Trippin In The Mind’s Eye

Despite the realities
of the situation,

– ( being too busy
at work to even
think about getting
out of town ) –

my mind is spending
a couple of well
earned days at
a beach resort.

I have to say,
when I’m not
too busy to tune in….

It looks like there’s
beautiful and friendly
half nekkid ladies
everywhere, the
weather is absolutely
perfect, the sand is
cool and clean, the
water is a Honolulu-like
71 degrees, with 6-8
foot curls in case my
subconscious wants
to do a bit o’ brain

The good part of
such a mind-deal
vacation is that you
never have to worry
about who you’re
sitting next to on
the plane, or how
lame the restaurants
are there, or carrying
the right kinda
sun-block with ya.

You can play your
music as loud as
you want, and the
people on the
next blanket never
complain or let
their kids kick
sand all over
your stuff.

The mini-bar at
the resort is always
stocked with lots
of ice cold Duvel
Belgian Ale, and
the view from the
patio is a panoramic
scene of the world’s
most stunning nude

There’s always room
in the hot-tub, and
nobody’s ever turned
it up to 130, or spilled
their pina-colada in

you want
room service?

The pretty lady who
delivers it is just the
right level of flirtatious
and accommodating
without making you
feel like you’ve
become part of a
nationwide vice

The fucking hotel
elevator even works
– every time.

The nightlife
is jammin‘ !

– and they turn off the
lights and noise when
you’re ready for bed.brass

The bad part,
of course,
is that you’re
actually still
at the office
until 4 in the
morning ‘catching
up’ on work that
never really will
be caught up

And, no matter
how good your
imagination is,
the endless
that is
Charlotte traffic
will be sure to
drive you back
to your senses
way too soon
for your liking.

I mean,
can only
take you
so far,
ya know?


!!! HOY !!!




Vacations Are Over-Rated

Damn ,
it’s mid-summer,
and there’s no sight of
any potential for a nice
vacation for me so far —


No scent of sea breezes
on sandy white beaches
for me right now.

And we won’t even talk
about semi-naked women
bearing little blue drinks
with umbrellas in ’em….

No chance –

I won’t kid you and
tell you how much
nobler it is to work
a thousand hours
each and every week
and personally
to the national
average ,
’cause that’s all
just bullshit.

There’s just
about nowheres
I’d rather be,
than on vacation
— anyday.

And in the
middle of summer?

But a man’s gotta do
what a man’s gotta do –

so here I stay and
hope I at the very least
catch a glimpse
of decolletage
at the gym or
on my way
to work to ease
my working
man’s pain a bit.

Poor, poor,
pitiful me.

I really don’t even
need the blue drink.

Anyhoo —
I figured that since
I can’t go on vacation
right now, that maybe
I could bring a bit of
vay-kay to the blog

So, vintage postcards
of other people having
fun will have to serve.

Sure, they’re goofy –
the best vacations
always include some
silly, off-the-wall shit —
to take you away
from the ‘every-day’
to the ‘not-very-often’.

That’s why I never eat
at places that advertise
‘home-style’ cooking —
–if I wanted that,
I’d stay home.

Which is what
I’m doing,
like it or not.

I’ll stop wingeing.

Enjoy these postcards.

I’m gonna go put the
office TV on the
Travel Channel.

Samantha Brown
will be wearing
something low-cut.

it could happen.


— send me
a postcard
if YOU get to go
anywhere interesting.

!!! HOY !!!!