The Crosley Hotshot

As regular readers
of the Saturday Car post
have probably already

I have a thing for
concept cars, rarities, and forgotten automotive brands.

Maybe some of them
deserve to be almost
forgotten, I dunno….

but not this one.

Because this was America’s
first post-war production
sports car —
— the Crosley Hotshot.

Crosley had been building
automobiles since 1938,
selling mostly compact cars
and station wagons —

but after the war,
a market for a domestic
sports car, created by
soldiers returning from
the war in Europe,
was seen as a huge
potential sales window –
– and the Crosley brothers
set out to fill it.

The first Hotshot was unveiled
in 1949 – and was so new and
trend setting it appeared in
Macy’s display window.

It was a two seater, light weight,
nimble, with a low profile and
remarkably inexpensive
price tag- just under $1000.

Of course, options,
like a heater,
radio, and
ashtray were extra —

there weren’t side doors,
— and even the hood
was unhinged
to save on costs-
but for the price,
it was a good buy –

It could hit a top speed of
around 70 MPH, with the
44 c.i. cast iron ‘CIBA’
four cylinder engine.

It proved itself in the
endurance race at Sebring
in 1950 – and again at both
the Swiss and the Tokyo
Grand Prix in 1951.

Many believed the Hotshot
could save the flagging
Crosley Company, but
it was not to be —

and in the end (1952),
only 2500 of the Hotshots
were ever produced.

Still, it had it’s moment
in the sun, and,
as are most
first times,
remembered fondly.


Motley Mish Mash

Let me tell
you a story ….

About how another
one of those motley
mish-mash posts
that this here
Muscleheaded Blog
seems to specialize in
came together.

my friend Katie
sent me a
strange page that purported
to be from a car manual . 

Here it is. —>

She wondered about it,
and so did I.

When I looked at it,
I thought –

“hey , that looks like
something out of a
1950’s humor magazine.”

I went searching
for it online.

Ya know….
a Mad Magazine
or similar type
of sarcasm/comic/
humor mag,
I figured.

But I didn’t find
the original source.


What I did find was
some other neat-o cool
shit —-

like a cover of “Dotty” comic
from the late 1950’s –
” a real hep cutie ” .

Apparently, this was a
kinda popular genre.

like our lead off piccie:

which is a cover from
Life Magazine in 1908-
— the art is called
“The Candle of Love ” .

Go back and look at it
if you want –

— it’s magnificent.

I found all sorts of other
groovy vintage-magazine
related stuff, too.

And since there’s
a damned deadline
hanging over my head
like the sword of Damocles
to get this tripe of a blog
out in a timely manner

— or our science editor
Suzie Wonder will beat
me within an inch of my
life —

— that’s what’s cooking on the
Muscleheaded Blog today.

You may well ask why the hell
the science editor thinks she’s
the boss —

— and I’d ask her myself
if I didn’t think she’d
try that new set of
cat o nine tails she just
ordered on Etsy on me.

That used to be
such a nice site, too.


Bone Awful Album Covers

Alright, alright.

I know, I posted
about music yesterday.

But, when the spirit
takes ya, man…..

And you can’t tell me
you didn’t enjoy those
vintage …

Something about a
dirty ditty with
amorous attitude
that makes me happy….

Maybe it’s just the
knowledge that there
are more filthy minded
people out there
other than me.

Lemme tell you…
It’s easy to forget.


Today, it’s another edition
of our horrible album
cover collection.

And now,
new and improved
with even
more uber-horrible.

But first,
ask yourself this
very important question-

where would we all be
without bad talking
puppet albums?

Fuck if I know.

Alright —
here’s one I can answer.

This guy calls himself
Li’l Richard for what two reasons?

one – to distinguish him
from the real Little Richard


two – so he doesn’t have
to call himself Li’l Dick.

He lets his wife do that.

I kid ole Li’l Dick…

but seriously.

Poor Jenny.

That is one ugly
fake-black eye
she almost has there.

Hoelee moelee.

I bet that guy who is
fake-running did it.



I do know one thing
for absolute sure ….

It just wouldn’t be an
ugly album cover post
without one from this Yugoslavian guy.

Ok, so he’s not exactly
photogenic, but he damn
sure wrote a lot of music.

He just needed
somebody else
to design his album covers.

Of course, sometimes
stuff just don’t translate,
and I understand that.

Like Cock Van Der Palm
singing ‘Goodbye My Love’.

Here in the U.S.,
we might, very courteously, suggest that if he kept his
palms off his-self, he might
not have to say
goodbye to anybody.

Hooo boy.