Reflecting The Halloween Season

oukid3Tomorrow will be 
Friday the 13th.

And 17 days
until Halloween.


There have been many
fascinating aspects of
celebrating the Hallowe’en Holiday over the years….

like door-to-door
‘trick or treat’,
are only now
starting to wane
from popularity,
as our culture
continues to get
more dangerous
and the holiday
evolves into a
more adult
oriented one.

Other customs —

like, for instance,
the time-honored
‘midnight magic mirror’-
— have completely lost
most of it’s relevance
and meaning to the

it is an interesting facet
in early 20th century
Halloween folklore —

The idea that:
at midnight,
on Halloween night,
an unmarried maiden
or gentleman might,
if the candles are lit just right,
and he or she be pure of heart,
be enabled to behold their
future spouse in the reflection
of the looking glass.


And judging from the
media of the time,
something that many folks actually believed could happen.

all kinds of strange things
go bump on the night of Halloween —
so why not ?

Superstitious or not — destiny
I’m sure it made for some spooky fun.

I imagine it had a numinous quality that was very appealing to folks.

The images of this rite abound in postcards of the time.

We all know that the folks of the early 1900’s were postcard crazy–

They sent cards
for any and all occasions.

It seems like this
was especially the
case around Halloween.oukid

It will absolutely amaze you
how many different varieties
and themes of Halloween
postcards that there
were published…
mainly between
1900 and 1930.

And of course,
before Halloween arrives,
you can certainly
expect me to revisit
this theme again.

But today,
we’ll look at just
two of the
popular motifs —

The Magic Mirror,
like you can see in cards
# 3, 4 and 7…

and another
very interesting
fancy from the time —

themed on the
‘ O U KID ‘ .

(cards #1, 6, and 8) oukid2

If you caught my post
on the whole ‘ Oh, You Kid
craze —
(of course, you did… )
you won’t be surprised
to see it appear on the
Halloween cards of the period.

And here it is.

The rather subtle sexuality inferred in the expression,
and the stranger qualities
of the vintage version of the holiday mixes surprisingly
well on these cards.

I’ve always felt that halloween
had an inherent sexy
undertone about it,
and apparently,
so did our ancestors.

Even the magic mirror cards
invoke a mystical romanticism —

And everybody knows how
sensual candlelight is, right ???





Give It To Her


I couldn’t resist,
you know.

It seemed like such
a funny concept for
a post title.

I can’t help but wonder
how much she’d like
that plastic thing if
you were actually following
the bold print demand
on the ad .

and only
“…. five minutes does the job“.

Hardly seems worth
taking your shirt
and socks off for.

But if that’s too
fast for you,
I guess it’s a lucky thing
that there also seems
to be someone else
waiting in the wings.

And although she doesn’t
have morning breath,
she does have a terrible
habit of getting sticky stuff
all over the furniture. 

(well, now that I think
about it, so do I… )


About now,
I’m trying to figure out
just why this great
1900’s postcard reminds
me of the fact that old-timey boarding houses had signs
saying ‘No Eating In Rooms’ ?


We do seem to be on an
ill-conceived advertising
trip this week, despite
my intentions to do
something fresher and
more original.

But, you know,
sometimes ‘MOR’ is less.

In other words,
the less ‘MOR’ the better.

Maybe I’m just confused.

I didn’t want to
be a blogger, anyway.

I wanted to be a lumberjack.
Leaping from tree to tr…..

Wait —

I’m pretty sure that
one’s already been done, too.



It’s What’s For Dinner

I’m not
threatening you.

And I’m not
saying that
you really have
to eat any
of this awful
looking stuff….

it’s just another
one of my posts
(like this one)
about advertising
that’s supposed
to convince you that
something that would
otherwise make you
wanna wretch won’t
actually do that to you,
should you be a
cooperative enough
consumer to try the
recipe or product
in question.

I probably could have
said that in a simpler way,
if I had really thought
about it, but the sooner
I get away from these
things the better,
so I’m posting these
pretty much on the run.

Which is probably what
you’re gonna get if you’re
damn fool enough to
make any of this stuff.


Maybe folk’s ideas about
what does and does not
look appetizing has changed –

– – I dunno —

but if my Mom was
using these as examples ,

I have to wonder how
I even survived childhood.

It does explain an awful
lot about her cooking,

I always thought it was
just cause she was Irish.

Oh, while I’m on the subject,
let me give you some advice –

– if you’re ever in Dublin,
and you see a Bacon
sandwich on the menu —
— don’t order it.

It’s not bacon —
it’s fucking ham.

I can’t understand how
an nice and otherwise
very civilized country
like Éire would
confuse the two, but…
those wonderful
damned Canadians
seem to make the
same mistake, so …

Hey, and another thing —

if you insist on going to
Cork and kissing the
Blarney Stone, don’t
wear the Irish green
tartan kilt you special
ordered for the trip.

You see, there’s this old guy
who has to support you
while you grab the bars
and flip yourself into the
correct and required
‘kiss somebody else’s ass’
position —

and what he’ll do
while your bollocks are
almost completely defenseless
is anybody’s business but mine.

Just sayin.

All I can tell you is you’ll
probably feel just as queasy
after that experience as
when first you read this post.

Which, obviously,
is sayin’ somethin.

Umm… I guess.

I dunno, now …

What the hell was I
talking about, anyway?

! HOY !

(Thanks to Mis Lucja 
for some of these images! )


Gotta Match ?

m7Any excuse to post
about pin ups is a
good enough excuse
for me.

Sexy matchbook covers.

how in the world
can I say no to
THAT concept,
I ask you?

I’m not all that
good at NO, anyway.a1

So, of course,
I won’t.

Matchbooks were
so common
in the 20th century,
that almost everyone,
and anyone, carried em.

“Got A Match?”
was a question
that could mean
anything from :

I need a light a2
for my cigarette

Don’t I know you ? 

I think you’re attractive .

My gas/pilot light
has gone out.  

Do you want to
go somewhere ?

What do you mean you
don’t have a flashlight?isiher

Come in for coffee.  


You’re about
to be mugged


What are you doing
on this side of town?

or even:m6

I brought the gasoline,
so it’s your turn.

or just:

Light My Fire, Baby.



I’ll admit…..

Playing with matches
was one of my favorite
activities as a kid,
that is,
before I discovered
the wonder of girls,
of course.

Just the simple idea that
you could get a flame
anytime you wanted
with a simple flick
of a finger
and a spark from a
cardboard strikerleader
was quite a cool thing —

— you didn’t need
a fancy Zippo or
even a blowtorch —

— you didn’t need
to sit for hours
with a magnifying glass
and a piece of paper….

— you didn’t need to
spend hours rubbing sticks
together like we did a122
in the Boy Scouts…

— or wait for a lucky
(or unlucky)
lightning strike.


Any idiot could
operate a matchbook,
and they were dirt cheap.

Often they were free.

Some idiots even learned
to make their matchbooks
double in value —

When I first
joined the Navy,
we would split
matches vertically,a12
so we’d have twice as many.

Try it if you don’t believe me.

Once you get the hang of it,
you’ll do it all the time.

It’s a shame that splitting trick
didn’t work with cigarettes, too,
but still….

And best of all —

Many matchbooks
came with free ART.

The kind of ART I always liked.

not Picasso.

Although,a12a1 if I
looked hard enough,
I’d bet I could find that, too.

I like art with
women’s parts
shown in their proper
places, though….
so, no thanks.

There were also
‘special edition’
matchbooks that had
die cut matches
and designs right
on the match.m1

Those are especially
collectible today…..

Although lighting
those kinds of matches
would seem to have
been an awful waste.

Function over form ?


Well, ok,
I guess.


But it does
go to show you —

that these things
came in every
imaginable style.

Simple Technologies.

Simple Joys.

That’s me all
over, man.

HOY !!!!!!