles to prevent unwanted pregnancy —

holding ones balls in front of a fire for 45 minutes doesn’t really sound all that appealing,
but it was said to work pretty well.

dummyI’m not sure the smell of my balls roasting wouldn’t put me off the whole thing, honestly.

Not to mention, all that ball fuzz.


There’s gotta be a better way, huh?

as much it sounds easier just to ‘pull out’ before the big event —

You and I both know how difficult that it is to pull off in reality.

Even the most self-controlled guy only has an effective rate of about 90% with coitus-interruptus.

And again, none of these approaches did anything against the transmission of disease.

Here’s a (primarily anti-V.D.) prophylactic widely distributed to American troops headed for the front in World War I –


It contained a cream that was supposed to protect them from contracting VD, to be used immediately after sexual contact.

(although calomel is also said to be a spermicide,
that was not a primary concern to the military leadership at the time.)

Of course, calomel (mercury chloride) burns like hell,
….. and did little to really prevent those V.D. bugs from being exchanged,
but it was still standard issue to millions of servicemen of the era.

fullbodycondomRecently, though —

There has been a resurgence of interest in ‘as-needed’ male contraception,

…. and several drug companies are working on testing products that may soon make the matter a simple one.

But for now,

the old French Letter is still probably the best one.

you could try one of these.

HOY !!!!!