Sunday Morning Music

Ahoy there,
mateys !

Welcome to
the good
ship Sunday

our theme
is the ocean
stuff like that.

Give it
a listen–

I bet
you’ll sea
what I


Donald Fagen —
On The Dunes


David Gray —
Sail Away With Me


Looking Glass —


Real MacKenzies–
The Tempest


Beatles —
Octopus’s Garden


Van Halen —
” Big River


George Benson —


Talking Heads —
Take Me To The River


Styx —
” Come Sail Away


Lou Reed —
” Ocean


Blues Image —
Ride Captain Ride


Neil Young
Down By The River


Pogues / Dubliners  —
The Irish Rover


Beach Boys —
Sloop John B


Robert Plant —
Ship Of Fools


Bon Jovi
Wild Is The Wind


Paul Butterfield —
” Sail On Sailor


Van Morrison —
Across The Bridge


Jay Ferguson —
” Thunder Island


Blue October —
” Into The Ocean


Ella Fitzgerald —
” Cry Me A River


Steeleye Span —
Lovely On The Water


The Standells —
Dirty Water


Pearl Jam —
The Dock Of The Bay


Led Zeppelin —
” The Ocean


Commodores —
Sail On


Carly Simon —
Let The River Run


Tom Waits —
” Sea Of Love


Peggy Lee —
How Deep Is The Ocean


Chris Rea —
” Friends Across The Water


Doors —
Yes, The River Knows


Gordon Lightfoot —
” The Edmund Fitzgerald”


!!!! HOY !!!!!


Setting ASail

a1Did you ever go
off in a boat
and not have
the slightest idea
of where you
wanted to go ?

I grew up in Fort Lauderdale —

and what with the
Intracoastal Waterway,

— and the various
inlets, and canals —

(they don’t call it the
“Venice of America”
for nothing)

— you could lose yourself
on the water
and never actually
go out to sea.

on the occasional weekend
when I had more than
a quarter in my pocket,

I’d go down the
boat rental place,
point out a likely
looking craft,
and set sail for
parts unknown.

(Whether I was rowing,
or motorboating,
all depended on
how much
more than a
quarter I had —
but the motor
was much better,
believe me. )

Once the suitable
water-going craft
was secured,
I would keep going until
either I
or the boat,
started to run out of gas.can

At which point,
I’d turn around
and ride out the fumes….
….. hoping I wouldn’t
have to push it back.

Did you ever push
a motorboat in the water ?

Hoooo boy,
you’ll only try
to do THAT once.

I think I’ve still got
that murky Intracoastal water
in my ears, man.

there’s something
very appealing
in being on the water….

It draws you to it.

I felt it then,
and I still feel it now.a2

(it’s certainly
one of the reasons
I went into the Navy.)

It was also a nice way
to impress a date…
(not pushing the boat–
— but renting the boat! )1940

If she was one of those girls
who lived on the water,
theoretically, you were in.

You could pull up
right to her dock
and look like
Mister Hotshot –
— for about 30 goingafter

Of course,
the large neon letters reading:

painted on all sides
probably didn’t
add any real authenticity
to your poshy passport exactly,canoea

But at least
you showed
you could navigate,

even if you didn’t have
the proverbial pier
to pitch in.

being a working class teenager
in a generally upscale area
like South Florida
did have it’s advantages,

in that the rich girls I went
to High School with
always seemed to
like guys from the
‘other side of the tracks’.z1

Or in my case,
the other side
of the North New
River Canal.

you may be asking
what all this rigmarole
has to do with
today’s post…..

And, well you might ask, too.

I have no idea, man.

HOY !!!!!


Land of Waterfalls: North Carolina

south mountain sp

If you’re a regular around these parts, you’ve probably noticed how often I talk about my love for the water – and especially waterfalls.

It suddenly dawned on me, that as far as posting pix of the best waterfalls in the Carolinas is concerned, I have fallen down on the job………

I’ve been making semi-annual waterfall hunting trips, semi-annually (of course), for years and years, and I cannot believe I haven’t posted about some of these great places on WP yet.

Well, butter my butt and call me biscuit.

Today, I plan on rectifying that oversight.

At least partly.

You see, the Carolinas are technically TWO states — there’s THIS Carolina and the one south of here.

The residents of each state like to call their state “Carolina”, and refer to the other as either “Up nawth of here” , or “Down souf of here” —

But it’s all in family, ya know.

Today, we’ll look at the waterfalls and swimming holes in my adopted home state of Nawth … err, I mean, North Carolina, and we’ll post next week on the falls in Souf Carolina.


By the way, them folks souf of here don’t call ’em “waterfalls” anyway…. they call ’em “cascades”.

Imagine that.

I’ve got plenty of pics of the gorgeous watery fun to show ya.

I just hope you don’t mind gettin wet.

As I always say: ….. the wetter – the better !!!


And this is a great time to see these spots, too…

It’s not too hot, and yet, still warm enough to dip yer toes in.

Or the rest of you, if that’s yer notion.

Just remember — skinny dippin is a no-no in any of the National or State Parks we’ll visit.

If you got a hankerin for that, well, just come use my pool.

Now, for your smarty-aleck type regular readers who are expecting a picture of a redneck hot tub,

you know….

… a pickup truck with a plastic tarp in the back with water in it…..

Well, I’m disgusted to think that you think that I could be all that preeee-dictable.

I wouldn’t dream of such a thing .


Ahem, again.

Some folks ask me how I found some of these spots….


The reason I know a little about waterfalls is:

One, I regularly go looking for out of the way spots like these,


Two, because the same areas are usually close to wicked whitewater, too.

That means some bad ass kayaking country.

But, that’s another post, entirely.

This first one ain’t strictly a waterfall, as such….

But it’s a real kick…………. especially on a hot day!!


Here’s a pan shot I took so you can see the whole slide from the top viewing area.

( Click on any picture to enlarge )

It’s one of my favorite sites–
and is one of the most popular in the Pisgah National Forest….

and if you live in North Carolina, you probably know which one that is………

—————- Sliding Rock!!

It is a natural waterslide—–
…….. right in the National Forest, and which is a blast to ride !!!!

A little bumpy, sure…. and the water is COLD!!

That’s part of the fun of it.


You can see that the landing is into a cut-back pool about 3 feet deep at the bottom. Nice ride!!!

Right down (UP) US-276 from Sliding Rock, about a mile or so, is Moore’s Trail Falls.


This was a pretty steep site, but the National Forest Service has built a bridge,
and it’s very much easier to access it than previously.

The walk is shorter too.

Not very far away (another 1/2 miles or so….) is a North Carolina jewel….

Looking Glass Falls.

Here’s a spot , not far from the highway, a coupla steps down, and you’re wet!!


This area in Brevard County is pretty much a waterfall paradise….
……. and I’m not even trying to cover em all.

About a mile or so from the Fish Hatchery,
……. Cedar Rock Creek Falls is often overlooked, but sweet.


Heading about 40 miles south-southeast in Cleveland County, we hit High Shoals Falls…..

in the South Mountains State Park south of Morganton, NC.


Here’s another one worth mentioning up there around Brevard County :

Connestee Falls.

(actually, a special favorite, despite the negligence on the part of the State, not making this a State Recreation Area.)


Granite cliffs, multiple falls, sheer drops, all make Connestee Falls a sight worth seeing.

If you can get to it.

And therein lies the rub.

Old timers might remember the access to Connestee from the main road..

Well, now there’s a damned ‘gated community’ that completely blocks the view unless —

… you like climbing around fences…..

… ignoring no trespassing signs…..

…. and sliding down old, long abandoned trails.


( and me, I don’t mind doing THAT at all ……… )

……. as a matter of fact…

I make it a point of honor and principle.

The Falls are a public resource, a natural wonder, on public land.

It’s not reasonable or right that a few should have access while the many are shut out.


And, I’m pissed off that the State doesn’t open access to this site for the citizens of North Carolina…..

The rich, privileged few shouldn’t be able to block it…. it belongs to the people. DAMN IT.

I can only hope a coupla those rich elitist residents are jumping off the top of the falls with this stock market thing taking a dive…..


Ahem a third time.

Did I mention Hookers Falls, in the nearby Dupont State Forest?


This is a great spot for some swimming in and around the falls……….

You might even see somebody ya know!!!


(my daughter and I making the most of a hot August day at Hookers Falls)

Up off the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most famous and purty of all the NC Falls….


Linville Falls …..

it’s near Grandfather Mountain, and a lot of other groovy stuff besides…..

The Linville Falls area is a large recreation area, with several good views of the falls, with several nice smaller cascades as well, and of course, a wading area.

Never mind that big dummy blocking the view..
……… it really is nice.


But, let’s just say, you don’t feel like doing any walking, or swimmin’…

……. but you don’t mind driving……

what then?

Hey – I got the spot for ya…….

Ever heard of Bridal Veil Falls in the Nantahala National Forest?

……….. You can DRIVE under it!!


Off US-64 between Sapphire and Cashiers, on private property, is a nice waterfall and sluice with a swimming area.

This set is called the Narrows Falls….

11111(at least that big dummy got outta the way, this time…. )

In the winter, access shouldn’t really be an issue,

but in the summer, you might find yourself being carded.

( for a Fairfield membership card ).

On the road south out of Cashiers..
….. (pronounced “CASH’ – urs” for you Yankee type fellers… )

is a sweet little ( about 60 foot ) waterfall and local secret swimming hole called:
“Silver Run Falls”…..


There’s actually a better kept secret than the swimmin hole…..

If you’re willing to climb, there’s a second waterfall hidden on top of the first.

You can’t see it from the bottom…


….. you’ve got to grab some vines and find some footholds–
then climb the hill on the left side of the bottom fall.

It’s kinda overgrown up there, but you’ll have the place to yourself…

……. well, there won’t be many tourists, anyway.

Just don’t tell any of the locals I let ya in on the secret.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of some of our North Carolina beauty spots….

Please let me know what you think if you get time!