Peek And Pay

Hiya, Gang !!!!!

Time for another
peek into our
dusty, crusty
mail bag —
to see what
our readers have
sent us that can
be brought together
into some kinda
cohesive post.

I’m reaching down bonoc
much deeper
than usual….

Sometimes you never know
what cool stuff you’ll find,
when you hit the bottom,
ya know.

Ain’t THAT
the truth, man.

As usual,
I’m going to pretend
that there is some kind of theme that ties all these old vintage postcards together.

In this case,

it’s a concept calledsnow
“Peek A Boo”.

Sure, some people’s version
might be called voyeurism,

but little babies are also still
quite fond of the game,
I understand.

you can’t hold me responsible
if we all get a little confused
about the idea, is all I’m saying.

We all sneak a
peek at things
we’re curious about or
think we want,
at times…..

It can be an
irresistible impulse.

It depends on the
circumstances, I guess.

It can be fun
and alluring.

It can be interesting
and educational.

It can also be
dangerous and taboo.

Sometimes, that
‘curiosity killed the cat’
thing can really mess
you up.

It certainly can much
be more complicated
than a creepy dude
gaping at a girl
half his age,

….. although sometimes
that’s EXACTLY what it is.

But, while a fella tactfully
watching a pretty girl
straighten her stockings
seems perfectly in line
with reasonable masculine
conduct —
( I wish I had a nickel )

And I get the distinct
impression that when
that 30-something
lady in my office who
wears very low cut blouses
leans down beside my desk
to pick up lint off the floor,
that she would be downright
disappointed if I didn’t,
at the very least, take a
micro-second’s worth
of a glance.

I think I’d be disappointed
in myself, too.

Can’t help that.

On the other hand,
if we’re talking about
the whole
‘Peeping Tom’
side of things,

I’ll admit
I find it a bit tom
-when uninvited- ,

and, it’s sometimes
hard for some folks
to know just what does constitute a proper


I guess you could
always just wait
for the pics to
show up on the
internet, I dunno.

These days, it won’t
take all that long.

There’s also the problem
of potential over-
stimulation, ya know….

One can easily
overdose on forbidden fruit.

And I can think of about a
gazillion things I’d rather
get arrested for, than
being a Peeping Tom.

I know even our
had some difficulty
defining where 
‘girl watching’ ends,

and where being a
‘horny ole pervert’ begins.

Although I guess
I would
have preferred
the title of
‘passionate middle aged
sex fiend’, personally.

!!!!! HOY !!!!!!




Summer In Blog Land

Our bag today is summer. snoopy

Everybody loves summer,
right ?

Even when it’s as wicked
hot as it’s been.

Hey, man —
look at all the
classic songs
that were written about it.

Like: “ The Summer Wind ” ,

Or Feve‘s favorite :
Summer In The City

Not to mention: na

Summer Nights

Endless Summer

All Summer Long

Feels Like Summer

Happy Summer Days

Indian Summer “balmy

Suddenly Last Summer “

” Summer’s Almost Gone”

Summer Breeze

Summer Soft “

Summer Madness

and C’s favorite
“Boys Of Summer

………. etc, etc, salt

Hey, I can think of
about a thousand more.

Despite the fact that
I don’t really remember
summers being all
this damned hot —
— and I grew up in Florida.

“Warm summer days”,hop
my ass.

It was over a hundred today–
and my poor motorcycle
was popping and kicking
from the heat.

she’s faster in the hot weather —

She’s in a big hurry to get home
to our comparatively cool garage,
is all.ns

Nobody mentions the 100 percent humidity
or the nightly rumble of the
thunder and lightning storms
in all those great old songs, either.

Mind you –
– I’m not complaining –
just a little harmless bitchin’.

If it was cold,freezing
I’d be grumbling about the
potential for snow, so…

That’s basically what
I do around here.

Just remember:
when it starts to
cool off —

Say NO to SNOW.


just to live up to
my obnoxious billing,
I guess we’ll find
some stuff in the mailbag
that has to do
with the funnier aspects
of the contrasts
between hot weather
and the cold
icy temperatures of winter.florida

And mostly using
Florida as the hot spot.

Which, of course,
means everybody
up Nawth of
the bunky line
would be theoretically
freezing their asses off.

It might cool me off a bit,
just knowing that, I dunno.them

If you wanna drop me a link
to your favorite “Summer Song”,

well —

that’d be pretty cool, too.

HOY !!!!!

PS: My buddy GP COX sent some cool addendums to this post —
check these out !!!!!




Thanks, GP !!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s Getting Up In Here

ditaIt started with the
slightest touch
of her hand… 

and as she moved
it across his body,
a shock wave
of sensation a2
radiated right
through him. 

The pulsing of the
them was palpable. 

And once the
extension cord

was fitted into
the proper outlet,

— the power exchange
would become
almost irresistable.



I’m no
Anaïs Nin .

(Pretty obvious, that)

But the above
short write…

(– and the very cute
Dita Von Teese gif)
goes to show you
just how quickly a
person’s attention
can be drawn
by that
so simple,
and yet,
oh, so
complicated thing
they call sex. confu

My intent today
is to post just
a few vintage things
that talk about
that subject
in a very subtle way —

And that can
be difficult wartime

— for several reasons —

not the least of which
is because
there are
so many flavors
from which to choose.

of course,
is how one chooses
to interpret stuff —

double entendres
can easily fall
so completely flat
with the wrong audience.

And still another
is just how subtlethreetimes
something can be
without it seeming
that I’m reading stuff
into it that just
ain’t really there.

let’s call it
a challenge,
if you will.

Cause we why
all know
that I’m not
a subtle guy.

I might be able to find
some things that will
make you say —

“Ahhhhhh yes.” hard


“Ohhhhhh baby. “


“Mmmmm that’s it.” 

Or maybe just a :

” A little more
to the right, please.” 

Whatever you like.

I just wanna
make you
happy, ya know.

HOY !!!!!



The One About The Farmers Daughter

477_farmers_daughter_01In our constant quest for
interesting vintage items
to feature right here
on the Muscleheaded Blog,

sometimes, I have to admit,
we find stuff in the most
unexpected places…..

I had been driving myself
absolutely crazy–

searching for a long
lost image–
that I was just sure
I had stored477_farmers_daughter_02
in my media library
a good while ago ….

I went all the way
back to 2013,
(and never did find
the image I had
been looking for)
— when I first opened my
WordPress account
to begin with.

The site my blog
was on then
was about to go:
… face down,
… down for the count,
… belly up,
… pushing up the daisies,
… dearly deceased,
… late lamented,
… obsolete,
… deceased,
… off line,
… out of business,
… not of this mortal coil,
… no more —

you know —
it was dusted. 477_farmers_daughter_04

… well, anyhoo…

Apparently, I had saved
a few cool, vintage things
in anticipation,
if I ever moved my site,
which of course,
I did,
I would
use on it —
which of course,
I didn’t.
Weird as that may,
or may not seem,
(or sound) —

here’s some of those
vintage, cool things
to prove just what
the hell I’m saying.

This group is called
the “Farmers Daughter”,
and it was part of
a larger set
of humorous vignettes
appearing in the now 477_farmers_daughter_06
quite deceased
men’s magazine
in December 1950.

I love the art,
and I cannot believe
I didn’t use these before !

Well, I’m going
to rectify
that inexcusable error
right now, dammit.

I just hope our
Muscleheaded readers477_farmers_daughter_07
appreciate the art
and humor in them,

— as well as
the amount of pride
I had to swallow
to admit the
human-error aspect
which only goes to prove
that even perfection
has it’s imperfections sometimes.

yeah, right.