The Exquisite Pain

It’s true.

Look how they
shine for you.

Look at the stars…..

And how they
shine for you.

And all the
that you do.


now ….

I wonder if you can glean
our blog topic today from
the first five lines, written,
I might add, by Chris Martin
and the band Coldplay
in the lyrics of ” Yellow “.

It’s a song about
unrequited love….
which I guess we’ve
all experienced
in one form or another .

( There’s also a
seperate experience
called ‘unrequited lust’
which is a constant problem
around here, but that’s
a different post. )

It’s not a simple thing,
though, to cope with
or even understand.

And everyone has their
own sets of feeling about it……

Edna St. Vincent Millay
wrote about it :
” I know I am but
summer to your heart,

And not the full four
seasons of the year. ” 


Washington Irving wrote that:
” Love is never lost.
If not reciprocated,
it will flow back and
soften and purify the heart.”

I do believe that, even if
maybe it’s an awful bitter
tonic at the time.

as Charles Shultz
once penned
Charlie Brown saying:
” Nothing takes the taste
out of peanut butter quite
like unrequited love. “

Hey, you can always try
some marshmallow
creme with that, Chuck.

fluffernutter !


One writer I read called it
“The Blissful Torture
of Unrequited Love”,
and I think that might
have some real substance
behind it.

Indeed, the French
even have
a phrase for it –
— “La douleur exquise” —
( ‘ the exquisite pain ‘ )

( — which of course
in my personal terminology
might mean something
altogether different ,
but never mind —  )

and you know better
than arguing with the
French over matters
of the heart, dontcha?

If I may throw my own
stupid opinion into the mix
of heretofore very sensible
quotes on the subject,

— I think a bit of unrequited
love is a lot like the chicory
in Café Brûlot —

Sure, it’s bitter,
but you’ll never understand
the drink without it.

It’s also good to
wash some of
that ‘unrequited lust’
stuff out of your
system, too,
while you’re at it.


Our vintage cards have
something or other
to do with it, so I
hope you’re ready for
some exquisite pain.

Hey- who ran off
with my leathers?

!!!! HOY !!!!