Empty Without You

Without a doubt,
being lonely
is one of the banes
of human

There’s time when
you need to be
alone, sure…..

But there’s also
are plenty of times
when you need
another –

– to talk to,
touch, and
interact with in so
many ways.

And let’s face it….

A shared experience
of life can be so
much richer than
from a single perspective.

One thing I’ve always
noticed about being
lonesome, though….

It makes for wonderfully
deep poetry and lovely

So, it’s true,
I guess, that
emotional stressors
like loneliness can ignite
the creativity of a gifted

Take the work of Vincent
Van Gogh, for instance –
a deeply isolated and
lonely person with an
enormous potential for
creating beautiful art.

What would his
“Starry Night ”
have looked
like, I wonder,
without the
swirls of his
own emotional turmoil
and discontent
being projected
into the piece?

Would the blues be
so deep and dark ?

Would the light
seem to be
beckoning so ?

I cannot imagine that
even his Sunflower series
would show the optimism
they did, if he himself
wasn’t immersed in such
a contrasting mental state.

Make no mistake about
those yellows –

— they were

and not the product of
distorted vision from
digitalis or
in absinthe.

I believe that they were
indicative of a desire on
Van Gogh’s part that
Arles would represent
a brand new start –

– of an art colony
in the
South of France

and thus, to an
end to the lonely
life he had been

It was not
to be,
of course.

So, I guess
the question
on the table is this:

Is an unhappy
state of mind
always responsible
for good art?


I hope not,


!! HOY !!